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In this video, Sam Kean tells the story of how phosphorus was at the center of the race to discover the structure of DNA. Time: 4-5:30 pm (Eastern), 3-4:30 pm (Central), 2-3:30 pm (Mountain), 1-2:30 pm (Pacific), Friday, October 16 There is an old saying that you should always plan for the best, but prepare for the worst. (How does it work?). Davenport's credits include Once On This Island (Tony Award), The Play That Goes Wrong, Deaf West Theatre’s Spring Awakening (Tony nomination), Allegiance, It’s Only a Play, Godspell, Kinky Boots, The Visit (Tony nomination), Mothers and Sons (Tony nomination), Chinglish, and many others. Recorded  07/31/2020, Video: Developing a Digital Playbill for Your Theatre Date: Friday, November 20 A Q&A webinar on the state and impact of COVID-19 on the publishing industry. The student questions/answers are presented in sequential order in the video. Moderator: Katrina Ploof, Ocala Civic Theatre. The chemistry lab is an amazing place! Use this video to introduce your students to elements of safe importance of safety mindset in the chemistry lab. Date: Thursday, December 10 This workshop addresses the challenges, and how you can be successful as a nonprofit executive, a board member, or fundraiser. Panelists: Trinity Bird, The Sauk; Lynne Brown, Circle Theatre; Michael Cochran, Market House Theatre; Mary Doveton, Theatre Lawrence; Morrie Enders, Lincoln Playhouse; Brandon Smith, Tecumseh Institute of Outdoor Drama; John Tissue, Unto these Hills Mountainside Theatre/Institute of Outdoor Drama. Panelists: Amber Bielinski, Head of BFA Stage Management. Practical information for safe and effective stage combat. Recorded  06/18/2020, Video: Livestreaming Today and Beyond: The beginning-to end-process of livestreaming a production Recorded  04/17/2020, Video: COVID-19 Recovery Webinar for Community Theatres. PPE is the most obvious way of preventing contact with chemicals--but it is not the first line of defense. Use these video to teach your students that before they put on any PPE, why they should dress properly for lab. Gene Flaharty demonstrates the Mehron Mini-Pro Makeup Kit and the "Gene Method," using makeup to create various stages of aging simply and effectively. Log In Presenters:  Annie Mielke and Joe Parrish, co-founders of Adventures in Social Drama, will explain the impact of drama on individuals with social needs. The StageStock mobile app makes inventory management a collaborative part of the production process and promotes more reuse and sharing of inventory. This video is intended for students to watch, and for teachers to integrate into their curriculum. Understand that temperature values can be converted from one unit to another. Member Registration Form - $15 for AACT members   Marie Curie Video (13 Favorites) VIDEO in History, Radiation, Half Lives, Radioactive Isotopes, Founders of Chemistry. Identify the three different temperature scales. The entire series can be found here. This is good advice in the lab as well. Time: 4-6 pm (Eastern), 3-5 pm (Central), 2-4 pm (Mountain), 1-3 pm (Pacific), Thursday, October 22 | Join AACT   RAMP stands for: Recognize hazards; Assess risks; Minimize risks and Prepare for emergencies. As municipal officials begin to allow small groups of people to gather in public even while the fight against COVID-19 continues, there is a tremendous need for guidance on how small events and venues can reopen as safely as possible under these incredibly challenging circumstances. Students will learn about exciting advances in science and technology focused on three main topics: Solar Cells, 3D Printing and Micro Machines. info@aact.org

Recorded  05/01/2020, Video: VirtualCallboard - New Technologies During Covid-19  In today’s constantly changing environment, communication between staff and volunteers is critical. Video Video 4: Preparing for Emergencies.

Subscription does not include access to future online conferences or specialty training programs. See course listings below.   Directing: Practical Steps for Coaching Beginning Actors When Meisner Just Won’t Do. Registration:

Discover how to consider the theatre’s budget and resources to make the most of them while giving each show a special feel by planning ahead of time and reimagining and re-using materials. AACT also offers the following live programs online. Discussion topics include: What kind of shows people are going to want to see when live theatre returns; how to plan for the future, stay productive, and use this pause to the benefit of your upcoming production/organization; and how nonprofit theatres will lead the return of live theatre.

| Renew Membership. AAct Portable. However, the lab can also be a dangerous place.

MTI Last updated March 25, 2020. In this video, Sam Kean tells stories about gold. We will look at both sides of the casting table and investigate how the practice of auditioning is changing in this era of electronics and pandemics. Video: AACT Membership Q&A Roundtable A chat with AACT staff & leadership about AACT membership benefits, upcoming events, and tips on using the AACT website Recorded 09/3/2020.   “I Really Need This Part”: Preparing for a Musical Audition. Member Registration Form - $15 for AACT members   Let us know. Learn how to rewrite, edit and rewrite. Irene Curie is also mentioned. Presented 05/07/2020, Video: Addressing Today’s Fundraising Challenges: The Realities for 2020. RAMP is a simple yet powerful tool to help you prepare for and safely carry out any lab activity with your students. Moderator: Mary Jo Denolf, Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. Their early childhood experiences may encourage young people into careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Member Registration Form - $15 for AACT members   The second round of Q&A with a new panel of theatrical publishing companies (Stage Rights, Broadway Licensing, and Dramatic Publishing). Non-Member Registration Form - $20 for Non-members, Friday, November 20 The place to find that information is the Safety Data Sheet or SDS. The tool is called RAMP. Join us for a Webinar Q&A with USI Southwest Insurance Agent, Ken Roberts to learn about potential policy changes, how to file a claim, what to look for in your current policy, and what to plan for in the future. Irene Curie is also mentioned. AACT Member-Only Content. This video tells the story of Niels Bohr, a great scientist who redefined how we think about atoms and the electron. Recorded  05/19/2020, Video: StageStock - New Technologies During Covid-19. Rutherford's initial research was studying alpha particles, which he hypothesized were helium nuclei. A Q&A Webinar session with Ken Davenport, Tony Award-winning Broadway producer and founder of Davenport Theatrical Enterprises.

Presenters: Sam Anderson & Jason McDaniel, EmptySpace Technologies LLC Their early childhood experiences may encourage young people into careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. ACTIVITY in Physical Properties, History, Measurements, Temperature, SI Units, Accuracy. This video tells the story of how temperature as we currently know it evolved. An answer key has also been provided for teacher reference. ): Improve Your Improv.

Their boards of directors play a critical role in helping navigate this crisis. In this course, you’ll be asked to abandon your comfort zone in order to explore the wide range of power, depth, and character your voice can produce. VIDEO in Lab Safety, ACS Chemical Safety. Responding to the financial impact of COVID-19,  this online workshop focuses on cutting production costs by using projected digital scenery--and how projection design is both doable and more affordable than physical scenery. 817-732-3177 | 817-732-3178 fax In this video, Sam Kean tells stories about silicon.

In response, the Event Safety Alliance has  released a Reopening Guide. Time: 4-5:30 pm (Eastern), 3-4:30 pm (Central), 2-3:30 pm (Mountain), 1-2:30 pm (Pacific) Students will build upon the skills they already have to gain a better understanding of how to create content spontaneously and express it to a variety of audiences. Free Download Activators software for 32 Bit as well as 64 Bit Operating System. Recorded  07/24/2020, Video: Theatre's Future: Conversations with Broadway Producer Ken Davenport What properties make mercury a good choice for use in a thermometer?

  And what about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Prop Master Michael Wilson, from Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, will demonstrate how to make and create faux food items from very versatile and inexpensive silicone clay that looks very realistic on stage. While this May 7th webinar was not recorded, a PDF handout is available for download. In this video, Sam Kean tells the story of the development of the periodic table.

| Renew Membership. In this video, Sam Kean tells stories about gallium. AAct – KMS-activator for operating systems Windows VL editions: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and Office 2010, 2013, 2016. [View Guide here] Presenter: Steven A. Adelman, Adelman Law Group,PLLC, and Vice President, Event Safety Alliance  In this activity, students will watch a video and answer questions about how both the thermometer and the concept of temperature evolved over time.   Presenters: Tralen Doler  (Broadway Licensing) and Brendan Conheady (Broadway Licensing/Playscripts) Date: Friday, October 9. Learn how to turn a public domain fairy tale or folk tale into a dynamic, participatory experience unique to your theatre, all on a limited budget. Recorded  04/30/2020, Video: Theatrical Publishers Respond to COVID-19: What Comes Next? In this video, Sam Kean tells stories about Mercury. Identify if you have a viable story and who the audience will be to determine the best market.

Member Registration Form - $15 for AACT members   Recorded  05/05/2020, Video: Round 2: Theatrical Publishers Respond to COVID-19: What Comes Next? The SDS provides detailed information about the properties of a chemical, its hazards, and how to protect yourself from those hazards. Have a student passcode?

However, the lab can also be a dangerous place. It's a question on everyone's mind, and this presentation will give you important information and resources you'll need in order to chart your course over the next year. In some cases, effective philanthropy will be the lifeblood that ensures that an organization survives the crisis. Video: Creating Food Props with Silicone Clay Here's a fun, "out of your head and into your art" webinar on food prop creation. Non-Member Registration Form - $20 for Non-members, Thursday, November 12 Recorded  09/3/2020, Video: Creating Food Props with Silicone Clay COVID-19 Updates. This video tells the story of Antoine Lavoisier who many consider to be the father or modern chemistry. Video: Planning Your Season: A Q&A with Concord Theatricals This episode features Peter Agre, M.D. The federal government offers relief to help businesses keep running, and their workers employed, amid the health crisis. Log In PO Box 101476, Fort Worth, TX 76185-1476 In this webinar, see how community theaters of all sizes can use the VirtualCallboard mobile app to communicate with people, manage schedules and resources, and share production files and reports. In the case of a webinar, cancellation must be received no later than 24 hours before the first scheduled webinar date/start time. Scholarship Opportunities Presenter: Patrick Hardy, President, Hytropy Disaster Recovery. This course will give you a thorough foundation, and will provide resources to help you hone those skills in the future. But why are they all so complicated? In response, the Event Safety Alliance has released The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide, which will also be the basis of this presentation. In this video, Sam Kean tells stories about manganese. AAct (full name: AAct Portable) is a tiny and efficient KMS-service (Key Management Service) based Windows & Office universal activator made by Ratiborus from Russia.. AAct can automatically set up the KMS to activate all VL editions of Windows and Office.


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