admission numbers for primary schools

Previous year’s reports are available on request by contacting the Exceptional Circumstances Body at x��]ݳ%�q/�q`q����^�}Lb8�p��-M�8������V���!e�N�����H�ԒZs�]-[T����j����h���E������y N|��A�h�/ This is to ensure that all social distancing measures are adhered to. stream Parental right of appeal to an independent admissions appeal tribunal where it is claimed by a parent that a school has not, or has not correctly, applied its admissions criteria. Admission numbers for community and voluntary controlled primary schools School Admission numbers set for 2014-2015 Proposed admission numbers for 2015-2016 Abram Bryn Gates Primary 30 30 Atherton Chowbent The cookies collect information in a way that does not directly identify anyone. This circular provides all schools with operational guidance on the post-primary transfer process. The Net Capacity figure is based on a government formula, that takes into account the number, size and type of rooms in a school. Peter Weir to make recommendations for the design of a common assessment tool for the purposes of academic selection. Details on how you can appeal will be accessible on the Education Authority’s website Education Authority following the issue of placement letters. Middle, Upper and Secondary schools. This circular advises Principals and Boards of Governors of schools of the arrangements for the application of Open Enrolment procedures to nursery schools and nursery classes in primary schools. Schools have the option of applying for one or two years temporary increase to their admission number prior to the commencement of the 2020 Transfer procedure. This circular advises Principals and Boards of Governors of the arrangements for requesting extra sixth form places for schools likely to be oversubscribed when receiving year 13 applications. All schools have admission criteria to decide which children get places.

The Department and the Education Authority are now planning for Transfer 2020 and beyond. You cannot appeal a decision about a pre-school place in a voluntary or private nursery setting. 4 0 obj Circular 2016/17 - Open enrolment in primary schools A timetable for the 2020/21 arrangements has been published in Circular 2020/11. Independent tribunals will be established by the Education Authority to consider appeals. Circular 2016/17 should be read in conjunction with Circular 2013/24, which advises principals and Boards of Governors on the duty to verify information contained within applications for admission. Circular 2018/16 should be read in conjunction with Circular 2013/24, which advises principals and Boards of Governors on the duty to verify information contained within applications for admission. This section gives you information about Published Admission Numbers (number of pupils that a school will admit in a particular year group) and Net Capacities (the number of pupils that the school buildings can physically accommodate) for schools in the Royal Borough. TheIindicated Admission Number (IAN) is based on the net capacity assessment of the school/academy. endobj Circular 1996/24 (amended) provides guidance about and explains the procedures for the approval of pupils transferring from Primary to Post-Primary education, either a year early (underage pupils) or a year later (overage pupils) than they would normally be required to transfer. If you have any queries about the data, please contact us on 01628 796572 or at Please see attached letter, protocol and application form for consideration of a temporary increase to a school’s admission number. This circular sets out for principals and Boards of Governors of schools the arrangements for admission of pupils to grant aided primary schools. The circular below provides additional advice for the principals and Boards of Governors of all grant-aided Irish Medium Primary Schools and Primary Schools with Irish Medium Units in relation to the setting of their admissions criteria.

Professor Peter Tymms of Durham University was appointed by the former Education Minister. Primary, Infant, Junior and First schools.

The data for the future is based on current agreed and planned changes and is therefore indicative only. This circular will apply to admissions taking place in September 2016 and for each subsequent school year. x��]YsG�~W����e���>���x=ڱ��ى �>@dKT�d\���ofVU���'8#�D}YYW����|G1�/Z��x��$*�F:�bs*_��ǟ6��/��~���$�Dl�?�|��h�I6����[���mn>ѧ�~�������7������ԯ/_�1 Zt�EVDi�P l-����e���Q��r��ґ��o�+��������o�[Y�"�2V�ۇϏhb����aC��n'��t��ç�F!��;e�V6��y�NC��1�#v)��.t�#�N�Wz�,D,ڀy��h�5� In light of the Grammar School 11+ exam results not being available until … Temporary variation requests. It is available to download along with the circular. The following circular provides advice for the principals and boards of governors of grant-aided primary and post primary schools in relation to the Department’s consideration of requests from schools to temporarily vary the school’s approved admission and or enrolment numbers. CONSULTATION must take place between 1 October 2019 and 31 January 2020 and last for a minimum of 6 weeks.. This guide provides detailed information on the admissions process, particularly in relation to the setting of admissions criteria for Primary School Principals. This circular sets out for principals and Boards of Governors of schools the arrangements for admission of pupils to grant aided primary schools.


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