air buddies on the run

The fur is sure to fly in this story of teamwork, adventure and the true meaning of family. Home. He plays a different sport in each film (basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball, respectively). edited 1+ month ago. Still blind, Grim knocks the motor bikes over, while Denning also collides with the motorcycles, furiously calling the Buddies and the man at the movie projection booth double-crossing bottle-suckers and various other nasty names related to double-crossing.

The film changes the primary focus of the series from Buddy, an adult golden retriever, to his puppies.

Meanwhile, Selkirk Tander (Holmes Osborne) tries to impress Mr. Livingston's (Steve Makaj) son, Bartleby Livingston by showing him a female tiger for his birthday, but Bartleby wanted an animal he can play with. The Buddies apologize to Buddy and Molly; they understand and say they're ready for their new owners. Molly attempts to save Buddy but gets herself captured. Unleash a stockingful of Christmas cheer for you and your family with this fun-filled film. The first two films in the franchise were released in theaters, while later entries were direct-to-DVD releases. 1 editor. This was the first time speaking animals have appeared in the Air Bud series. And, you'll even discover the Buddies secret - they can talk! It also radically alters the character of the series by making virtually all of the animals speak. Buddy, the sensational real-life hoop hound with 22,000 career baskets under his.
After that, Noah and Henry and their parents leave to go to a basketball game with Buddy and Molly. Bartleby catches Budderball but is caught by Sniffer.

When Puppy Paws, the feisty son of Santa Paws, forgets the true meaning of the season, it's up to the Buddies to remind him that the true meaning of Christmas spirit is about things you can't wrap in a box or tie with a bow. This time out, Buddy, the hoop-shooting, hotshot canine, tackles a new sport—football. See more.

Disney's irresistible talking puppies take a galactic journey to where no Buddy has gone before -- the moon! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The film ends with Buddy, Molly, Buddha, Budderball, Rosebud, B-Dawg, Mudbud, Sniffer and The Wolf howling to show how they are still family, despite their distance.
Join Budderball, B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha and MudBud in this classic Christmas tale that will have you believing in miracles. Buddy manages to free the Buddies but Denning traps him with a net. 79 minutes. Rentals are not eligible. Selkirk then sends his nephew Grim and assistant Denning to capture Buddy. The Buddies go through the forest then meet the Wolf who leads them to wine country. Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Budderball decides to stay with Bartleby because he needs a friend. The films were all straight-to-DVD (later Blu-ray) releases, except for the first film that remains a DVD only release.

The Buddies meet Billy the goat and Belinda the pig, who help the Buddies escape from Grim and Denning. The Next Generation in the famous Air Bud franchise is here and this time it's Air Bud's five adorable puppies (The Buddies) off on a daring rescue mission to save their parents. With Cascy Beddow, Jane Carr, Kelly Chapek, Patrick Cranshaw. Humans: Josh Framm • Andrea Framm • Noah Framm • Jackie Framm • Arthur Chaney • Norman Snively • Judge Cranfield • Sheriff Dan • Tammy • Selkirk Tander • Grim and Denning • Dr. Finkle • Santa Claus • Eli • Stan Cruge • Warwick • Willamina • Quinn • Ms. Stout • Janie • Taylor • Mary • Meg • Sarah Reynolds • Dr. Phillip Wellington • Jean George III • Dr. Patrick Sullivan Afterwards, Mrs. Niggles tells them to take naps. [1],,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Buddies lure Grim and Denning into a stable and escape through a small hole as Billy locks Grim and Denning in.

But victory hopes are sidelined when two sinister Russian circus owners take a bite out of everyone's plans and dognap Buddy for their star attraction. Air Bud only appeared in the first two films of those series.

The Buddies are growing up fast and before long it’s time to go to their new families. The movie was released directly to DVD on December 12, 2006 by Walt Disney Home Entertainment, the same day as The Fox and the Hound 2. 3 views. When his teenage owner reluctantly becomes the school's new quarterback, Buddy catches the spirit and joins the team. Washing out of the container, Sheriff Bob arrives to arrest Selkirk, Denning, and Grim. Noah and Henry are ecstatic and overjoyed at finding Grim and Denning being held prisoners by Billy the goat, and immediately leave to report them and turn them in to authorities over Grim and Denning's protests. Tip: Highlight text to annotate itX. Air Buddies - English Transcript. It is the final film of both Don Knotts and Patrick Cranshaw, released after their deaths. Grim and Denning follow them, and manage to catch Budderball by luring him with a doughnut. At school, Noah and Henry collect every boy and girl's profile sheets and photos.

Directed by Robert Vince. The narrator, Sniffer, introduces the Air Buddies, RoseBud, Buddha, Budderball, MudBud, and B-Dawg and explains their sport talents and personalities. Run time. Disney's irresistible talking puppies return in a heartwarming holiday adventure. Noah and Henry are led by Sniffer through the same farm that the Buddies went through. Air Buddies. B-Dawg is the pup who can play basketball, while Budderball plays football, Rosebud plays soccer, Buddha plays baseball, and Mudbud plays volleyball. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Mr. Livingston offers $500,000 if Selkirk can get Buddy. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Air Buddies is a 2006 straight-to-DVD comedy film directed by Robert Vince.It is the sixth film in the Air Bud series and the first in the direct-to-video spin-off series Air Buddies, which follows the life of a lonely teenager and his dog who has the uncanny ability to play every sport..

It's Buddy-loving fun your family will enjoy again and again. Overflowing with intergalactic action and heart, SPACE BUDDIES is an amazing tale of teamwork and loyalty that celebrates the journey of life and the friendships made along the way. Bartleby and his father then put the Buddies in a limousine, when Noah, Henry, Buddy and Molly come to rescue the Buddies. He plays a different sport in each film (basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball, respectively). Rating. Mill Creek Entertainment reissued the movie on January 14, 2020 on a 2-disc boxset with the other films in the series. Air Bud has a less important role in Air Buddies and Snow Buddies. Air Bud, also known as Buddy, is a golden retriever and the titular protagonist of the series of the same name. It's sure to be a holiday classic. Selkirk and Mr. Livingston fall in, as the container cracks open.

In Air Bud: World Pup, he becomes the father of five puppies: Budderball, B-Dawg, Buddha, MudBud, and RoseBud, though none of them are given actual names until the first Air Buddies movie. Next, the Buddies run into a motor bike gang. The puppies are introduced to their new families and end up enjoying their new lives. Comedy. When their families leave home for a basketball game, the puppies get into trouble with their sitter, Mrs. Niggles, by playing with balls of wool and eating a blueberry pie. Holmes Osborne - Selkirk Tander, the villain of the movie. Grim and Denning go back to Buddy's home to capture the Buddies but no luck. Similar Popular with similar viewers. The hilarious, hair-raising exploits of these barking, talking, ball-playing pups will have you cheering as they run off on a daring rescue mission to save their parents! B-Daw… Will they have the right stuff? The next morning, the pups decide to run away. Cookies help us deliver our services. The pups refuse to be left alone and bored, grab their toys, only to be blocked by their babysitter, Mrs. Niggles and get baths instead. Air Buddies is a 2006 straight-to-DVD comedy film directed by Robert Vince. The Buddies find their way to the projection room and walk in front of the projector, their shadows attracting Denning and Grim's attention. Denning and Grim put Buddy and Molly in the truck, while the buddies chase after them. Slade Pearce - Noah Sullivan, the son of Jackie and Patrick and the half brother of Josh and Andrea Framm.

Noah, Henry, and the dogs release barrels towards Selkirk and Mr. Livingston; the barrels break the wine container. Air Buddies was released on December 12, 2006. In a runaway attempt gone wrong, the Buddies get used as bait and end up causing their famous parents, Buddy and Molly, to be dognapped by an evil Exotic Animal Hunter. Through a voiceover, Sniffer (voiced by Don Knotts) introduces the five Air Buddies, describes their personalities and recaps how the puppies' father, Air Bud, made the town of Fernfield famous through his love of sports. To help his various owners, later Molly and puppies in any way he can, Assisting his owners, his children getting along, yogurt, basketball, American football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, Norman Snively, people trying to mess with his owners or children, his children misbehaving, Continues to live in the Framm household (, "Now what did I teach you puppies about teamwork?". Air Bud only appeared in the first two films of those series. The film changes the primary focus of the series from Buddy, an adult golden retriever, to his puppies. Give three cheers for Disney's hilarious hit that goes the whole nine yards for outrageous fun and adventure. The new generation of the hugely successful Air Bud franchise is here! In wine country, Selkirk is pleased that Denning and Grim captured both Buddy and Molly so he can have them breed puppies and sell them for money. Grim and Denning arrive at Buddy's home, only to see Buddy and Molly at the same time, thinking there are two air buds or they are mates. PG. All the animals can speak in this film.


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