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Within months the government acknowledges the need for action to make livestock farming more sustainable. Kari leads the organization’s animal agriculture work, including a climate-friendly food service initiative that aims to leverage state, municipal, K-12 and university food purchasing dollars to support local farmers and ranchers and drive market shifts and consumption towards healthier, plant-forward, sustainable food. As part of the Membership and Development team, she leads our state and local digital advocacy, ensures the smooth operation of our email program, and supports our online fundraising. Help us continue to reverse bee decline in the UK. Karen Orenstein is Director of the Climate and Energy Program at Friends of the Earth U.S, where she oversees efforts to ensure science-based, equitable, and just responses to the climate crisis. No. It was a message to Ministers that every school should have the opportunity to run on sun. 1012357) is … As senior financial analyst, Marco primarily helps with various analysis, budgeting, payroll allocation, financial closing, advance excel and integration projects. This exclusive footage of a mother and a baby beaver helped us ramp up support to keep England's first wild beavers – in centuries – in the wild. Welcome to Friends of the Earth's campaigning resources site – your one-stop shop for all the information and materials you need to campaign on key environmental issues. Jonathan ensures donors are kept informed of their impact through face-to-face visits, telephone calls and other personalized communications. No. Embers fly from a tree as the Glass Fire burns in St. Helena, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020. Lukas Ross is a program manager at Friends of the Earth. After nearly two decades the campaign to have the South Downs designated as a National Park succeeded in 2009. Friends of the Earth is a bold voice for justice and the planet. Cadbury-Schweppes shareholder meeting, 2004. Paris Climate Talks, December 2015. Sharon Smith is Friends of the Earth’s senior accountant. Friends of the Earth’s comedy bash The Big Laugh at the Apollo, London, 8 May 2014. No. He advocates for private financial institutions to stop financing deforestation and human rights violations. Michelle Chan is the Vice President of Programs for Friends of the Earth and oversees its campaigns, communications, organizing and political work. Radiohead front man Thom Yorke launches The Big Ask campaign, 2005 – calling for legally binding limits on UK climate emissions. No. Stand Up For South Downs day, 1997. * the most extensive environmental network in … Friends of the Earth worked with, among others, Age Concern to press for an end to poorly insulated homes. Slow Food isn’t just a campaign, it’s a way of life. She works directly with the grant writer and all team members to orchestrate grant applications, reporting, foundation outreach, and more. These cover Friends of the Earth's current priority campaigns: Others will want to carry on being active – either by supporting their community during the pandemic or by adapting your existing campaigning. Putting a priority on sustainability by … David Cameron MP is grilled on climate change at a mass lobby for the Big Ask campaign, 2006. Today there are more than 200 volunteer Friends of the Earth groups across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Teaching and sharing all there is to know on planning and environmental law, so you can protect and improve your community. Friends of the Earth is an environmental campaigning community dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of the natural world and everyone in it. Get Involved. Sarah Brown, pictured, is a Clean Air Kit user living in Bristol. Bryan Pomeroy is the Member Relations Specialist at Friends of the Earth. Katharine Lu is the Senior Sustainable Finance Manager at Friends of the Earth US. Demonstrators blockade a drilling team that plans to investigate Fulbeck airfield in Lincolnshire for the shallow burial of nuclear waste, 1987. Our first action was to dump 1,500 non-returnable bottles outside the Schweppes London headquarters. Friends of the Earth is an international community dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. The campaigning guides will walk you through the problems we face, how we can solve them, and what you can do. Highlighting the impact of demand for palm oil – a hidden ingredient in many consumer products. Climate & Energy. READ MORE . Happy faces on the streets of Preston on Monday 29 June 2015. Welcome to Friends of the Earth's campaigning resources site – your one-stop shop for all the information and materials you need to campaign on key environmental issues. Greg Davies, Patrick Kielty, Eliza Doolittle and other stars perform to raise money for our campaigns. We’ve created resources to help you do both. Climate change; Community Power; Industrial agriculture and livestock; Sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty through European and international campaigns as well as local activities; Waste reduction by promoting composting and better waste management systems; Preventing overconsumption of natural resources Emily is Friends of the Earth’s grant writer based in Berkeley, CA, and works on the development team to help fund all of the organization’s campaigns.


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