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Anders' show is a combination of comedy, audience participation, music, pick-pocketing and of course magic. Surprise your guests with entertainment for all ages, Humurious Mysterious and Unpredictable, that's me PEPE. We reserve the right to change and/or substitute some tricks described for others.

Dean has performed from one end of this Earth to the other! )"These kids are going to put me out of work". At age eleven, Anthony joined the Society of Young Magicians and has been a member ever since.Anthony has competed in several competitions and has performed both close-up and parlour magic. Back in the late 1990s, FOX television aired their show Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed to resounding applause. Justin Flom is both a musician and a magician. It seems five weeks just extended itself into three and a half months! He has performed over 100 sold-out shows in China, had several successful tours in South America, and was voted one of the top variety acts in the world on the Italian television show "Bella Fresca". Of course, Joe Deng managed to send all the necessary paperwork needed to apply for a visa. These two words easily keep ideas flowing. I'm amateur at best, but I recommend starting with simple card tricks you can find online, then gradually moving to harder tricks.

Sure, I'd work with smart consultants who also happened to be close friends such as Kemin Zhang, Lidden Li and Yi Long. Wow! Picture bringing your hands together, in front of you, and an ace magically appears between them. He's texting all the way from Shanghai, China. I recommend him 100%.” - Barry Cooper, Heritage Co-op “That was one of the best shows we have ever had!” - Larissa Koop, 4L Communications “Gregoire left everyone with their minds blown! ‘Watch Closely’ is Sean’s mind-bending one-man show that combines sleight of hand and misdirection with psychology, to create extraordinary illusions of ordinary things, in what can only be described as ‘a magic show inside your head’, where nothing is as it seems!A perfect fusion of magic and mentalism, the 30-45 minute interactive show is smart, clean, amazing, and sure to keep your guests talking for years to come. Silver hoops penetrate each other! He has also received many accolades for his close-up entertainment and Illusion Comedy Show. Now, they are amazing magicians who entertain audiences from around the world with their dazzling display of mind-boggling tricks, mentalism, and baffling illusions. On request, Greg can provide backdrops, lighting, a sound system, and copyright-free music (so that you are not put at risk) composed by his friend, Grammy award winner, Arthur Stead. Afterward, they ushered us over to the rehearsal space so we could meet a handful of the contestants, watch some of their routines and offer informal comments about their magic. Now I have been performing magic for the past 15 years! Close-up magic? He is well-known for his fantastic combination of storytelling and illusion, which had made him earn 11 Guinness World Records in a career life of over 40 years. Perhaps most famous for his stupendous appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Shin Lim proves magic doesn't have to be a silly comedic art to be entertaining. he performers featured in this article were so fascinated by magic growing up, that they decided to make a career out of it. At an early stage, Penn Fraser Jillette became an atheist after reading the bible. Walt Anthony is a magician who will genuinely turn your event into a memorable experience. David's performing style is greatly influenced by the eastern style of magic where a lot of focus is on sleight of hands; he will make you feel dizzy with his stage manipulation skill! Event planners and agents across North America count on Double Vision to deliver a unique, worry-free show that brings in repeat clients.

Their humor belies the genius sleight-of-hand and ingenuity the pair possess, compounding our appreciate by perfecting both comedy and magic. You can rest assured that your guests will never be embarrassed by vulgar humour or with on-stage antics. One of Dean's career highlights was opening for Aerosmith at their CD Release Party of "Nine Lives" in New York City.Many of Dean's greatest escapes have been performed for charitable organizations including The Cancer Foundation, The Rainbow Society, and as an Ambassador for the Variety Club.
Illusionist Brian Glow produces corporate entertainment and trade show illusions helping to create your custom exhibit designs and trade show booths for maximum visibility. According to the International Magicians Society called Criss Angel as the Magician of the Century in 2010 and magician of the decade in 2009. Ryan has performed thousands of shows since 2007. Also, the greatest magician has made some of the world records due to his amazing … He broke the Guinness World Record for static apnea with oxygen assistance on April 30, 2008. Bringing joy into people's hearts also brings joy to my heart. Think David Blaine but more lighthearted. Not many North American magicians practice stage manipulation, which are tricks that use purely by sleight of hand and random objects such as parasols, silks, magic wands, candles, balls, cards, and lots of other things. Without hesitation, you take this newly produced card, and effortlessly split it into two aces. He'll bring his own. Viewers from more than 40 countries around the world watched Dean wrestle free from the web of chains, locks, and cuffs as the car plunged into the powerful, bone-shattering jaws of a car crusher.Some of Dean's other television appearances include The Nashville Network's popular "Statler Brothers Show," the Disney Channel and Family Channel, where he is a favourite family entertainer. According Michael Close, Fool Us films with somewhere between seven to ten cameras. Magic Mike Likey, who is a professional magician, musician, and published creator and designer of magic illusions and proprietor of his magic-shop "Merry Minstrel Majick": He performed grand stage illusions as well as close-up magic for 23 years for corporations, malls, fairs, special events, etc. (He has a wordpress site and an Instagram, but they've been collecting dust since 2016. Needless to say, with this size and budget, Amazing Magicians was the largest magic production in television history. Experience time travel (time flies thanks to the twins award-winning magic, comedy and audience participation), mind reading (they knew you'd read this), teleportation (you'll be travelling to the show) and cloning (they're identical twins) a one-of-a-kind show, except there's two of them! With their comedic acts, where Penn's loudmath attitude contrasts Teller's silence, the pair often reveal segments of their tricks, allowing the audience to believe the secrets have been uncovered, only to astound them with a new surprise. One of the greatest magicians developed his interest when he was only 10 years under the name of “Davino the Boy Magician” in his neighborhood and later he is the youngest person admitted to the Society of American Magicians. He had a good sense of the age of the kids and was great at getting participation from them. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aaa3d55a0679848f4f863225929c4f97" );document.getElementById("b544b34f61").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A borrowed finger-ring instantly vanishes, only to re-appear tied to a shoe-lace! He was handcuffed and chained into a 1970 Cadillac -- his neck chained to the steering wheel, his legs to the brake pedal, and his arms to the doors. Mago the Magician. As a close-up magician his goal is to accomplish the same as his stage show, but on a smaller scale. degree in 1986. We couldn’t be happier. Using fun and amazing magic and puppetry Ryan’s show is full of laughs and lots of audience participation. (Jen and Zac also make balloon sculptures. Jeremy casts spells in between his careers as a chemical analyst and campus manager. For the record, I was walking blindly into this project. Check.

"- James, Volunteer Coordinator, Place Maillardville Community Centre"We were so fortunate to have Magic Mike in our classroom to teach us some magic. You must wonder Pepe who? Interactive comedy magician Matthew DiSero has worked with comedy greats Drew Carey & Jerry Seinfeld, starred on international TV with an appearance on “Penn and Teller: Fool Us”, headlines shows at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California and had been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, Matthew performs across the globe. Keep reading. Mid afternoon on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 my phone vibrates with a message from my Chinese friend Joe Deng. Honestly, writing and filming six episodes within a five-week period is sort of an impossible task. He began his entertainer career as a professional clown. Without getting too sentimental, it was an exciting time to watch all our efforts turn into reality. His unique blend of magic and comedy has been seen throughout Miami, Kendall, South Beach and Soutern Florida! Do post your comments. And we all know what they say, "Laughter is the best medicine." Its second nature. Also, named a Living Legend by the US Library of Congress, he is a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a knighthood by the French government. Regional Parks Assoc. All in their own hands!Recognized as one of the world’s premier sleight of hand artists, Sean’s charisma and humour get people talking, and his cunning stunts are sure to keep them talking!Don't just give them an event to remember, give them one they will never forget! The pandemic's arrival has hindered the entertainment industry, and this year, even AGT had to start without an in-house audience.

Your performance was clean, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable. Greg Wood is an award-winning magician, comedian and speaker. For someone supposed to only be consulting on a 5-week magic street show, which turned into three and a half months is now morphing into a chance to appear as a judge alongside China's most famous movie actress. Even today, the popularity of Harry Potter Series is a testimony to the fact that curiosity related to magic and magicians remained within humankind for ages. He'll try to astound you with something that looks like a miracle one moment, then shock you with something hilarious the next. The two encourage the deceptiveness of the field, stating any claims of supernatural powers are merely a hoax and believing audiences don't mind knowing it's a trick as long as they're entertained. The Chinese are the hardest labourers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. “He’s a pro. We've worked a decent amount together. Not just on stage.Anders can help elevate your event by providing cocktail hour entertainment with his Elite Walk-around magic. -Viceroy. Many have not laughed that hard and true for quite some time." When you hear the laughter and see the trail of smiling faces Anders leaves in his wake, you'll know you made the right decision by bringing him to your event. Here he was invited to compete as one of 54 international variety acts from Russia, Europe, The United States and Asia. Val is retired--I THINK. There are people who cannot conceive of their life without traveling. He would be a great fit for your parties or corporate events. One of the greatest magicians is able to accurately predict the winning lottery numbers in the year 2009. Specializing in stage shows and walk-around magic for fairs, festivals, schools, daycares and birthday parties. It’s one thing to be good at magic, it’s another thing to be great with people. Sincerely,Lionel Piché. While free-falling from an airplane 13,500 feet above the earth, Dean escaped from a straight jacket and two pairs of handcuffs before parachuting to safety with only six seconds to spare!Dean has surpassed Houdini with numerous escapes, establishing his career as an original Escape Artist.


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