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In 2006, the film, Jesus Camp hit the silver screen generating controversy right and left. And even those who heard about Christ and still don’t believe shouldn’t be punished for honest beliefs. Frances Nowve: Only later, we found out that who and what we were had a name which we came to accept. I invite you to continue the debate there. practices. Usually when an NT does horrible things it’s because they were acting on pathological ideologies like racism, classism, nazism, Stalinism, radicalized religious doctrines like we see in ISIS, tribalism, etc. Primitive people who don’t have the technology of abortion have their own primitive form of birth control. themselves as is agnostic. i am hearing people in public complain about others wearing facemasks. It just doesn’t compute. That being said, I do think this behavior is unreasonable when there are alternatives. Psychopathy is a label originally applied to us by others. Even Andrew Sommerkamp believes that the experience Anyhow, sorry for the late response, but I will address all of your points in the same order you wrote them here: “After all, your main objection to psychopaths is that some of us kill so how can someone call for killing as an antidote to the problem?”. Unbaptized babies, ancient Greeks and Romans and everyone else who didn’t have a chance to believe in Jesus could go there. I also consider the Transgender Movement wrong-headed and chafe under the authoritarian insistence on everyone giving lip service to the Movement’s opinions (er…delusions). We can’t call them morons, idiots, fools, crazy. Empathy solves this problem much more efficiently and effectively than law enforcement or punishment from people — and more enjoyably as well, since empathy is very enjoyable. The kind of person that would rob your house, defraud you out of your money, abuse you or manipulate you, or murder you in cold blood has a decent chance of being a psychopath. I little matter of disbelief. The Holy Spirit does many things pagan-invoked spirits do. I just said that the fact that they have no conscience means that it’s harder to prevent them from doing harm than it is to prevent NTs from doing harm. As Mother Teresa put it, ‘If I look at the mass I will never act. People ranging from medieval ruthless lords like Vlad the Impaler all the way to the modern serial killers and rapists like Ted Bundy and Jefferey Dahmer.

or M.D. Human being are tribal by nature so warfare and bloodshed is an inherent problem, but manageable. Quite a list of requirements to interpret a list of 20 qualities. patriarchal image of God the Father, it’s reasonable that atheism is more a rejection of that It is barbaric. The Guardian also spoke to a child psychologist, There’s too much at stake. So, I’m sorry I mean no disrespect, but these people gotta go. Not surprisingly, given their concentration in the South, white evangelical Protestants have the highest median score (0.78) on the Racism Index. For example, “to refer to one’s political opponents as blind or deaf to progressive ideas.” While I can see calling one’s opponent “retard,” is oppressive to those who really are retarded, saying someone is “blind” because he cannot see one’s point doesn’t really strike me as oppressive to the blind. I never said psychopaths are “the other” and I never said there’s isn’t any difference among psychopaths. This is called the “conscience.” NTs feel guilty when they do “wrong.” They can’t imagine anyone being “good” voluntarily unless they are threatened with a conscience. For example, we could identify the particular genetic markers for the predisposition of psychopathy/sociopathy and make sure the environment for those people is such that they do not “blossom” into a full fledged psychopath/sociopath. She creates life in abundance and it is axiomatic that much of that life is snuffed out early. A common tactic which seemed strange to me was when they would ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. They resist but the transgender movement is a formidable force. You apparently haven’t even read my original reply to the original question which was that one doesn’t need an averse stimulation like a guilty conscience in order to lead a reasonable life. Gilberto De La Vega (replies): So why didn’t I join up? You want to eliminate psychopaths from the world. No matter how psychopathy is defined, it is clearly a word meant to denote pathology. Few people look at the reason people are considered “mentally ill” in the first place. Your utopia is my worst nightmare. People do good because they want to, they desire to, and it makes them feel good to do so. Empathy is actually quite pleasurable. It’s amazing that so many parents are willing and able to foot the bill. If God created life, why can’t he create new lives to take the place of the ones who are aborted? Levi, conversely, says that, thanks to his While I love the writer for standing up for psychopaths, I find some ideas that I either disagree with or which even make me laugh out loud. One could say that this means 18% of self-identified atheists I laugh, along with everyone else at such monstrosities as first grade children being accused of sexual harassment because they gave another kid a kiss. all been to school. Filmmakers, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady probably only meant to show a fair and balanced documentary about a significant segment of the American population which lives the mainstream culture but knows little of the evangelical one. these ideologies are so prevelent in our cultural landscape and they perpetuate the notion that some people are inherently more deserving of life and salvation more than others. And yes I want to eliminate psychopaths from the world in the long run just like I want to eliminate any other kind of mental disease that produces suffering. How can any God be so evil. They had very gentle auras, even the one who was a marine and about to go overseas. these ideologies are so prevelent in our cultural landscape and they perpetuate the notion that some people are inherently more deserving of life and salvation more than others. The median scores of white Catholics (0.72) and white mainline Protestants (0.69) — groups that are more culturally dominant in the Northeast and the Midwest — are not far behind. The fact that you can do so without hatred is truly chilling. Many psychopaths never kill or “wreck havoc unto the world.” I admit that, if we do, it would be “with no remorse.” But most of us don’t. You expect me to identify with your “we” when that “we” is trying to eliminate me? They suffer from something called gender dysphoria. Tina has an answer to that: brain scans.

It is what it is for the time being I guess. “’We’ don’t ‘need to find a solution to the problem of psychopaths/sociopaths in our society.’ Psychopaths are not a problem for me. “Boys and girls can change the world?” she intoned. Christians point out that God made a “perfect plan that none should perish,” meaning Christ dying on the cross. What is evil? “’People of faith are no more interested in These male to female trannies are really into being girly-girls. Really poor communities have no choice. I actually feel bad for them because they are sick in the head. Many liberal Christians and more secular viewers
Hitler couldn’t have said it better. That would just be you being facetious. Well, I’m glad you no longer want to kill us. Also, I’m not trying to eliminate you, as I mentioned before, I was speaking in jest. So let’s eliminate everyone who isn’t a lukewarm technocrat! You were born for His pleasure out of a love no human being can understand.” That’s quite right.

Some see it as evidence of child abuse. don’t know what they’re talking about, that what they really mean to label “To bring you back to my original answer again, I pointed out, “Most people believe that people can only be good if aversive stimuli threaten them with punishment if they transgress the norms of society. Kill the kid the moment you realize what he is?

To put things into perspective, I would also like to eliminate people who have an excessive amount of compassion and empathy as well from the population, as that seems to cause too much suffering in their lives. we lack the empathy of caring about society as a whole. A week ago, a federal judge in California denied Animal rights people also misuse the word “murder,” accusing all carnivores of murder. And year over year, in question after question in public opinion polls, a clear pattern has emerged: White Christians are consistently more likely than whites who are religiously unaffiliated to deny the existence of structural racism. the idea that we know how these things work, that they happen more or less by anyway while I think there is much to blame institutionally for the handling of the coronavirus, i think it is safe to say that american protestant individualism also played a fine role in this mess. But what would you recommend in the case where a psychopath manages to be born anyway? I want all the problems of the world to be solved, not just some of them.
>SHUDDER. Instead of listing “psychopathy,” the DSM has “ASPD” OR “Anti-Social Personality Disorder.” The PCL-R is never used to diagnose ASPD. But the very precision takes us to the same point we have been trying to get away from. Of course, that raises the question of how we identify psychopaths. of morality, may have a different sense of what is reasonable than a person for So I didn’t even consider the possibility you could get insulted, my mistake. accident, and that we could figure it out at all, was always more compelling to me than thinking that God did it and it should remain a mystery. they believe in ‘God as described in the Bible.’” This may indicate that atheism, She had the kids write on the cups things they wanted to eliminate such as “corrupt government.” These cups became what Wiccans call a “poppet,” an object used to represent another thing they want to work magick on. Final Solution for Psychopaths? They need to decide later in life whether to have the operation to have an artificial vagina designed in place of their cocks. But to be a legitimate son or daughter of the Most High God you must be ‘adopted’ into His family. Psychopaths have been said to be shape-shifting reptiles, for example. Ditto to the charge of child abuse applied to kids who are mean to other kids. – Do you have a history of juvenile delinquency?

Trancelike states really aren’t that hard to get into if one is open to the experience. Notably, the median score for each white Christian subgroup is significantly above the median scores of the general population (0.57), white religiously unaffiliated Americans (0.42) and Black Protestants (0.24). Also I think it would be better for psychopaths/sociopaths themselves if they were NT’s since they would be able to enjoy the joys and pleasure of empathy on top of everything else they enjoy, which is pretty fantastic. On the web, groups of people have come together as self-proclaimed victims of “evil” psychopaths and narcissists. Start with yourself and we’ll build your family tree together. Of course, you backed away from the position of “social cleansing” or “genocide,” as I called it. point at something beautiful, like clouds or flowers, and say that their beauty You are defining us as the “other” who is the problem, who shouldn’t even exist. Funny way to promote a kinder, gentler society. Valerie Tarico, who says, “One of the problems with faith-based teaching is it In other words, “psychopathy” equals “bad.” Finally, I have come across an article that attacks that practice: But politics makes odd bedfellows. NT’s don’t do good only because they want to avoid the “averse stimuli” of their ‘conscience’. One of the extra scenes on the DVD shows a group of children driven to a “pregnancy crisis center” to pray for the ending of abortion. Isn’t it? Not if “pro-lifers” have anything to do with it. I was less concerned by the crying and Psychopath means something wrong. This is called the ‘conscience.’ NTs feel guilty when they do ‘wrong.’ They can’t imagine anyone being ‘good’ voluntarily unless they are threatened with a conscience. Micro chips in the brain? “V I C T O R Y! They are encouraging “transitioning” in people who have those feelings at alarmingly young ages.


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