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The abuse she suffered is awful and to make it worse "fans" of the show acted like she was literally the devil because their main guy/girl got together off screen so who cares who it hurt. I don't understand!! In the Rooster Teeth series, RWBY, she voices Blake Belladonna, one of the four main characters along with Lindsay Jones, Kara Eberle, and Barbara Dunkelman. I absolutely believe her.

This guy sounds like a classic abuser. According to authoritative sources, Arryn’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, most of which she earned while she worked with Rooster Teeth.

Arryn was born in Rota, Spain on 4 October 1990 under the zodiac sign of Libra; she holds both Spanish and American nationality and follows the Christian religion. and then arryn. Arryn Zech is an American actress best known for her role as Blake Belladonna from RWBY. She is quite active on Instagram but doesn’t post as often as her fans would like – she has nearly 80,000 followers and 257 posts, while her Twitter account which she opened in June 2012 has nearly 100,000 followers and 14,000 tweets – her description simply says “Be kind”. damn, maybe if I hadn’t been such an in-passing viewer of the show, I would’ve picked up on it. wikiwiki Arryn had a personal YouTube channel where she occasionally posted videos. Arryn is also the voice actress of Dr. Emily Grey in Red vs. Blue, where she also did various filler voices. The ones that don't want power, money, or control are fine. The abuse specifically, based off of things fans of Arryn noticed, iirc. Arryn Zech - profil osoby w bazie ‘I fluctuate between being really introverted and really extroverted, and I find myself being like Blake when I am in the introverted phase. As a former Beliza fan, who did a deep dive around when they got married (never wrote anything about her though, not one of those people! She also voices Blake Belladonna in the Rooster Teeth animated web series RWBY. I'm glad she's in a good enough place now to speak out about that whole situation.

— Arryn (@ArrynZech) July 3, 2020 Voice actress Arryn Zech, the ex-girlfriend of Bob Morley (they dated from 2015-2019, and shortly after their break up he married Eliza Taylor), opened up about the abuse she suffered whilst dating Bob Morley. Arryn Zech opens up about Bob Morley's abuse. One of the very first comments on Twitter is like, 'there are two sides to every story, you always play the victim.' Rooster Teeth has headquarters in Austin, Texas and is owned by a division of Otter Media, which works under the Warner Bros. company.

I believe her about him too, what a tool. ONTD Reading Challenge October: Get a Job! It's very disappointing and disgusting and I'm so sorry for her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Her bio, age, net worth, wedding, husband, son, Jordan McGraw, Robin McGraw and Phil’s son’s Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, and Musician Career, Antonio Garza (Youtuber) Wiki Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth, Who is Gary Vaynerchuk’s from Vaynermedia wife Lizzie? I kinda feel like I need to stop reading any articles about men at all anymore bc it's turning me into a really angry, jaded person.

I knew he had cheated w/ Eliza bc the timing was too obvious, but had absolutely no idea about anything else. Why not just date Eliza!!! Your email address will not be published. Arryn Zech


I think that's what she's saying. My heart goes out to her. American She is mostly known for her acting career, while she is also a YouTuber, writer, photographer and a voice actress. Arryn had a personal YouTube channel where she occasionally posted videos. A post shared by Arryn Zech (@arrynzech) on Dec 2, 2018 at 8:29pm PST. I haven't read this yet but I'm ready to, and from the comments it's a tough one as I am/was a fan of his but his relationship with Eliza has had warning flags and didn't sit right with me.

Arryn Zech, Actress: RWBY. In order to make it easier for the company to pay for the making of the series, the founders made it possible for people to pay money in order to gain early access to new episodes and exclusive items. External links Twitter, IMDb I also hated the way that Arryn was treated by fans of the 100 and that he never seemingly stood up for her. Man, she got SO much shit from bellarke stans and still does to this day just because she used to date their fave. Arryn doesn’t talk about her parents or siblings, which makes people believe that she is an only child. I am so sad for this poor woman and I hope she has the help she needs because this is probably going to set off a dumpster fire and The 100 fandom is already home to a ton of abuse.

Rooster Teeth currently has nearly 10 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, and over 5.7 million views on all of their videos combined – if you include all of their channels and sub channels, they have a whopping 45 million subscribers which would place them amongst the 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube (first place belongs to PewDiePie who has 89 million subscribers). She has a small dog named Watson. She didn’t get to spend much time in Spain, as her parents moved to New Braunfels, Texas when she was still a kid.

Stay Away From Her! The gossip is priceless. Filmografia, nagrody, biografia, wiadomości, ciekawostki. There's been whispers about this for years, and Bellarke fans have always been trash that harass anyone and everyone.

Arryn and whoever he dated before her I guess? Arryn is best known for her voicing of Blake Belladonna in “RWBY” (pronounced “ruby”) anime web series and media franchise created by Rooster Teeth media and entertainment company. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Kevin James wife, Steffiana De La Cruz Wiki Bio, kids, ethnicity, net worth, Lola Flanery (Shadowhunters) Wiki Bio, age, height, boyfriend, net worth, Ramtin Abdo Wiki Bio, net worth, job, parents, age, dating, children, The Untold Truth of LOONA Member – HeeJin, What about Stephen Hawk’s wife, Mina Starsiak from Good Bones? And it wasn't like it was just some snide comments here and there. Keeping spirits up during Quarantime. She went on to attend and graduate from University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, but then decided to pursue an acting career instead.

The celebrities are disposable. Is he gay? Arryn decided to leave Rooster Teeth when she had to move to Los Angeles from Texas in August 2015, but she is still voicing Blake Belladonna, as she didn’t want to let down her fans. Prior to joining AffairPost in September 2018, she was a entertainment reporter.

She provides the voice for Emily Grey and the voice filter used by Control in Season 12.

The Rooster Teeth Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Arryn Zech is a member of Rooster Teeth Productions. Arryn Zech is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism.

Ask Gary vee about VaynerX, net worth, family, kids, books, Wayne Carini Wiki Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Family, Height, Parents. Born in Spain before moving to America as a kid, Arryn can be seen in various live action shorts and RT Recaps during her work at the company. Arryn Zech is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in journalism. it was trending on twitter today and I had just assumed someone misspelled Marley in a viral tweet tbh. It seems a lot of people, even Bob's coworkers are rallying and supporting her in some way though. He always deletes his social media or threatens to. Good for Arryn. Roles Born She also voices the character Dr. Emily Grey in the longest running web-based series, Red vs. Blue, created by the Austin-based production company, Rooster Teeth. No swippy, just linky. His fans straight up hurled abuse and harassed the absolute shit out of her for years and years and years. @ArrynZech

Media Instead of going out, I would much prefer to stay home, watch a show, or read a book, and drink tea or coffee like it’s no one’s business. I 100% believe her. Arryn is currently 28 years old, has long black hair, green eyes, is 6ft (1.83m) tall and weighs around 163lbs (74kg); her vital statistics are not known. from what i remember, it was rumoured that bob and eliza hooked up like right as the show started, so i guess whoever he was dating at the time?

Geez that's a question I ask myself a lot. Arryn was born in Rota, Spain on 4 October 1990 under the zodiac sign of Libra; she holds both Spanish and American nationality and follows the Christian religion. Arryn is also famous for her role of Dr. Emily Grey in the longest running series on the web, called “Red vs. Blue”, which was also created by Rooster Teeth – when she left the company, she also continued to film for this series.


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