beneath (2013 ending explained)

Literally. Workers often died in gruesome ways or were buried alive. There was no collapse. Director Ben Ketai and writers Patrick Doody and Chris Valenziano have picked a seemingly well-tread premise for their feature, but a few missteps aside they succeed in breathing fresh life into the stale environment of a terror-filled mine shaft. Something gives way or explodes or collapses --- thats never made clear --- and this unlikely group find themselves trapped underground. If you think you would enjoy two hours of people shouting and swearing at each other in the dark, by all means see this movie. Yes, we have seen it and similar stories more than a few times before, but seldom so well. Samantha (Kelly Noonan) escaped her small mining town for the big wide world and went on to become an environmental lawyer, much to the chagrin of her father George (Jeff Fahey). Trapped underground with something rather freaky going on; how scary you find that premise depends on how you react at a visceral level to being stuck underground in a confined space. The crack that opens in the mountain leads to a revelation about “the nineteen,” a group of miners who where lost and never recovered after a cave-in back in the ’20s, but equally compelling is the mental stress and delusions the survivors begin suffering as the oxygen depletes and panic sets in among them. I was fluctuating between rating this a 1 or a 6...I settled on a 3.

This major distraction is unbearable at some parts and takes away greatly from what could've been a good flick. Ther are a few good things about this movie even though it is straight formula. The trapped in the coal mine flick is back. There aren't any monsters, but plenty of horribly creepy psychological/supernatural scares, ghastly make-up FX, and a cool reference to a morbid tale of olden day miners, whose true story forms the inspirational basis for this film. Normally in movies that are "Inspired on True Events" there is a prologue explaining what really happened. Entirely too dark to get a better rating. You should not be claustrophobic of course. BENEATH is an American horror film about a group of miners trapped underground after a cave-in who find themselves subjected to stark psychological horror in the diseased depths of the coal mine. "Beneath" has a lot of the same feel--the claustrophobia of the mine itself is as bad as whatever else is down there.

Due to filming in darkness most of part of the movie is difficult to understand well. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. I say this even admitting that I am not usually a big fan of movies with premises like this. A few years later, they made a sequel.


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