block b zico tattoos

He’s not only a rapper but also a producer, singer, and former leader of the boy group Block B. Zico has many tattoos all over his body. Take it with a grain of salt.).

WINNER’s TaeHyun3.
When Jiho walked in he wasn’t quiet sure if he was seeing something right so he lifted the bottom portion of the bra upwards and saw little hearts under your breast- “well hello there” Here are the tattoos he has, but as far as the meaning behind them, that’s a little more up in the air. BLOCK B’s Zico[Source]:kpopmapBackground music:Song: Jo Cohen \u0026 BW - Glowing At Night [NCS Release]Music provided by NCS: + it's different - Shadows (feat. Here’s the Veil of St. Veronica: Cloud9nine, do not edit/remove logo.

One of the most …

- “one gif and one still image of Zico’s back tattoo. Zico’s Sewol Ferry Tattoo (is a yellow ribbon but he a B&W tattoo person) wooingzico . 148 notes.

Let’s take a look of his tattoos and their meanings! SNSD’s TaeYeon2. Thanks to Admin Cat’s efforts, we now have a better rundown of Taeil’s tattoos. THIS FUCKING HAPPENEDO N MY BDAY BEST BIRTHYDA PRESENT EVER, I HAVENT EVEN CELEBRATED YET BEC I DONT HAVE TIME, I was not missing the chance to edit a picture that shows his tattoos, Closer to seeing what this back tattoo really is, thanks for always listening to my requests God, LITERALLY WENT THRU SKECHERS' STORE SITE LOOKIN FOR THESE, i had to extract them thru the web's codes LOL, LMFAO IDK IF THEY FORGOT TO PHOTOSHOP HIS TATTOOS OUT IN THE FIRST ONES BUT I LOVE THEM I WISH THEY DIDNT REMOVE EM IN THE OTHER PICS.

You have a secret tattoo (BLOCK B) Zico: -after a work out you were laying on the bed just a sports bra and spandex shorts.
5 Deep Meanings Behind K-Pop Idols’ Tattoos - Part 2 - YouTube Это Гавриил приходит к Марии. one gif and one still image of Zico’s back tattoo. This is “The Angel Gabriel Visits Mary” Check out 5 Deep Meanings Behind K-Pop Idols’ Tattoos - Part 2Subscribe for more videos :[List]:1. Why would he even go and do this to us right now on this day at this time in this moment?

Welcome to I Have a Thing For Block B! Can be wrong but that’s what it looks like.

Zico is very religious, as some of you may know, and he’s Christian.

Block B Zico Tattoos. A blog dedicated to providing updates for the 7 member group Block B.

Block B iphone wallpaper - Requested by Anon. Sejong the Great, credited with creation of the Hangul alphabet), He’s also recently added a flower tattoo next to King Sejong, Jaehyo has the letters KR on his left wrist, He claims it doesn’t mean anything, but rumor has it that it stands for the initials of his ex-girlfriend KaRyeong.


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