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Vernon is left fighting for his life when he buys a batch of soil for his new compost-producing venture. A couple make their 50th visit for their wedding anniversary, but the husband is tired of the repetitiveness. A crime wave hits Ashfordly railway station where a number of freight wagons mysteriously disappear. Afterwards, his mother is struck in a hit-and-run though she insists that she fell. Vernon bears the brunt of the taxman's wrath when countless dodgy deals come back to haunt him, and resorts to drastic measures to deal with his debts. Gina encourages Bellamy to talk about his feelings, and the full extent of his heartache spills out when she suggests they give their relationship another chance. The anti-bomb movement provokes fighting amongst residents. Blaketon worries of his job security due to a shakeup in the district police force. An old friend of Gina's comes to stay. Someone uses Greengrass's truck. Claude organises a dinner party which goes disastrously wrong. Elsewhere, Peggy is excited to learn she has been left a legacy by a relation of her late husband. As Greengrass and David are digging the foundations for Ventress's new home, a bomb is discovered. Kate hides her reasons for refusing an inheritance from her uncle. A bride-to-be postpones her wedding after a funfair clairvoyant gives her information about the death of her father, who was, The Ashfordly team receive a tip from two young boys dressed as. A flu epidemic causes havoc in Aidensfield, and Maggie has to make a difficult decision when her baby Sam is put at risk. The rest of Ashfordly station look into the disappearance of an elderly resident who had put his cottage up for sale. Greengrass runs into problems making his own whiskey. Mike grows disillusioned with his first assignment as a CID officer, surveilling the girlfriend of an armed robber. Mike befriends a desperate women called Sue, whose unruly daughter causes mischief. Mike works with Scotland Yard to stop the theft of a valuable horse from local trainer Kieron Doyle. Lord Ashfordly and his staff take a Christmas vacation, leaving Ashfordly Hall under the watch of an old army pal. Peggy takes advantage of Blaketon's absence for a golf trip by hosting a poker tournament at the pub, but he returns early and bars her and David. Peggy, Rosie and David try to save the garage with a modern makeover, incurring Bernie's wrath. Rob reopens the case and tarnishes Blaketon's integrity when evidence suggests another member of the Stoddard family was responsible. Rob begins to suspect an ex-convict whom Bellamy had put behind bars is responsible. In Brisbane, Carol visits a monastery to learn more about her long-lost brother, but a mysterious caller leads her into a deadly trap. Businessman Adrian Miller is accused of rape and bail conditions prevent him from returning to London, causing him displeasure with his assigned solicitor, Jackie. The mine boss's wife is subsequently found bludgeoned to death. Bellamy is appointed. Wetherby is followed to Aidensfield by a deranged stalker who ruined his marriage.

Meanwhile, Vernon becomes the agent of a brass band and hires them out to Lord Ashfordly to play for a group of American war veterans. Gina is accused of taking drugs while she attempts to rekindle her singing career. Blaketon fends off the advances of a local widow. Meanwhile, Vernon's tries to broker the rental of Ashfordly Hall to a religious sect for a meditation convention. Meanwhile, Debbie returns from rehab a changed woman, Younger's dancing is found lacking, Peggy uses old Christmas decorations for the wedding reception, and Miller gains an admirer. Carol is consumed by guilt and regret when a newborn baby dies in her care, provoking the father to return to his criminal ways after a run-in with Rob and Blaketon at the pub. This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 12:51. Tensions rise and Blaketon vies with a deadly foe. As Mike contemplates a future with her, Tricia puts her life in danger when she intercedes in a case of domestic abuse. Meanwhile, Peggy is intrigued by an. The constabulary are exasperated with him, but Joe finds an ally in Dawson who discovers trouble within the CID. A dying ex-con kidnaps Jenny to extort Merton into revealing the informant responsible for his eight-year prison sentence, but the informant has already died, worsening the criminal's state of mind and the danger to Jenny.

A second celebration comes when Gina goes into labour at the party. Schoolteacher Jo suspects child abuse when a pupil misbehaves and has bruises. The police are puzzled when a retired colleague of Ventress and Blaketon's seems to become the unlikely victim of vandalism.


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