doraemon nobita's dinosaur 1980
It was released in 1980, one year after the premiere of the TV series (making it the first feature-length Doraemon film). ===A Long Journey=== The gang travels to the north to Japan. 1980 Nobita gets hurt not seeing the fossil so he challenges to find the entire Tyrannosaurs, but he is conscious of his loosen mouth so he asks Doraemon for help, but not work. Sueenly many of Apatosaurus appear. He is a hero there. The next day the egg is hatched, he is a kind of plesiosaur (long-neck dinosaur), Futabasaurus suzukii. Use the HTML below. Next day everyone is fully refreshed for keeping journey. Film data from TMDb. (In movie version this ball also appears at the first night of journey.). How To Download Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur (1980) 760 MB Everyone is hurring getting on the Time machine and overloaded. Nobita hatches an egg of Futabasaurus that is a genus of Plesiosaurs flourishing during the Cretaceous in Japan, named it "Piisuke". ¥1.55 billion ($11.9 million) In 2006 the movie was remade. More details at He digs a hole to search for one, and discovers an elasmosaurus's egg. Nobita names him "Pisuke." Nobita and his friends pass through the gate, see a very nice tin hotel. While they are on the move in a time machine, they get chased by dinosaur hunters and they send Pisuke by mistake to North America 100 million years ago. It was released in 1980, one year after the premiere of the TV series (making it the first feature-length Doraemon film). At Tokyo in 2314 in billionaire Dorumanstein's residence, the Black mask suggests Dorumanstein to hunt the human (since he difinitely get Pisuke). For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. (in movie Doraemon also does.) They develop a strong bond, but Noby and Doraemon decide it would be best to bring Queester back to the Cretaceous period, where he can be with his friends. Doraemon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Through the adventure in summer, a boy experiences meeting and parting with a friend. That night Suneo wants to go to Japan then and sell Pisuke, but Nobita says we shouldn't because their effort is worthless. Then Nobita and Doraemon runs to the time portal. Meanwhile, after telling stories the Tyrannosaurs appears. Toho Nobita also need to go back the Time Machine quickly. What awaits them there is a flock of "Futabasaurus suzukii", the same species as Pisuke. (1980). After the gang reaches Nobita's room everyone leaves home and the story ends with the scene of Pisuke and his couple. Chú Khủng Long Lạc Loài Tập HD Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur (1980) (8 / 10 3) Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur: Câu chuyện được bắt đầu khi Nôbita cá rằng sẽ mang cả một con khủng long nếu không sẽ ăn mì sợi bằng lỗ mũi. Several days ago Pisuke is too big to raise in the house, thus he was left in the park's pond. Shizuka has found an egg and later hatched. Due to its small size then Nobita is keelping raising him to brag Suneo. Shin-Ei AnimationShaftStudio Deen It's still very well animated, though. Deep-fried movies to squanch with buddies. ‘映画ドラえもん のび太の恐竜’ The film was the 4th highest grossing Japanese film in 1980. One day, Noby hatches a baby dinosaur from a fossil egg and names it Queester. Nobita and his friends leave Pisuke with the flock and go back to the modern day. Chú Khủng Long Lạc Loài - Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur 1980 Tập HD. Nobita gathers some books for guide to find the fossil. A comprehensive list of Japanese animation. After capturing three, dinosaur hunters are reading minds of three and resuted in Stealing Time Machine ro go back. Written by Few days later Suneo asks Nobita to eat spaghetti through his nose because of his lying. As they are traveling back 100 million years, they are attacked by a mysterious man in black who trie… The movie was released in Japan 15 March 1980… This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. After reviving a fossilized dinosaur egg using Doraemon’s time cloth, Nobita must return the now-full-grown plesiosaur back to its own time. They enjoy skiing and swimming at ... See full summary ». Suddenly Time Patrol appears, all the dinosaur hunters are arrested. Finally they have found the gang rafting in the river and divide the raft. The next day there are five buggy cars racing, The Black Mask warns them to send him Pisuke and Dorumanstein shoots them with his rifle.


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