freddie benson

Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Spencer Shay, Gibby Gibson, T-bo hey dt (goodnight) hey dt old. (See 'Creddie' for detailed information and speculation regarding their relationship.) Freddie returns the kiss, and as they are leaving the iCarly Studio, he is seen raising his hands up in a triumphant gesture.

The audience finds out that Freddie knows about the tracking chip his mother put in his head in, His "before the start of the webshow" countdown (.

He can also be a little clumsy.

In the episode iKiss, they share their first kiss together to "get it out with". They reconciled and declared themselves "bros" after Gibby learned it was just a misunderstanding.

Mais à la fin de l'épisode ils se séparent, et durant la saison 5 lors du dernière épisode Carly embrasse Freddie sans donner de raison. Freddie has had an unrequited crush on Carly since the first day they met (he has revealed many times he has loved her since the 6th grade, which would mean they met in the 6th grade). As mentioned in iDate Sam & Freddie, he knows his mom put a chip in his head. In iKiss, Sam and Freddie shared their first kiss with each other after they agreed to do so just to get their first kisses over with. Il passe la plupart de son temps à faire des créations. (In the extended version of this episode, Freddie gave up his interest in Sabrina after she accidentally destroyed Carly's class project, indicating that he still had feelings for her at the time). He eventually has a growth spurt and grows a little taller than the both of them.

Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Freddie Benson.

(second if you include Sam since she is the main character.).

He has a crush on Carly and has asked her out many times. In some episodes of Season 4, his biceps looked a lot thicker than in the past. Freddie also cares about Carly's safety as shown in iScream in Halloween and other episodes of the show.

Hobbies: Shoot iCarly, doing technical stuff, hanging out with friends. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When he tries to make a move on her, Carly usually rejects him in a more-or-less humorous way.

Il se dispute souvent avec Sam tandis qu'il est amoureux de Carly, qui elle le considère comme un ami. Portrayed by

Dazzled by his act of bravery, Carly starts to show a romantic interest in him and the two date for a short while. He lives across the hall from Carly in Bushwell Plaza, in apartment 8D. His countdown before the webshow ("In 5, 4, 3, 2,...") can be considered a catch phrase even outside the webshow.

Later on, Freddie developed greater physical strength. He is the technical producer of iCarly. Sam Puckett (Sixth grade - present, Ex-Girlfriend, Best friend, Possible Admirer.). Freddie attends Ridgeway High School, and is known to have very high grades across a variety of subjects.

In Season 4, they are shown hanging out together in the episode iSam's Mom.

At the start of season 4, it was obvious that the two had grown closer, and started spending more time together without Carly (who, originally, was the only reason the two became friends). Later, when Sam slaps him on the face in the basement, Freddie has a very odd, almost hostile, expression on his face. 'S'abrina Gibson'[1]'(2010; Date; Slight Crush, Freddie spent several nights video-chatting with Gibby's cousin, Sabrina, in iBeat the Heat.

Freddie was portrayed by Nathan Kress.

A theory among fans is that the tracking chip implanted by Freddie's mother is malfunctioning. He had no interest in her, but agreed to go with her because he had waited too long to respond to the other two girls (who had found other dates). angelsim seouless. "Buenas días, muchachalatas!"

Friends and Likes: Il se dispute souvent avec Sam tandis qu'il est amoureux de Carly, qui elle le considère comme un ami.

In a recent interview with [[T-Bo]], Freddie confesses to T-Bo that he has stage fright, although in [[iCook]], Freddie (when he found out he was on TV), said "I'm Freddie Benson" in a nervous and rather amusing way.

After she kissed him in iOMG, they became a couple in iLost My Mind. Full Name

His mother is overbearing, overprotective and domineering of him.

iStart a Fanwar *"Chorizo" - means "sausage"; *"por fin" - means "finally". Some of his relatives are his Aunt Jennifer, mentioned in iMeet Fred, cousin Baby Stephanie, seen in iPie, and his icky cousin Amanda, mentioned in iSaved Your Life. *"Ungüento" - means "ointment". Friends/Allies

- means "The hot beans burn my pants, hoooooooo!!!". This was shown in iStage An Intervention and iHire An Idiot. Others maintain that Freddie still has interest in Carly and have offered alternative explanations for the times when he seemingly hasn't, such as that he thinks he will have more chance of Carly liking him (romantically) if he isn't constantly saying he loves her at every oppertunity. hey dt mathyu blue. Spencer seems to be something like a big brother to Freddie. He has a crush on Carly and has asked her out many times.

Talents: In Season 4, they are shown hanging out together in the episode iSam's Mom.

He is the technical producer of iCarly.

The most notable situation between them was in iEnrage Gibby when Gibby thought Freddie tried to kiss his girlfriend. His mom is afraid that if she gives him more, he'll buy a bus ticket and leave her.

Le directeur du collège Rigdeway, sympa cool avec tout le monde, (Il est vu pour la première fois dans le premier épisode), il est vu pour la dernière fois dans l'épisode "Le restaurant" de la saison 5. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 1 septembre 2020 à 15:41. Tech-UserWeakling. iSaved Your Life, iStart a Fanwar, etc). Before Gibby became a main character, Freddie barely interacted with him except for working on iCarly. For example, in [[iReunite with Missy]], he saw Sam's need for help, and secretly got rid of Missy for her by giving away his cruise vacation to Missy (also removing the problem of his absence from the webshow). *"Interesante" - means "interesting".

(In iOMG, it took Sam a little longer than before to beat him in arm wrestling.). Their relationship evolved into a deeper version of their previous friendship: hanging out, exchanging barbs, etc.

)CortWade CollinsWhen people stick ribs on his faceWhen Spencer teases him about eating his "Mushywooms"Shannon MitchellMushrooms (iSam's Mom) Asparagus (iMove Out)Steven Carson

His allowance is $8 a month. In "iGoodbye", Carly and Freddie finally cemented their love when she kissed him before leaving for Italy with her dad. (See ''''Seddie for detailed examples of this, as well as speculation regarding Sam and Freddie's relationship.).

This is the apartment directly across the hall from his best friend Carly Shay.

They are seen in many iCarly videos on their website that they hang out more. Elle a de très mauvaises notes mais c'est la meilleure amie de Carly, elle l'accompagne partout. In [[iThink They Kissed]], when Carly pinned him down, Freddie easily reversed it. - means "Hello, Dave/David.". Rona Burger (2008; Alternate Reality only). Origin

Spencer a 26 ans et il vit avec sa sœur Carly.


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