french foreign legion age limit
Welcome THENOMAD, you've got to be the leanest fittest machine there, you are competing against blokes half your age, and you need to leave them in the dust with the physical tests to even stand a chance. Hello mates. New updates are reported here. He takes the reader through the vigorous selection procedure, the relentless recruit regime and then elite Second Parachute Regiment's training in Corsica. Support this website by purchasing goods inspired by the French Foreign Legion. That means, if you want to join the Foreign Legion, your lowest BMI number has to be 20, and your highest BMI number has to be 30. Hundreds of people are knocking on the…, Table of Contents Ordinary Legionnaires (Soldats du rang)Non-commissioned officers (Sous-officiers)Commissioned officers (Officiers)Chevrons of seniority (Chevrons d’ancienneté) For years,…, Walther PP Super: A direct blowback pistol, Walther P88: Walther’s last metal-framed service handgun, Walther P5: An updated version of legendary Walther P38, Walther GSP: Sport Pistol for Standard Use. The first contract you sign up is for 5 years. That means the Legion is closed to you forever. Despite age limits, you need to fulfill some entry requirements to get permission to be tested for FFL enlistment: I'm the active duty law enforcement officer serving in SWAT unit. 25% of legionnaires will become the non-commissioned officers (N.C.O.). You must travel at your own expense to continental France (in Europe) and knock on the door of one of the Legion’s recruiting centers (see the list below) to be enlisted in. What exactly happened in Benghazi and what should I know about it? to be a man between 17.5 and 39.5 years – read more here: Age limits for joining the French Foreign Legion; to have a valid ID (Identity document) ID Card or a Passport for recruits from the European Union (EU) PASSPORT for recruits from all over the world Joined Jun 29, 2005 Messages 7,650 Reaction score 18 Location Glenrothes Fife Scotland Best answers 0 Home Country. Height and weight requirements for joining the French Foreign Legion, Eyesight: French Foreign Legion vision requirements, French Foreign Legion tattoo and tattoo policy, Harold Vormezeele – a military funeral video, Anniversary of creation of the French Foreign Legion, Andrew J. Mitchell: Pictorial History of the French Foreign Legion in Indochina, 1927-1945, Lt Colonel Zlatko Sabljic has passed away, Photographs from 1908 – Casablanca Incursion. You will be enlisted as a single man, even if you are married. 5. 6. The Foreign Legion’s recruiting centers should be open 24/7/365 (yes, all year long) officially. Within 1-7 days, these candidats are sent with a free train ticket to Aubagne, to join an initial preselection and (if they passed), the crucial selection process. Within 1-7 days, these candidats are sent with a free train ticket to Paris, to join an initial preselection. The recruiting process is far more complex. This page is updated regularly. French Foreign Legion vision requirements Q: How about the naturalization/getting a French citizenship? Then you will be selected. Most older guys who have trained hard in sports to a high Level have some over use injuries. NO online applications, NO letters of invitation, NO documents at French embassies around the world are providing to join the Legion. Thank you for your interest! What are the height and weight requirements for joining the French Foreign Legion? 11. Which are the Foreign Legion age requirements? An online project dedicated to the famous Foreign Legion. JavaScript is disabled. For more detailed information about the tattoo policy in the Foreign Legion see: If you need a visa to travel to France, apply for a tourist visa (or a short stay visa). The whole recruiting & selection process takes (in most cases) 2 – 5 weeks. When it was founded, the French Foreign Legion was not unique; other foreign formations existed at the time in France. Q: Do I need to speak French before joining the French Foreign Legion? French Foreign Legion minimum age and maximum age requirements French Foreign Legion height and weight requirements French Foreign Legion vision requirements — Back to the Joining the French Foreign Legion — The page was updated on: January 08, 2016 ↑ Back to Top The entire recruiting & selection process takes 2 – 5 weeks (in most cases, the exact period depends on every candidate individually). The minimum age limit for joining the Foreign Legion is 17 years and 6 months. You must log in or register to reply here. What are the age requirements and age limits for joining the French Foreign Legion? If the Legion gives you the second (or third) chance, you receive a paper document with the title “INAPTE TEMPORAIRE” stating that you can return back after 3, 6, 12 or 18 months. The Legion has only one requirement: to have your Body Mass Index (BMI) within 20 and 30.


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