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‘Gucci’ is now considered as one of the world’s greatly desirable luxury brands. Guccio Gucci is one of the most influential people in the fashion industry, according to a survey his net worth is $58 Million. participates in many affiliate marketing programs & sponsored content which means we get paid commissions on products purchased through our links to retail websites. Guccio Gucci  was an Italian businessman and fashion designer, the founder of The House of Gucci. [7] His one-man business eventually turned into a family business, when his sons joined the company. Among the first items to be made by Gucci was separable leather bags for saddles. During the Fifties, Gucci again found equestrian inspiration with its trademark green-red-green web stripe, derived from a traditional saddle girth. It is easy to comprehend where the recognizable horse bit logo appeared from. To this day, the diamond-print Canapa bag remains one of the most instantly recognizable Gucci products. He returned to Florence and started making travel bags and accessories. As the business grew, Gucci was able to expand the small workshop at the back of his store and hire a more skilled level of artisans to work on the custom bags.
Guccio was born in Florence, Tuscany on 26 March 1881. The lightweight tan bags had a leather trim and were printed with the repeating double-G logo. Sign up for our daily newsletter and get the best of Vizaca in your in-box.

Guccio Gucci.

In London he got his first job at the Savoy Hotel. When it first started, the company developed quality leather luggage items. So ambitions Guccio had an honour to give an elevator ride to such famous people as Claude Monet, Merlin Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill and countless others. His inheritance was taken over by his sons. Targeting the richest population of Florence Gucci factory quickly turned into producing horse harnessing. He was appreciated to employ the best of craftsmen from his neighborhood, with zero compromises on quality.

In Piazza della Signoria in Florence. [4] Gucci was inspired by the elegant upper-class hotel guests and by luggage companies such as H. J. Cave & Sons. Guccio Gucci career started when he was inspired by what he had observed in London and Paris, then he returned to Florence and started assisting his make to make saddles and leather travel bags. He created his company in Florence when he was 40 years old. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In 1952 Aldo traveled to New York with his brothers Rodolfo and Vasco.

As Guccio aged, Aldo took on increasingly greater responsibility. He was remarkably impressed by the elegance and style that he observed while serving as a lift boy at the ‘Savoy Hotel.’ He came back to Italy and began to help his father make saddles and leather travel bags. Eventually, it became a fully public company. It was invented in 1960 in order to honor Guccio Gucci after his death.

And the founder of the world’s well-known fashion brand ‘Gucci.’ His father was a very down to earth leather craftsman. Text Courtesy:,, "Never in my wildest dreams did I entertain the idea I would become a fashion designer", | All Content © 2020 Fashion Elite. A lot of his designs were motivated by stirrups and other items of horse saddlery. In 1951 Giovan Battisti Giorgini, a Florentine aristocrat with connections in the American retail industry, invited Gucci to present its collection at a small show for American department-store buyers and journalists in Europe for the Paris couture shows. [3] In 1938, Gucci expanded his business to a second location in Rome, at the insistence of his son Aldo. The well-known double G logo stands for Guccio Gucci.

In 1933 the ambitious Aldo Gucci, who was working for his father, designed the first incarnation of the iconic double-G Gucci logo, inspired by his father’s initials. For his final years, he lived near Rusper, West Sussex, England. Gucci was the first brand to host a fashion show at Westminster Abbey, London, which took place in 2017. Guccio Gucci was the actual man behind the company. Many celebrities all over the world are hardcore fans of this brand, including rapper 2 Chainz who famously said, ‘When I die, bury me inside the Gucci store.’. It became an instant success and an instantly recognizable hallmark of the brand.
His brand has experienced a lot of changes since then. Generation also known as The Greatest Generation. He was the son of an Italian merchant. All Rights Reserved. In 1898 Guccio Gucci left Florence in Italy to travel and to gain an appreciation of cosmopolitan culture, sophistication, and aesthetics. Guccio Gucci (26 March 1881 – 2 January 1953) was an Italian-British businessman and fashion designer. [6] With the change in leadership the Gucci brand expanded to opening international locations and a diversification of product line. All his struggles are worth his customers to get the unwatchable genuine and elegant products. The pinnacle of his career was an elevator attendant. [8] His sons Vasco, Aldo, Ugo and Rodolfo Gucci held prominent roles in his company, and his daughter was not given a role. This website uses cookies. It was the most central and luxury hotel in Europe in early 20th century. After his death, his sons took the responsibility of the business and expanded the products among Hollywood celebrities. [4] His son Ugo Calvelli Gucci (1899–1973) was adopted, born from his mother Aida Calvelli's previous relationship. This logo was first discovered in the 1950s and has remained a key part of the brand ever since. He experimented with various types of material, including hemp, linen, and jute, to come up with some of the most creative designs.


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