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Hellhole is a hibernaculum site for two endangered and federally protected species of bats.
It was known that about 45% of the world's estimated 20,000 remaining Virginia big-eared bats hibernate in Hellhole. The cave contains about 9,000 of these as well, many more than any other cave in the region. In 2000, Greer announced its intention to seek a renewal permit to continue its quarrying operations in Germany Valley and to extend them to the north and south of the existing open pit. Hellhole is a depression in Tennessee and has an elevation of 1106 feet. The name dates back to 1761 or earlier. I'm having trouble locating the hell hole. In 1996 one of the deepest sections of the cave was explored at over 400 feet (120 m) below the entrance elevation.

One account says that the swamp got its name during the American Revolutionary War from Colonel Banastre Tarleton because the British had great difficulty finding the elusive General Francis Marion. Hellhole from Mapcarta, the free map.

The lake was created in 1966 with the completion of Lower Hell Hole Dam across the Rubicon River, which is a major tributary of the Middle Fork of the American River.

Hellhole is a depression in Utah and has an elevation of 3389 feet. Most caves in West Virginia average around 57 °F (14 °C) but Hellhole's average is closer to 47 °F (8 °C) degrees. But Hellhole was essentially closed to the caving community in 1988, two years after a lease on the land including its entrance was obtained by the Greer Limestone Plant, a part of Greer Industries, Inc. in the nearby town of Riverton. All rights reserved. The crucial factor in Hellhole's status as a world class bat habitat is its low ambient air temperature. This request was filed publicly, as required by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) requirements, and it ignited a furor among Virginia and West Virginia cavers who began petitioning officials and started a letter campaign. With the advent of the 1997 discoveries, Greer was threatened with the potential loss of a valuable section of limestone to the endangered species habitat. In addition, the cave is one of the world's three or four largest hibernation sites for Little brown bats (Myotis lucifugus), containing over 100,000 individual bats. This same limestone is of remarkable commercial quality and is the primary object of the nearby Greer Lime Company open pit mining operations. It’s the 7th longest cave in the United States and is home to almost half of the world's population of Virginia big-eared bats. It's near Hell Hole Swamp. West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of longest caves in the United States, Only In Your State - "This Day Trip To The Deepest Cave In West Virginia Is Full Of Adventure", "Speleogenesis Within an Anticlinal Valley: Hellhole Cave, West Virginia", Germany Valley Karst Survey Website (Hellhole webpage), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hellhole_(cave)&oldid=983782218, Landforms of Pendleton County, West Virginia, Articles needing additional references from March 2008, All articles needing additional references, West Virginia articles missing geocoordinate data, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 06:23.
That word "known" proved to be the bone of contention. This showed that the historically known portions of Hellhole were a mere side passage to a much larger cave system. If this natural cold air trap were to be breached at an elevation lower than the entrance, the cold air would quickly flow out, and the cave would likely no longer function as a bat hibernaculum, at least for these particular species. Greer did allow the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WV DNR) to conduct bi-annual trips into the cave for the purpose of counting the populations of endangered bat species. A new report highlights the worst local courts and states for abuses of the civil justice system, with the Top 10 Judicial Hellholes filled with widespread civil lawsuits, legislative loopholes that create more ways for lawyers to sue, and judges who allow junk science into evidence in trials. Hellhole has had a long and storied association with the National Speleological Society dating back to the creation of that organization in the early 1940s. Such an event, it was argued, would have disastrous effects upon the suitability of the cave as an endangered bat species hibernaculum. Hellhole from Mapcarta, the free map. Hell Hole Road (FS158). Hellhole is situated south of Big Lick.


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