hosting international students for pay
The extra income a host family receives while hosting a foreign exchange student will depend on the type of provisions made by the host program. When a student visits a host family they are required to provide housing and in same cases food for the time agreed. Some considerations that may help guide this conversation: The important thing is to make these decisions up front and be clear with your host student so they know what the expectations are. Do your due diligence and find a company that is reputable, stable, transparent about the expectations you are agreeing to in order to receive the stipend, and that will actually pay you as promised! At best, this can cause headaches and confusion for the host family when they are looking for answers or support, and at worst, it can mean an unsafe environment for either the student or the host family! "Hosting an International Student FAQs" will answers the most common questions regarding hosting an exchange student. So you’re excited about the monthly stipend, but again, you have to remember that hosting a student does come with responsibilities and added expenses to your monthly household budget. Lingoo host families get paid directly by their foreign exchange student guests. The busy season for foreign students is between January and August each year, but many students also follow the school year so they are looking for a long term host family for most of the year. You might experience a culture clash now and again, but if you don’t mind coming home to unusual cooking smells in your kitchen, and you’re clear about the rules of your house, it should be fine. When hosting an international student, it’s important to have a clear discussion about what you expect the student to be responsible for regarding extra expenses such as family trips, evenings out, meals in restaurants, etc. After the student has agreed to stay with you, they reserve by buying a booking voucher from Lingoo. I have been hosting international students for over a year now and it has been such a pleasure for me and my family. A private bedroom, closet space, and possibly a desk or table so the student can study, Transportation to and from school for all academic-related activities. If hosting interests you, StudentRoomStay is always looking to grow our pool of qualified host families. Alternatively, including this in the price is a goodwill gesture and will give you more favourable feedback, encouraging the organisation to use you again. Click here to search through other Lingoo host families. We hope this article equips you to begin your hosting journey with your eyes wide open, aware of all the realities that come with hosting an international student for money or renting out a room. Host international students today! Read more about becoming a host family or homestay teacher. If you do not want to pay for their bill, you will need to at least inform them beforehand and then possibly make alternate arrangements for them. The ICES National Office has a Student Counselor and full time staff on hand with a 24-hour emergency line for additional support to host families and students. ICES can connect students with third-party organizations that facilitate travel opportunities for exchange students. Have any questions or just want to speak with a representative? You should always carry out your own research and/or take specific professional advice before choosing any financial products or services or undertaking any business or financial venture. If you choose the rental route, you’ll need to pay taxes on your rental income. If you are able to host foreign students in a posh house with a bathroom en suite you can charge more – around £200 a week. Competition (or lack thereof) between companies can also influence the stipend amount, as companies tend to offer a similar stipend range in a particular market or area to remain competitive with each other.


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