how to pronounce fantasy

Right. Bahamut was pronounced Baha-moot. For "Balthier" watch this: Montblanc? Borrowed from English fantasy.

Listen to the audio pronunciation in several English accents. As for Montblanc, if you were to pronounce his name in … I'm well aware, hence the "since when..?" I have four words I have trouble pronouncing: Montblanc (I think it as Mont-Blank), Balthier (BAL-thi-Er), Vaan (Van) and nu mou (Nu Moo). Ever since 1997, I also pronounced it May-ko up until I bought Final Fantasy XII and watched the "History of Final Fantasy" video. Hecko seems nice and snug inside you.

Zidane - If Zidane's name follows the vowels of his Japanese (and French) name, it is pronounced something like Zee-dahn.

Borrowed from English fantasy. How can i easily get lots of GP at the gold saucer . Or Mock-oh. If you had told me 5 years ago that I could play Spyro the dragon and Final Fantasy 7 while on the toilet, I'd have said you were mad.

I always thought it was Maaa - Ko (if this makes any sense) sort of underlining it's inherent power by a drawn out pronunciation.
This is the British English pronunciation of fantasy.. View American English pronunciation of fantasy. Up until DoC, I pronounced like the shark, "May-ko", but in DoC they revealed that it's in fact "Mah-ko", so I go with that now. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. (Dislexic, the numbers are confusing). Indeclinable. (some would say ahd-roh-guh-nee, some ar-drone, or ar-drog-neh. This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 03:13. Most anticipated scene if they ever remake FFVII, Yuffie kissing Cloud. As for the Viera names without vowels, try pronounsing "j" like a "y" or "i". (Edit Conflict) I'm fairly sure Zidane is spelt 'Zid-aine' due to that magic 'e' at the end.

Like everyone else said, it's pronounced Mah-ko. Subscribe for more videos!

Wyrm - Wyrm is an archaic, (I'd say Anglo-Saxon) term for "Dragon". Nu Mou is pronouced 'Noo Mow'.

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Two of those are not difficult to learn at all. Mizu. What else surprised me is Bastok is pronounced Bas-took and not Bass-tock.

Montblanc - Something like Mont-blonk.

It's not really a matter of opinion, isn't it? It's pronounced the same way as "Worm". Thats how it works in Nordic. "Zidane" is a world-famous football player's last name and is pronounced so. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. @Hecko and Chocolancer: Well, at the article his Japanese name happens to be "Jitan".

It's mah-ko, if it was pronounced may-ko it would be spelled meiko. From English fantasy. Doublet of fantaisie. This is a forum for anyone who needs help in pronouncing stuff. Mah-ko.

Doublet of fancy and fantasia. comment above. I call him "Tie-dus", regardless. As for Montblanc, if you were to pronounce his name in French, it would be "Mo bla" with nassalled vowels.

If these forum about how said character name, so can someone tell me how you said Bartz name seriously I get tongue tie every time I try to said his name. Pronunciation . How do I solve the Mayor of Midgar's Password?

Why in English version it is pronounced otherwise?

And pronounce the First letter seprate form the name. - A puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny.

The narrator pronounced it "Mah-ko", which surprised me. Is that a hobbit?...No,that's a hobo and a rabbit..............but they're making a hobbit. fantasy n (indeclinable) fantasy (genre) Adjective . Would it be as how one pronounce ". Is there a easy way to beat the final boss at around level 53 and no W-Item glitch?

Exdeath64 02:08, 17 April 2009 (UTC), Bartz name is pronounced "Barts" as far as I can tell.

Neither. Related terms (noun) fantastyka (noun phrase) fantastyka naukowa (adjectives) fantastyczny, fantastycznonaukowy fantasy (countable and uncountable, plural fantasies), fantasy (third-person singular simple present fantasies, present participle fantasying, simple past and past participle fantasied). fantasy (not comparable) fantastical (of or pertaining to fantasy) Declension .

If you want to hear the proper pronunciation, it was used by Wakka in Kingdom Hearts when you speak to him in the very beginning of the game. Mah-ko...that just seems weird...Oh well, time for the self induced brain-washing.

Most players said "f*** the developers I say what I want.)

How do I solve the Mayor's password?

Hmm. Ellone.

ie:Krjn=Ka-rin, Mrjn=Ma-rin, Ktjn=Ka-tin. But that's mostly because in my native language we pronounce the "A" like that all the time. It's Ell-own, with the "E" being pronounced like in word "Empire".

You really need to play FFXII.

They have no vowels, not even a "y".

Definition and synonyms of fantasy from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. The correct pronunciation according to in-game guide is "ar-doyne". I have know idea how to pronounce this. So does anyone knows how to pronounce Krjn, Mrjn and Ktjn? You just have to say it with a French accent. But I like the may-ko pronunciation better. Zidane the footballer is French and their pronunciation involves missing the last letter of the word, which is why they pronounce Zidane as if it was spelt 'Zidan'. Read about Fantasy I R in your talk templ8, stealing all your readers. Mind if I piggy-back in here too, Faethin? - What use is {{{time}}} if you're not gonna use it? Thats how it works in Nordic. It's pronounced the way it is written, the 'a's being pronounced in the same was as in "car". In the japanese version, it's actually written in kanji (actually, I believe you can also see this somewhere in the US version, maybe the vehicle demo inside Shin-Ra Bldg.?

Cheers thats been bugging me for a while now.

I guess subtle sarcasm truly does need sarcasm tags when in written form.

IPA : /fanˈta.zɨ/ Noun . Most life changing video ever -

), so I assume it's an actual Japanese word. As for the Viera names without vowels, try pronounsing "j" like a "y" or "i". I always pronounced "Mah-ko" as well. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I'm sure Montblanc is pronounced "Monne-blonne". Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is …

Seems so far, i am the only one who has always pronounced it Mah-ko.

Reminds me of the good-old days of Runescape as people tried to figure out how to pronounce Ardougne.
It's actually the name of France (and Europe, I think)'s highest peak, the Mont Blanc, the "White Mountain". When it comes to Final Fantasy pronounciations, I always think of the katakana spelling first before the English just to see differences between spellings. ie:Krjn=Ka-rin, Mrjn=Ma-rin, Ktjn=Ka-tin. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary, Perhaps I would be able to help him recapture the well-being and emotional closeness he,, Terms with manual transliterations different from the automated ones, Terms with manual transliterations different from the automated ones/ru, Requests for review of Dutch translations, Requests for review of Hungarian translations, Requests for review of Indonesian translations, Requests for review of Latin translations, Requests for review of Romanian translations, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. "N" is (almost) never pronounced--Werefang 03:03, 17 April 2009 (UTC). EDIT CONFLICT:In my opinion (even though I never played those games), I think Zidane is 'Zid-aine' while Tidus is 'Tid-us'. Learn how to say/pronounce fantasy in American English. Not that sure about Yiazmat. I think Wyrm is pronounced "Worm". Tidus is "Ti-dus" ('i' as in "bee", but shorter). Who knows.

From Old French fantasie (“fantasy”), from Latin phantasia (“imagination”), from Ancient Greek φαντασία (phantasía, “apparition”). Because Zidane is spelled "Zee-dan" in Japanese, I cannot believe this forum thread has so many posters, given the topic and all. And pronounce the First letter seprate form the name.

fantasy pronunciation - How to properly say fantasy. I'm going to sound really stupid but oh well.

What is the pass code to get the huge materia on the rocket headed for meteor?

It's exactly why I think Mont Blanc (Montblanc) is pronounced as Mon Blan (or Monne Blanne). Doublet of fantasie. Fantasy: learn how to pronounce Fantasy in English with the correct pronunciation approved by native linguists. As for Ashe, it should be pronounced as "Ashay", because it is shortened version of Ashelia. Category Education; Show more Show less.

Either the thing is pronounced some way or it isn't.

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