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Index of all help filesShow this help in language: English. Last night (8/29) we experienced sporadic site slow-downs for many users from approximately 7:13 pm CDT to 10:29 pm CDT. If this password "gets out" and you have unwanted people LearningCurve* adaptive quizzing offers individualized question sets and feedback for each student based on their responses. Thursday morning, 4/21/2011, at 5:26AM CDT, we intended to very briefly take our site down for a routine maintenance task. to get in for the FIRST TIME ONLY will be asked to supply An easy-to-use Gradebook provides a clear window onto performance for the whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments, to help you to give every student the support they need. We made some improvements on the Vector Diagrams Module, coming soon to Physics content near you. Students who engaged with more SaplingPlus features achieved higher final exam scores, SaplingPlus was developed based on three core Learning Science constructs: interactive pedagogy, formative assessment, and immediate feedback. Here at Sapling, we are always looking for ways to improve not just the software that runs our homework products, but also what subjects we can support with that software. The friendly faces staring down from the top of every page are much smaller on the main page (after you log in), and we removed them from every other page. I am the team lead for our physics project and in charge of overseeing the development of the new content as well as representing Sapling physics at conferences and in meetings with professors. This morning we released another update to the site. SaplingPlus e-book. We plan to push another release to all servers tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 11/23). Login: Teachers may assign Gizmos to students to complete at home. This block shows the current server time, adjusted to the user's time zone setting. With students visiting our site every day to do their homework, we've built up a large database of information. Multiple question types—such as clickable area, ranking, sorting, labeling, multiple choice, multiple select, graphing, and numeric entry—enhance student engagement and critical thinking skills. To put this in perspective, in 2009 Gmail had only a 99.90% reliability rate, with its stated goal to reach 99.99%. Sapling Learning, Inc. 211 East 7th Street, 4th Floor Austin, TX 78701 These include leading Internet companies with millions of users such as Foursquare, Reddit, Hootsuite, and Quora, and because of the pervasive nature of this outage across the Internet, the Amazon failure has been, prominently featured in the national news. Sapling Learning has been unavailable for much of this morning, starting at about 6 AM Eastern to the present. .col-book { We do not believe this will cause us any issues, but, if you cannot log in through Facebook, please let us know at. A lot of the changes in this update were behind-the-scenes, but these are the things you might notice: We released a minor update this morning, continuing our data restructuring and fixing a few small issues. Tomorrow (Tuesday, 12/13), Facebook will turn off the old API. We currently have pilot courses starting for the 2011 Spring semester. a Moodle username on this site will be able to enroll If you need help sorting out any of the new features, your TechTA should be able to walk you through them, or ask us in person at the Spring 2011 ACS National Meeting , March 27-31 in Anaheim, California. }. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned. Improvements to the due date view in the assignment Sidebar (but this has a bug that will be fixed Monday; if the due date in the Sidebar doesn't match the due date on your course page, the due date on your course page is the correct value). We toned down the screen reader popup. We have articles to assist you 24-7. Hopefully it will be less annoying now. We made several improvements to the payment system. Post Mortem: What Happened During the Amazon Outage, Data Mining: 6 Things I Learned from Student Login Times, Chemical Engineering: Mass and Energy Balances. out of your course. Unfortunately, a typo in these changes currently prevents many of you from using "Switch role to Student," but we will fix that issue in our next major release. Pilots are usually arranged with professors who have previously expressed interest in a subject that we hadn't yet developed. display:block; This release includes several bug fixes and enhancements: Today we are releasing new features to our higher-ed servers (, As you have probably seen, the US release (. Sapling Learning Chapter 8 Answers - localexam.com. If you leave this blank, then anyone who has created a Moodle username on this site will be able to enroll in your course simply by going in to it. Amazon EC2 is a cloud web service that provides resizable computing capacity, and allows companies to easily configure their web services in response to load. Powered by. When we develop content for new disciplines like this at Sapling, we always go through a pilot semester first. We're extending due dates by 24 hours for students who might have been affected by the slow-downs. We'll have another major release around July, introducing several big changes for the Fall. We made a number of changes to our Vector Diagrams module for physics (although we still have a few more fixes to make to finalize this module). Course Enrollment Key. My guess is hard drive salespeople in Virginia, where the servers are located, made a lot of money that day selling high-capacity drives to Amazon. Since we keep track of what students enter every time they answer, we have a very large amount of data, and just downloading it and uploading it takes several hours in each direction. The specialist uses Friedland/Relyea's Environmental Science for the AP® Course, Third Edition as the sample text, but the tools and tips apply to all SaplingPlus courses. ChemistryEconomics AP® Environmental Science AP® Physics 1 AP® Statistics. If you would like to try out Sapling in your class for this spring, it is not too late to get everything set up. Please wait... Roster-based Clever integration or manual rostering. We made some fixes to the Clock, available to instructors under, Instructors can add available from offsets and due date extensions for groups on a per-assignment basis, making it easier to add multiple extensions at once. While in graduate school working on my physics PhD, I was a teaching assistant for many semesters. You can fill out a form with your question and email us or call us. Institution: If you can't find your institution, please check your spelling and do not use abbreviations. Our overview structure makes it simple to identify areas in which more instructional time is needed, and which concepts are already well-retained. They're implementing more automation and other safeguards to stop the typo from occurring in the first place. In some cases there may be print materials that accompany the Gizmos. Students move quickly through mastered content, and when they get a question wrong, built-in feedback provides help and links them to relevant course material for review—and then they get a chance to try again. This is in the same interface as the other. Free Trial Access Register For A Demo User Login. We are also taking our own steps to avoid similar issues in the future. For example, many of us point out to students that the groups of the periodic table can be numbered in multiple ways. AP® and Pre-AP® are trademarks registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, these products. In this article (and future articles like it), we'll see what we can see in that data. Depending on the SaplingPlus you have adopted, those resources might include homework, quizzing, videos & more!


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