irregular plural nouns

Louse – lice 13. Nouns that end in -f or -fe .

*For octopus, strict grammarians argue about whether the plural should be octopi (which is the plural for Latin words ending in –us) or octopodes (the plural for Greek words ending in –us, since octopus is of Greek origin.

An goose becomes geese.

Looking for more fun grammar rules? In addition to noncount nouns and unchanging nouns, there are several different types of irregular plurals that follow a pattern in the English language. For words with Latin or Greek origins and ending in -is, we form their plural by changing -is to -es.

An irregular noun is a noun that becomes plural by changing its spelling in other ways than adding an “s” or “es” to the end of the word.
There are hundreds of irregular plural nouns, and in truth, you must memorize them through reading and speaking. While it is useful to memorize the common irregular plurals, for many words you simply have to know and understand that it's an irregular plural as a result of speaking and hearing English. Foot – feet 10. "There are no easy rules, unfortunately, for irregular plurals in English.

A louse becomes lice. She has also written several books, both fiction and nonfiction. In these irregular nouns worksheets, students match the singular and plural forms of various irregular nouns. For example: But the language also includes numerous words that do not follow this rule. Irregular Plurals, Definitions, List and Example Sentences IRREGULAR PLURALS There are singular and plural nouns in English. She has two (child) aged 4 and 6.

This will look like: Certain words do not add a letter to the end to become plural.

Regular plural nounsUsing irregular nouns in sentences. Many plurals of words ending in -us have anglicized versions, formed by simply adding -es. Some examples are: Dress (when referring to a style of dress, not when referring to a clothing item that hangs in your closet). Dr. Richard Nordquist is professor emeritus of rhetoric and English at Georgia Southern University and the author of several university-level grammar and composition textbooks. K5 Learning offers reading and math worksheets, workbooks and an online reading and math program for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. Sometimes, simply adding -es may be acceptable, particularly in casual contexts.

Many English words become plural by changing their vowels, such as oo to ee or an to en.
One way of knowing the right plural form to use is to memorize the rules and the example words. To form the plural of words ending in -um, remove -um and replace it with -a. But foreigners wishing to learn English as a second language need to memorize many rules—as well as the many exceptions to those rules!

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"Irregular plural nouns are generally nouns that follow older patterns of English or are nouns that have been borrowed from Latin or Greek and thus take the Latin or Greek plural formation. (Aren’t there always?) Nouns ending in -ix are changed to -ices in formal settings, but sometimes -xes is perfectly acceptable. But another way is to familiarize yourself with them by reading extensively, especially works such as literary fiction or classic stories. Irregular Plural Nouns Games to learn the words, spelling of irregular plural nouns, practice vocabulary and English conversation.

If you are talking about multiple varieties or types of these irregular plurals, you cannot make them plural by adding an "s" or "es" to the end.

If the word ends in -fe, change –fe to –ve and add –s. Some words ending in "o" can be spelled either way, like: For many words that end in "is," change the "is" to an "es."

For example, book, apple, house, table, cat, and boss are just some of the many words that become plural with the simple addition of an "s" or "es" (books, apples, houses, tables, cats, and bosses, respectively). Writing, grammar, and communication tips for your inbox.

Instead, these irregular plurals change the word itself. When a noun has more than one plural form, the irregular one appears first, though that doesn't necessarily mean that the irregular form is more widely accepted than the regular form. In this category, for nouns referring to animals, you may use the regular plural form, such as “fishes” or “sheeps” in a scientific context to refer to more than one species or multiple breeds of the creature. A child becomes children.


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