kokejin khatun

[14] The friars were still expected to pray for the Emperor's life and give their blessing on ceremonial occasions. (Hans Weebers) Temür's widow Bulugan of the Bayaud tribe had kept away the Khunggirad-mothered brothers of Khayishan and Ayurbarwada and attempted to set up her favorite, the Muslim Ananda, their uncle and the governor of Ningxia. & Kaiser Gotha Landadel Politiker Berühmte Personen. He banned sales and distillation of alcohol in Mongolia in 1297, and the French historian René Grousset applauded his activity in the book, The Empire of Steppes. Khayishan died in January 1311. Buyantu Khan (Mongolian: Буянт хаан), born Ayurbarwada, also known by the temple name Renzong (Emperor Renzong of Yuan (Chinese: 元仁宗, April 9, 1285 – March 1, 1320), was the fourth emperor of the Yuan dynasty.Apart from Emperor of China, he is regarded as the eighth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire or Mongols, although it was only nominal due to the division of the empire.

While one might expect a general continuity in policy and personnel between the two reigns in view of the fraternal love between Khaishan and Ayurbawada and the peaceful way in which one succeeded the other, what was to happen early in Ayurbarwada's reign was actually the opposite: a political purge of Khaishan's chief ministers and a reversal of most of his policies. His name "Ayurbarwada" was from a Sanskrit compound "Āyur-parvata", which means "the mountain of longevity", in contrast with Emperor Wuzong's name Qaišan (海山, "mountains and seas" in Chinese).[1]. Yesün Temür (Mongolian: Есөн Төмөр, November 28, 1293 – August 15, 1328) was a great-grandson of Kublai Khan and ruled as emperor of the Yuan dynasty from 1323 to 1328. Early life. Koningshuis Adel. He reminded the vassal states of his accession, and told them to remember and send their tribute at the proper time, and assured them that he would make punitive actions if they failed. Kubilai, de sa capital Khanbalik (« ville du Khan », aujourd'hui Pékin), confie à Marco Polo sa dernière mission : escorter la princesse Kukachin à son fiancé, l' ilkhan Arghoun. Ayurbarwada was made head of the top central administrative organs known as the Zhongshu Sheng under his brother and predecessor Khayishan Külüg Khan. His disagreement with his brother's high officials remained concealed until his own enthronement. Arghoun étant mort durant leur voyage, en 1291, Kukachin épouse à son arrivée le fils de ce dernier, Ghazan, et devient son épouse principale[2],[3]. Despite commercial ties with Europe increased, Ayurbarwada's administration, led by Temuder, unsuccessfully attempted a new cadastral survey called Yanyou Jingli (Chinese: 延祐經理) which involves a comprehensive land survey in 1314. The Mongol Khatuns (Empresses) Khatun Reign Börte: 1206–1227 Möge Khatun: 1229–1241 Töregene: 1241–1246 Oghul Qaimish: 1246–1251 Oghul … He was able to read and write Chinese and appreciate Chinese paintings and calligraphy in addition to his deep knowledge of Confucianism and Chinese history. [4] She died in June 1296.[5].

Because Kublai's first son Dorji died early, his second son and Temür's father, Zhenjin, became the crown prince. The revolts were eventually suppressed.

She has an on-and-off relationship with Marco Polo in Season 1 which results in the loss of her virginity so that she can fail the test of virtue which suitors must take in order to become the wife of a member of the royal family.

Shortly after his accession, Temür issued an edict to revere Confucius. In retribution, Kublai's army committed genocide against the tribe, wiping it out entirely. Portrait of Buyantu Khan (Emperor Renzong) during the Yuan era. [10] In 1299 Athinkaya murdered his brother Tribhuvanaditya, who submitted to Temür in 1297. At some point before the … Note that, among the various English translations of Polo's book, there are at least ten spellings for this woman's name. A Critical Appraisal by I. de Rachewiltz", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Kököchin&oldid=968067859, Pages using infobox royalty with unknown parameters, Articles containing Halh Mongolian-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 July 2020, at 01:41. The real Kokachin knew she would be spared due to her royal blood and her value as a political pawn, but decided to commit suicide rather than become a prisoner of war or becoming one of Khan's consorts/concubines.


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