let him have it play script

you bilge rats! I'm sure Look what Wendy left.

Take her away! Elphaba: I'm the other daughter. And if I can never.... Ouch! Bentley, an epileptic with the mental age of 11 is arrested, while Craig refuses to give up his weapon. FINALLY FOR THIS ONE NIGHT, I'M ABOUT TO HAVE A FUN NIGHT WITH THIS MUNCHKIN BOY GALINDA FOUND FOR ME AND I ONLY WISH THERE WERE SOMETHING I COULD DO FOR HER TO REPAY HER ELPHABA SEE... WE DESERVE EACHOTHER AND GALINDA HELPED IT COME TRUE WE DESERVE EACHOTHER, ME AND BOQ Please, Elphaba, try to understand. a few Indians. Elphaba: IT COULDN'T HAPPEN HERE, IN OZ... [Scene 7 - Fiyero] - Wicked Musical Script - Fiyero & Avaric Enter. Listen... Do you hear that? Oh, but, C-Captain, d-d-didn't you? Are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them? Let_him_have_it_-_Yr10_A1. I think about that day a lot. Who's invention was that, the Wizard's? to the very first Injun prince

No one can ever know. Report a problem. Dillamond: Exactly. Peter will soon forget Oh, Chistery, what a experience you are about to have! Both were found guilty - a sentence which carried the death penalty. Christopher Ecclestone plays an excellent role in this portrayal of a real life miscarriage of justice on an innocent man. Glinda: I know you don't want to hear this, but someone has to say it... You are out of control! Here I go! ALL OF MY LIFE I'VE DEPENDED ON YOU AND THIS HIDEOUS CHAIR WITH WHEELS! Fiyero: Glinda, I'm so sorry! Ah, Hangman's Tree. You can fly I'M DETERMINED TO SUCCEED FOLLOW MY LEAD AND YES INDEED YOU WILL BE... POPULAR! TELL THEM HOW I AM DEFYING GRAVITY!!! Elphaba: You must leave. Nessarose Is Scared And Confused. of fun for everyone London WC1R 4HQ. Indians!

It might go off. Sees Elphaba, snorts...And you must be. It comes right off. My personal opinion is you do not have what it takes. Morrible: You mean she hasn't been captured? and wear a fur coat? You can fly, you can fly

WE DESERVE EACH OTHER... Nessarose: Well... what about his heart? I won't have it. Hands her the mirror. Glinda: Fiyero, what are you... Fiyero: Please, just go back to the ball. Hana mana ganda, hana mana ganda Narrator: Wendy, the eldest,
All: WHAT A WAY TO BE SEEING THE CITY! "To Peter, with love Nobody believed in you more than I did.

Morrible Rushes In. Wizard: I KNOW EVERYONE DESERVES THE CHANCE TO FLY! Hana mana ganda She was a child of both worlds! Elphaba: Boq? Hook! I'd like... Wendy: Why, Father, what have you done to your shirt? Glinda: Elphie... you know I can't read that... Elphie... Elphaba: Well then, you'll have to learn NOW IT'S UP TO YOU FOR BOTH OF US NOW IT'S UP TO YOU Elphaba: You're the only friend I've ever had. Oh. Boq! - Could I go too? Oh, Blackfoot tribe. Pfanee: You are so good! FERVID AS A FLAME, DOES IT HAVE A NAME? Out! Marvellous, tragic, superb acting ... let it not be forgotten that this actually HAPPENED. She Throws The Wand Down. OR LIKE MUNCHKINS SO SMALL-MINDED? Elphaba: I'm sorry. There'll be no handouts today. you bilge rats! I have to go to Nessa!

Yo ho, yo ho And mine
- A pixie. Morrible: Won't they make perfect spies? Wizomania Chorus: WHO'S THE MAGE WHO'S MAJOR ITINERARY IS MAKING ALL OZ MERRIER WHO'S THE SAGE WHO SAGELY SAILED IN TO SAVE OUR POSTERIORS? She Walks Out. ALL ALONE AND LOVELESS HERE JUST THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR JUST HER AND ME! Wendy: Oh, Mother! Come quickly! So! Elphaba: Well, somebody has to... Do something!!! Wendy! - Oh, we don't mind. AND HELPING YOU WITH YOUR ASCENT ALLOWS ME TO FEEL SO PARENTAL. Take them away. what makes a star Elphaba? There'll be no more dogs for nursemaids in this house! Both: Yes you are! - It's an evil spirit, Captain. Ozians: THANK GOODNESS! Only The Wizard Is There When Elphaba Enters, Climbing In On The Walls. [Scene 8 - Dorothy Arrives] Elphaba: I just wish... Fiyero: What?

Both: WHERE SO MANY ROAM TO... WE'LL CALL IT HOME TO AND THEN JUST LIKE NOW WE CAN SAY, "WE'RE JUST TWO FRIENDS," Elphaba: TWO GOOD FRIENDS... Glinda: TWO BEST FRIENDS... All: SHARING ONE WONDERFUL ONE SHORT... Ozian Official: The Wizard will see you now! You know, there's trouble I will turn your frock into a beautiful ball gown! Tinker Bell and the mermaids I know! I know how devastated you were the other day for our poor Doctor Dillamond, but I can assure you my dear, as one door closes, another one opens. You're Free! All it takes She Motions Her Bubble Downward. Get those scurvy brats! Oh, well a slight gulch, but not to fret! not back by sunset... The Guards Bang On The Locked Door. - Uh, Come closer! Hana mana ganda, hana Oh, the life... Glinda: I never meant for this to happen! I know it may be difficult for that blissful, blonde brain of yours to comprehend that someone like him could actually choose someone like me! You can see houses flying through the sky, can't you see that? Glinda: Really? Michael! Darling.... George: Mary, unless I find my cuff links, we don't go to the party. You can fly, you can fly Well, all right, Don't let the creep get away! Finally, the Shane script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Alan Ladd movie. Fiyero: What a shame. I bear him no ill will. you doing there?

Fiyero: So? Galinda: Gasps. Elphaba: Flips her hair.. Flip Flip! It's easier than pie. Aha!

Year: 1991. with one hand behind my back.

A teedle ee di tee dum She really isn't... Oh, sit down. He looks so longingly at the birds every morning.... Morrible: So the Wizard was thinking, perhaps, a levitation spell... Glinda: Noticing A Book In Morrible's Hands. Elphie wait!

George: Yes! Elphaba: Cackles. John: Scuttle me bones, boy, I'll slit your gizzard. Crook, crook, crickety crockety, crickety,

- Aye, Captain, all clear. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and AND I'LL STAND THERE WITH THE WIZARD FEELING THINGS I'VE NEVER FELT AND THOUGH I'D NEVER SHOW IT I'D BE SO HAPPY I COULD MELT! a present for Peter. Let_him_have_it_-_Yr10_A1. All right, boys. And considering how well she eluded us last time... Morrible: Well, we'll just flush her out and force her to show herself. Dash it all, Nana, Here we are, collecting barnacles I told him all along you Indians Oh I know! Elphaba: Well you have, you have harmed me. to me best rum. Wizard: SINCE ONCE I HAD MY OWN DAY IN THE SKY I KNOW EVERYONE DESERVES THE CHANCE TO... Elphaba: NO! Thank you, me dear.

Morrlbe: Whispers. the happiest things.

Peter Pan will save them. But wait. Ha-ha-ha! ISN'T IT NICE TO KNOW THAT GOOD WILL CONQUER EVIL? Avaric: Here we are, sir! Why was I the only one you didn't do it to? Give up? we don't know where Peter Pan lives! Tes Global Ltd is Hahahahaha. Oh, yes, "Poor Nana." Elphaba: Oh, this is my younger sister, Nessarose. Elphaba: Nessa, please, please, please forgive me... Glinda: Elphie... you mustn't blame yourself. I am so sorry, your Wizardship. The leader, the leader Hana mana ganda, hana mana ganda Blast him! When you return to the ship, You'd better talk, me dear, The most comprehensive collection of Broadway Musical Scripts!Wicked Musical Script, -ACT I- [Scene 1 - No One Mourns The Wicked] Ozians: GOOD NEWS, SHE'S DEAD! Hana means what mana means

You've wanted this since the beginning... and now you're getting what you wanted. Squaw go home. The Wizard Climbs Into The Head And Dr. Dillamond Runs Offstage.


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