memories of the alhambra episodes
Primarily set in Spain (and in South Korea in latter episodes), the series centers on a company CEO and a hostel owner who get entangled in a series of mysterious incidents surrounding a new and intricate augmented reality game inspired by the stories of the Alhambra Palace. I was even more concerned when HB stated that the lenses ran a little hot while playing the game......if they malfunction and overheat, ophthalmologists everywhere have to deal with a lot of burnt eyeballs in the future . Set in Korea a year later. The game seems to have gotten out of hand for him. And letting Se-Joo and Marco float the sale of this game to Hyung-Seok and Jin-Woo to see who would win the rights was probably an interesting experiment, and he could stand to gain either way. Someone has to investigate and confirm the game’s undocumented features, if only to protect J.One from all the wrongful death lawsuits that will undoubtedly swamp the courts when psychopathic AI HAL Junior is unleashed on an unsuspecting public. He plays along and cheekily asks if he should go out to buy the ring now or some flowers at least. @siesta I need to watch the game play again to see when players feel pain. For downloading this video, please login first. Even though Jin-woo’s level 1 failures were repetitive, it didn’t feel trite or boring thanks to the multiple perspectives and angles possible with this concept. I feel there was a lot of time spent in build up or sequences like the running or battles, so story-wise it could have been compressed into 1 episode, however the building of the story world required more time. Yes, that's what I said? This director knows how to get those angles and portray the clear points of view of the people privy to and unaware of the AR game. The whole thing seems to be filmed in Catalonia, the architecture looks more like from the North, even the train screen texts are in Catalan not Spanish, LOL! Even after proving his innocence to the professor, Jin Woo still faces new real-world problems while trying to finish the game. Despite this, Hee-joo says that she’ll trust Jin-woo and wait for his call. This includes anything shown in previews. @linda-palapala hmm.. ), though maybe, as you say, the drama will prove us wrong and they will turn her character into something less of an archetype. They actually filmed some scenes in Budapest (or its surroundings) too ^^. or she knows he likes her and she keeps him around to use him, do her stuff.. and he does help her out in life stuff off camera (as in general stuff that the game or JW may not be interested in .. if she asked him about contract before signing and took him to talk to JW.. pretty sure she has been using him on a lot of other things.. and the whole moving to korea,somebody picked up those bags). 1) guesswork rationale for Se Ju being alive The game keeps breaking the rules. I was wondering if it was all shot in the same location. He already did the same thing to Hyung-seok in real life, and probably in the virtual realm, too. In the background you can see a couple of homeless people in that alley. But now I think he has more story to tell where his game is causing dangers in real life. He’s probably sucked in by his own game and can’t distinguish reality from AR anymore.


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