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Baby began talking to him, explaining she kidnapped him. Michael has a van he calls the Michael Van. Michael willingly went into the rentals facility to save his sister on his father's orders, showing his initial loyalty to his family. When Michael said that "they" (the animatronics) mistook him for his father, that would explain why the animatronics come after you in the first and second games.

On the final night, Mike's boss revealed that the Pizzeria was a trap for all the remaining animatronics, with Mike luring them around the labyrinthine vents in circles. This carried into CC's 9th birthday party, during which Michael and his lackeys were still picking on him.

Baby reveals that her helping him was actually part of a plot so she could use him as a host body for Ennard.


Circus Baby's Entertainment and RentalsFazbear Entertainment The One You Should Not Have Killed, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted After entering the passcode, Michael gets a chip from her upper armplate so she can communicate with him after she's been scooped. After beating V. Hard Golden Freddy mode in Sister Location, Michael Afton, most likely right after the events of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, speaks to Springtrap.

Eggs Benedict

Circus Baby, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator He harbors an intense grudge towards himself and is struggling to recover with the deep-rooted trauma that the incident left him with. Sunny Afton ✝ Bonnie the Bunny | As well as working on the Pizzeria itself, Michael was also tasked with salvaging vintage animatronics which had appeared in the back alley, supposedly for parts. Bonnie the Bunny (Novels) |

Michael kills pedophiles in his Michael Van. If the player decided to not follow Baby's instructions, Michael will have to survive for the rest of the night from Ennard. Because she was a diligent student in an intensive major, she spent most of her time in class -- as a result, Michael was left to be raised by William, who didn't really want to raise him either, so he therefore passed most of the parental duties onto Henry, who managed to efficiently juggle schoolwork and caring for Michael like the fucking god he is. Elizabeth AftonC.C.

The first of these was Molten Freddy. In the sixth minigame, his skin has turned a dull purple, now having a white glow in both of his eyes. Magma Ren Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Phantom Puppet, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 He is also the brother of the Crying Child from the fourth game and Elizabeth Afton's brother. He is fired a week later for tampering with the animatronics and odor. Then, two technicians enter the building, and send Ballora to the Scooping Room, where Michael is. Some think he is the, Michael has several similarities to Pete from. Humans Gender Date of birth Circus Baby | Michael than swears to find and end his father for good. He has a daughter named Michelle Afton, who possesses the Soul of the Child possessing the Animatronic known as Foxy.

Sister Location (under real name)

Before the Bite of '83, Michael masked his inner struggles with a tough exterior -- picking fights with other kids, pulling pranks on old people and deeply resonating with Iron Maiden and other shitty metal bands that properly encompass the spirit of an emotionally complicated and disgustingly edgy teenager. Toy Freddy | Michael "Mike" Afton, also known as Eggs Benedict and Mike Schmidt, is one of the two main protagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, alongside Charlotte Emily. After beating a Custom Night on Very Hard mode, you will be greeted to a secret cutscene, which shows the events after Ennard had been stuffed inside of Mike. He finds himself unworthy of any sort of love or care, and adamantly turns away anyone who ever attempts to help him (particularly Henry).

Free his sister's soul from Baby (succeeded).Seek redemption from his past (possibly).Kill his father by burning down Fazbear's Fright (possibly, failed). After this, Springtrap walks in for a second before the screen goes black. Michael was stunned after this occurred and quickly fell into a state of shock and intense sorrow, which only intensified after William began to praise him. Phone Guy | Michael successfully shocks Ballora and Funtime Foxy, but fails to shock Baby. Henry praised Michael as his "brave volunteer", telling him that, while there had been a way out, he knew Michael did not want it. This was William's doing, for some fucking reason. The animatronics, believing that Michael is William, try to kill him.

However, after Michael's skin started rotting, Ennard left the body as Michael's corpse laid on the ground before he was presumably revived by Elizabeth Afton. According to an anime cutscene in Ultimate Custom Night, depicting a rivalry between the samurais the Bear and the Fox, the Fox represents the older brother, while the Bear represents the Crying Child. Toy Bonnie | Michael bullied C.C aka Chris or The Crying Child because when Michael was younger he never got attention by His Parents named William Afton and Clara Afton what people call her or Mrs. Afton. However, he is extremely remorseful for his actions as he came to his little brother's bedside, apologizing for his actions.later, his sister, Elizabeth got scooped up then got crushed and killed by Circus baby. On night 5, Michael checks the stages, only to see two hanged technicians. Michael succeeds in appeasing the spirits and setting peace between the spirits, while also avoiding Springtrap. The people around him wave cheerfully.


June 21st, 1969 (age 15)

He makes it his life goal to undo what his father had done by freeing the Childrens souls, and ending his father. He is the future self (21 years of age) of Terrence Afton from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (who was 17, later 18, during the events of the film). From information gleaned from the Survival Logbook, He is a talented artist as seen from the many drawings on the pages of the logbook drawn in red pen, he has a nasty habit of chewing bubblegum as seen on one of the questions, he is quite sarcastic as seen from numerous shrewd comments written about the company, and is also fit for exercising around the block and wanting to join a self-defense class as seen on a filled in question. He then runs through Funtime Auditorium while avoiding Funtime Foxy. Physical Description Michael Michael Afton Everyone around him seem very concerned. Circus Baby | He has been revealed to be the player in the final cutscene of Custom Night, where he seems to have a British accent. When the Bite of 84 happened, Michael and everyone else was sad but people are saying that Elizabeth (younger sister) hated Michael for what he did to Chris. Eventually, his body has a spasm, and he regurgitates the robotic parts belonging to Ennard into the sewer. Family Michael Afton is the first child of William Afton, and is the elder brother of Elizabeth Afton.After she died in the hands of Circus Baby, William Afton sent Michael to free her in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental. I'm so glad to be able to bring Michael back with a brand new, remastered song! Michael successfully shocks Ballora and Funtime Foxy, but fails to shock Baby. In the fourth minigame, Michael's skin becomes a darker greenish-brown; his eyes are also now completely black. The people around him continue to wave cheerfully. Hair 30 years after the events of FIve Night's at Freddy's 1. Species Non-Playable Characters

Weight Not as immortal as it may seem (Presumably died in the fire alongside William, Elizabeth, Henry and Charlie. In the sixth minigame, his skin has turned a dull purple, now having a white glow in both of his eyes. Michael Afton is a main character in BlueyCapsules. Foxy the Pirate | Freddy Fazbear, Freddy Fre. In the third minigame, Michael's skin seems to be more of a green color. On night 2, Michael checked Ballora and Foxy, but when he checked Baby, the controlled shocks do not work, requiring HandUnit to shut down the system.

He began picking on his younger brother as he reached his edgy pre-teen years. In the last minigame, he is hunched over and his skin is a dark purple colour. Michael did not believe him and began bullying him more as a result. His silhouette bares a striking resemblance to singer Rick Astley, as shown when Ennard looks in the mirror during the real/bad ending in. Circus Baby, Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location It is also theorized that Mike was the Guard in FNaF 3, but that has not been confirmed.


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