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Secondly, it explains the often extreme or plain insane subject matter of many of his movies, as he could more or less do whatever he felt like in V-Cinema since controversy sells and there were little restrictions in regards to censorship. If you’re trying to be realistic and bring real life to the screen, you are going to have different elements. Not only did he manage to direct seven films that year, four of them made it on to this list as being absolute highlights of his career. Although it certainly qualifies as bizarre and does have its share of grotesque and gross moments, the film is a very light-hearted affair and does not compare to some of the more twisted and violent works of Miike, which we will get to shortly. In his last moments, Kamura's dying head bites Kageyama, thus turning him in a vampire too. Let’s start this list with a disclaimer. Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! A complex storyline with many players and varied levels of deceit and treachery, Agitator ranks amongst the best yakuza films out there and deserves as much recognition as some of the lauded works by fellow Japanese director Takeshi Kitano. Dazed and confused, Kageyama wanders the streets and bites a passerby, who also becames a vampire, which initiates a vampire epidemic. In the ruthless underground world of the yakuza, no one is more legendary than boss Kamiura. If you hadn’t gathered it from the plot synopsis above, The Happiness of the Katakuris is a one of a kind and extremely silly movie. Many of the Miike’s recurring themes are to be found here and whilst it is a quiet and toned down affair, this is still one hell of a bleak affair which almost seems like it would be more at home in the Korean New Wave instead. I myself have always had that secret desire to become something completely different and enact revenge on certain things.

What was it about Yakuza Apocalypse that made you want to direct it?

In the following interview with Miike, he discusses crafting the comical tone of Yakuza Apocalypse, his fascination with bodily transformation and his penchant for always using the Yakuza.

Another early work by Miike which clearly indicated that the he was taking major leaps forward as a filmmaker and that it would be hard to restrict his reputation to that of being a one-note controversial director. Naval officer called Richard Sagawa, who despite looking very Japanese claims to be the nephew of Queen Elizabeth II. Simply put, it’s a great film and it comes recommended to all lovers of Japanese cinema, even fans of Kobayashi’s original. Genyo Kamura is a benevolent Yakuza boss who is secretly a vampire.

But when Sun hits his head and loses his memory, the men find themselves lost in the middle of nowhere, far from civilisation.

Because of this, he can withstand almost every injury, but he must also periodically drink blood from other people.

Takashi Miike: The reason I like incorporating the Yakuza into my movies — all their actions, everything they do, you can say ‘It’s ok because he’s a Yakuza’.

Yakuza Apocalypse (極道大戦争, Gokudō Daisensō) is a 2015 Japanese action fantasy–yakuza vampire film directed by Takashi Miike and starring Hayato Ichihara, Yayan Ruhian, and Riko Narumi. The murder of a young yakuza member sparks an all-out war between two rival Tokyo crime families.

The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics. It’s the script that gives birth to these changes and the more you try to stay true to the script, the more that happens. © 2020 Collider Cryptomedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The more they try to live their life seriously, the funnier it is. It was written by Yoshitaka Yamaguchi. Miike’s roots lie in Japan’s V-Cinema (a term used to describe direct-to-video productions) where he started his career in the early nineties. It happens all the time in our real life too.

What is it about mixing these separate genres together that interests you? There’s a real classist element at play here with the lower class rising up against the Yakuza. Takashi Miike: In real life, it doesn’t break down that easily; but everyone roots for the underdog.

Takashi Miike: Everyone has complexes about their body or their ability and skills and dream of a rebirth into something different.

Rumored to be invincible, the truth is he is a vampire-a bloodsucking yakuza vampire boss! That’s what I’m trying to do. Yakuza Apocalypse (極道大戦争, Gokudō Daisensō) is a 2015 Japanese action fantasy–yakuza vampire film directed by Takashi Miike and starring Hayato Ichihara, Yayan Ruhian, and Riko Narumi. My desires become reality in the movie because it can’t become real in real life. So when I thought that and I thought what would I like to film, it was a natural process and this is the movie that came about.

The term “essential” in the title of this article applies only to those who are into Takashi Miike’s films and know what they might be in for. Accompanying him is Ujiie, a member of the yakuza, who needs to ensure that his triad gets their share, and a guide by the name of Shun, who needs to escort them through the remote and unknown landscape. Weakened Kageyama kisses his love interest Kyoko, and after that he and Mad-Dog have a drawn-out test of strength during which Mad-Dog dies.
When you try to be true to the script, changes occur.

The Happiness of the Katakuris is in fact a remake (although the term “re-imaging” would be far more accurate) of the Korean film The Quiet Family but whereas that film was pretty much a straight-up black comedy, Miike’s version is truly all over the place. If you like your films beautiful, filled with magical realism and introspective, this is the Miike film for you. Oh…and then there is the active volcano of course….

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 63% rating, based on 40 reviews. The film features Indonesian actor and stunt choreographer Yayan Ruhian, who had previously costarred in The Raid and The Raid 2.

If you were trying to make a movie about politicians, it would takes years and years for something to change; whereas for Yakuzas, it could only take one night and things can change dramatically. Reviewer Ross of the website hkcinema.co.uk called it "a solid genre piece offering a good deal of cunning manipulation alongside the gangland murders and will please both fans of yakuza pictures and Miike completists." As I make the movie, different elements come in naturally. Not only is this film one of the director’s most lyrical works, it also distinguishes itself by its original setting, especially as Japanese films set in China are not all that common. Part western, part horror, part crime-film, part-indescribable, Yakuza Apocalypse at times feels like Miike’s best-of album, as he touches on all the different hallmarks of his storied career. What motivated this approach? There’s a kitchen sink mentality to the film – as Miike constantly one-ups the absurdity, throwing as many different genres at the wall as possible. I thought it was perhaps time for me to do a reset and get back to my roots.
And as Kageyu thinks Hanshiro might be trying to do just that, he tells him the story of a young samurai who recently was forced to go through with the suicide using a blunt bamboo blade in Kageyu’s courtyard. Hell, the man has even directed movies for kids and for every sick and twisted title he has made, there seems to be another movie to counterbalance it. Slow, deliberate and even strangely moving, the film is in no way the over-the-top craziness that the director is usually associated with. Simply put, Takashi Miike was on fire in 2001 and Agitator was the most grounded and stylish feature of the otherwise wildly bizarre movies he would churn out that year. Unfortunately this just causes the bodies to turn into zombies.

Rainy Dog is the middle segment of Miike’s so-called Black Triad Trilogy, preceded by Shinjuku Triad Society and followed by Ley Lines. And it’s no coincidence that Miike had a cameo appearance in Eli Roth’s Hostel as one of the people leaving the building where the rich get to torture people whilst stating: “Be careful, you could spend all your money in there”. On the other hand – even when I’m trying to depict some really horrible and cruel killer, if you look at something he does – say, waking up one morning — it may be really nice and kind and gentle to watch.

Seemingly pulling off the impossible, Miike displays nothing but restraint in his remake of Hara-Kiri and proves once and for all that there might be a lot more to the director than most would have ever suspected.


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