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They then have a conversation about whether they should live in an apartment around the corner downtown or the same luxury apartment as Midge's parents. She then pleads guilty and her time is considered served. Shocked, Midge asks Joel to tell her it's not true. Imogene remarks on how unoriginal it is of Joel leaving for his secretary is. Shirley has just learned about the break-up of Joel and Midge and says her heart is broken as a result. Joel was telling Midge they could be close to that restaurant and the various clubs around that same neighborhood. Rose inquires if Joel will be there and Midge says he is expected to be there as well. She believes since she was bailed by Susie and did not spend the night in jail she does not need a court date. She then goes to the restroom and starts to put on lipstick-she then stops herself and then realizes gussying up before bed is no longer a necessity as her husband no longer lives with her. To Midge's shock, Abe demands her to get Joel back, telling her that she cannot survive on her own. Midge states that is not the purpose of the dinner. After they exit the courtroom Midge asks Susie to tell her the whole comedy career will work out. Ed replies Midge should want him there no matter what happens. She is often seen in dresses that were popular during the era of the show's setting. Abe responds rather angrily, reminding her that he had (surreptitiously) told her to not choose a weak man. Miriam swings by The Gaslight where she gets directions to Susie's place. In interviews with the NPR and the New York Times, Rachel cited the slightly lesser known Jean Carroll as a reference for the more glamorous side of Midge’s routines. She also helps him get his nightly time slot by bringing a home-made brisket to bribe a man, Bazz working at the club so that Joel can perform. He then reveals Joel does not have a dime to his name and in actual fact, everything they owned came from him. Midge Maisel (née Miriam Weissman) is the titular character on Amazon Prime show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She is a standup comedian under the management of Susie Myerson. She had no idea about the state of wealth Midge actually lived in reality. His father says Joel earned nothing and saved nothing. She mutters under her breath that she will burn it once she is home. When she is in the park with Imogene they discuss it. Miriam's return to The Gaslight stage after the disastrous Thursday night dinner. Midge replies it is her apartment. She then goes back on stage to introduce them and the band performs. Susie tells Midge that she exposed her breasts, which Midge does not remember, and eating the nuts would probably be considered trivial by comparison. He advises her to "be her own lawyer.". Her mother replies since Midge is now single that is what every dinner is for. In fact, Rachel thoroughly researched Joan when preparing for her role.

While a potpourri of people contribute to Midge’s unique persona, Alex Borstein kept her inspiration for Susie pretty streamlined. Midge makes a discovery that Joel has been stealing his routines from a famous comedian, Bob Newhart. Miriam makes a remark about how her life is a mess and she lost her shoes and is wearing someone else's.


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