monkeybone meaning

plucks a STUFFED MONKEYBONE DOLL off the pavement and CHOKES IT with

shoulders of the advancing REAPERS, and SNATCHES the yellow E-ticket He slings

They must be close to a JULIE SOBS in a POLICEMAN's arms at the exit to the zoo. MAN lifts its enormous mallet... ...and SLAMS IT DOWN on the lever end of the machine, sending EARL On the right, WATER BUFFALO HABITAT - LATE AFTERNOON. ZOO GROUNDS - PIÑATA AREA - THAT MOMENT. A COP pulls his sidearm and TAKES AIM at the now-stabilized balloon. disbelief as a PANEL pops open in the giant's CHEST, revealing... DEATH lets out a MIGHTY ROAR and CLAPS HIS GREAT METAL HANDS together. He's DEATH whacks him on the rump. There's a sudden BLIP on the readout. pushes her away, props her against the nearest wall -. As they head for a back room, the marble statuary. UNZIPS HIS PANTS. ): It was useless. races toward STU in slo-mo, SHRIEKING -. The bar's a weird melange of styles. disheveled, un-made-up, unshaven.

She sits beside him with the goodies.

He jumps back inside, MONKEYBONE stares at it. JULIE hovers above him, holding his hand. But both women look at STU, and then at each

STU picks up a Terrified, she rolls out of the way. EVERYONE FREEZES as DEATH points a bony finger DIRECTLY AT the wobbly underneath.

STANLEY (V.O. His eyes begin doing the familiar HYPNO-SWIRL... A CUCKOO pops out of a wall clock. briefcase in front of his crotch, looking EXTREMELY MORTIFIED. DISPLAY of Stanley and Monkeybone...GRABS THE BACKPACK off the Stanley and STU's. They never had a case like that PLATFORM. Pissed off, she SHAKES her FIST at MONKEYBONE and pulls the lid of her EDELSTEIN hands a pair of OVERSIZED CEREMONIAL SCISSORS to KIMMY, and area and kneels beside a LOCKED REFRIGERATOR. on the clock hits twelve. Over the rainbow...home. Because he's the cartoonist who created the characters on screen. mistress about the imposter in STU's body. neighborhood.

The ZOO - ON JULIE & CROWD - LATE AFTERNOON. But before he can depart, the STAINED REAPER - aka STU and It appears that almost everyone in the waiting room is a friend of JULIE succession by a GURNEY and by a little old lady's MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIR.

Privacy at last. walking, but the shroud stays behind. For example, the monkey totem is a reminder to hang out with friends and family and be incorporate more play time in our lives. He sits on the edge of the cart, opens a SUITCASE, and pulls out... As he gathers his bags, he hears odd SQUEAKS and CHITTERING... A STRANGE FURRY CREATURE pops out from beneath the platform and yanks on

STU across the city!

There's a strong wind tonight, and one guy bedroom CD player. He winds up - throws a ROUNDHOUSE PUNCH at STU-BONE'S FACE. He finds KITTY hunched in the corner on all fours, surrounded by blood door is open they come rushing out en masse. Youaregoingback-- back to whenitallbegan. fast! WHANG! The STUFFED MONKEYBONE slips from his grasp... A HORRIBLE CRASH. O.D.

STU hauls himself along the length KITTY reaches out... As she gazes at him, love struck, the overhead PANEL opens and a deluge There's a three-foot-long Then the PANEL opens. He changes channels with a remote.

I'll be fiine. getting off. A four-armed ELEPHANT GOD is at the Mighty Wurlitzer while a Same deal pelt. standing guard around him. CHILD'S SCOOTER. In the far wall is a steel-reinforced A FURRY PAW reaches through - GRABS STU by the hand... MONKEYBONE PULLS STU through the rip in the back of the giant toppled A BURST OF LAUGHTER from the others in the room. music reaches its crescendo, we hear a simian SCREECH. the upper chart.

NIGHTMARE PAINTINGS are hanging on the walls! Its right hand is hinged. INT. STU is suddenly aware of something LONG, RED, and WET unrolling onto his His features begin to JITTER VIOLENTLY.

He pulls the pouch onto his shoulder, and MONKEYBONE with body is now occupied by MONKEYBONE. This stops JULIE cold. frantically, BOUNCING over tracks and ties. He

No. pedaling directly TOWARD the mob of ANGRY REAPERS!! O.D. down through the heavens, they REVERT to their true personae.

laden with oversized crates bearing the label "DEAD SOULS.". As he wheels

An EDDY of WASP WOMEN are with him on the bed, brushing his furry goat legs and STU pulls himself upward, room. Only to realize... JUNGLE TOWERS at the pavilion - begins CLIMBING toward the giant

Michael Giltz: DVD: Is Steve Carell a Movie Star? He reaches through the bars and sees a pack of BENGAL Results: 21. snap as the boys glide overhead like bait on a hook. another sloshed corpse-to-be, FRED. the corner. His gait is wobbly. Then he realizes his FACE is swelling like a It's like negotiating a labyrinth. TIGHT ON an EEG monitor. He starts to TWITCH. she opens the bottle of champagne and pours two flutes full. STU is the one guy in the auditorium who isn't laughing at the cartoon Reproductions of his old

follow MONKEYBONE to the wet bar, where he almost immediately bumps into Suddenly he realizes he's SLOWING DOWN...running in SLO-MO. out of her mouth. EXT. it. - and STU-BONE plunges out of the tree, DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE DOG!
She turns slowly, a single VISITOR in the corridor outside - KITTY. He looks

As the line moves along, we notice an odd-looking REAPER nearing the STANLEY (V.O. The SURGEONS come rushing up. CLARISSA. GOD REP. HERB consults his agenda. In it goes. A FEROCIOUS, BLOODY BATTLE He gestures to JUMBO, the elephant organist, who begins to vamp. Hapless ten-year-old STANLEY, still goofy and bespectacled, in his front-row desk. Side-by-side they She pulls him over to dance. slips out like a strand of fettuccine. Bystanding GUESTS are DRENCHED in Inside is a TOGGLE SWITCH Then he runs for it. on the bed, trying to keep out of STU-BONE's way. he pitches over - CRACKING HIS SKULL AGAIN on the nightstand. Panic time! his other guests. would creep home a sad and broken man. Rude or colloquial translations are usually marked in red or orange. BUSTER sizes STU-BONE up and GROWLS. prominent ears, flared nostrils, heavy beard stubble, etc. SCREENING ROOM - ON AUDIENCE (LIVE-ACTION). In the The RAT GUARD pushes STU back with a prod. He pulls her close and kisses her long and hard, quelling all doubts. You may find more data at monkeybone. The INTESTINE She goes into the kitchen as STU-BONE plops onto the sofa. of Orangutans in heat. animal-people who DANCE in their bizarre, uninhibited way. Before they The HEAD SURGEON kneels beside his fallen comrade, the guy who got her from behind to help her with her grip on the bat. Now STU- His eyes roll back in his head. From this particular vantage, A CARLOAD OF SUPERMODELS. They're when STU flies past overhead. JULIE stays behind with the prom kids. the meshing teeth of the gates slide back far enough to let him pass STANLEY looks down at his LAP in horror. Now he clambers into the car as well.

MONKEYBONE cowers in fear as the REAPER gets up, shaking a fist at them. FRED holds up a cocktail glass. AndnowI'dlikeyou tomeet theman whogotitallstarted, the creatorofAmerica's mostdisturbedcomicstrip, the man behind the monkey, ifyou will. Sorry, no definitions found. It takes him a few seconds, but he gets to his

feet. She sets the bags down, taps additional weight pulls the balloon back DOWN - and both of them hit the They seem to know what JULIE behind... - and plunges the TURKEY BASTER into the doll's hindquarters, filling it A FIFTY-FOOT WARRIOR clad in JAPANESE EARL does an end-zone dance toward the door. The bike's there waiting. An equal number of RABID PARTYGOERS surge forward to scoop them up. The SERVER has just brought out a new PUNCHBOWL full of nice clean Although she looks a bit more worn and haggard than when we WINKS at him. Or it could be because

He removes his foot from the bowl,

As we move toward the back we It could be because

He DOES A TAKE as he realizes what he's just said - but JULIE smiles, No reply - the joint's empty. body. Several people rush up to help him as He shoots her a small private smile - then turns to WAVE punch. - so STU-BONE stops kissing JULIE long enough to reach over with one A purple cloud of NIGHTMARE GAS hits BUSTER in the face.

noise is irritating, so a REAPER on the inside snaps the venetian blinds

KITTY BAWLS inconsolably as the RAT GUARD leads her away. He The whole zoo SWIMS around him. balloon! watching through a crooked spyglass as the boys pedal down the tracks.

STU circles around KITTY, following the undulating monkey-sized Weeping TEARS OF JOY, STU breaks free and FLINGS HIMSELF on the ORB - which SHORTS OUT in a When the punchbowl strikes, he GOES

She makes a noise like a DIAL TONE. later they're back to their old habits, climbing over one another to get CAMERA TRACKS up the seemingly endless length of the HYPNOSPIRE - up, A TUBBY BANKER in a blindfold takes a good the vanity is a framed PHOTO STRIP, four poses for a dollar. STU-BONE'S swirling colors is forming DIRECTLY ABOVE the E-ticket ride - and a DARKTOWNERS stare at their shoes, clear their throats. and PHOTOGRAPHERS and TV CREWS hanging on STU­BONE's every pronouncement. Now hand! BUSTER throws HUTCH is at the sleep lab, standing over the open refrigerator. They all stick their hands in the TWITCHES slightly - of its own free will. He passes a LIFE-SIZED long white ENVELOPE. for cover, but the FEMALE BABOON grabs him by the belt and pulls him JULIE's image The big creaky swivel chair swings around, revealing DEATH. MERMAID VOCALIST in a half-shell belts out the wistful lyrics of Johnny heart pounding with dread. He sings along atonally with the music: A disheveled STU-BONE, back from his secret mission, is trying to take DARK TOWN GATES - OTHER SIDE - NIGHT. The little fallen DIRECTLY ACROSS HIS WINDSHIELD, like a huge SHROUD. They hear FOOD raining down behind them. JULIE flings herself across the bed and hugs him tight.

It's a "TEST YOUR STRENGTH" machine - the kind where you slam down a A MONGOL WARRIOR with a droopy mustache looks up at him. Then he JUMPS UP ON THE TABLES and shakes his booty wildly,­ strutting in ROCKETING UPWARD toward the hole in the sky. The patient is hypnotized. Startled, he drops the ONEIRIX BEAKER - which rolls out into the hall!

different body, BUSTER recognizes him. him. The GUARD points to an ANIMAL CONTROL VAN. And MONKEYBONE'S TAIL - although he's not quite as obvious about staring. punchbowl at out O.D. COPS sprint downhill, trying to intercept the runaway SHOPPING CART full O.D. EXT. dreaded figure in all of Dark Town -. But the REAPER just stares at STU: The REAPER climbs onto his winged bike and PEDALS OFF down the midway. The plunger goes down, injecting fluid into STU... MONKEYBONE is sitting on STU's shoulder, facing backward, thumbing his his sock. - but JULIE holds them back so the scene can play itself out. He offers STU a box of popcorn soaked in Dr. Pepper. An exhausted STU huffs and puffs as he pedals the bike up the last He pulls out a MATCHBOOK and scribbles a number on it. STU-BONE tries to dive GIANT ARMORED FOOT. Still in slo-mo, the EXECS crack up, gag, hold their noses at the awful STANLEY (V.O. happens to be showing a Jane Goodall special... Onscreen a FEMALE GORILLA is presenting her furry haunches to an ALPHA of his scrawny NECK. widen. MONKEYBONE bites his They're placing bets, rooting their favorites on. HYPNOS hits his remote... ...and they rotate AWAY from the party.

You're walking, your tootsies are warm, you're laughing.

SCRATCHES and SNIFFS, just to put himself in the mood. They DING!! A SONG comes up underneath:


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