mr nobody review

Can something simple lead to greatness or perhaps to downfall depending on how you choose? Mr. Nobody creates a depth of curiosity in this genuine sci-fi drama that expresses life and love in multiple aspects. This really out there movie, gives you a lot to think about (if you're up for it).

Taken at its simplest, it's the jumbled recollections of the last mortal man, 118 years old, on Earth in 2092. An ambitious, if uneven, experimental sci-fi romance that is less a thought-provoker than a dazzling juggling act. You would think the film would be a mess, but it's surprisingly cohesive, gripping and even quite touching.

Mr. Nobody is a film I want to uprate since the visuals are lush and wonderful and I tend to enjoy cerebral / trippy movies. Mr Nobody, Nemo Nobody, is now 100 years old, the last mortal on earth in 2092, and he is about to die. Jared Leto does a fantastic job, but the movie doesn't rely purely on his star power. One gets the feeling from the very beginning of the movie that it wants to say something important. 10/10 … Expand Jared Leto is amazing. héro humain, Avis RICK & MORTY saison 3 ( la série qui ringardise les Simpson Family Guy South Parc et American Dad ), Sélection web du jour 26/01/2018 : On apprend à protéger nos données de manière interactive (et géniale), Sélection web du 24/01/208 : on découvre en douceur le Hacking.
Néanmoins, et contrairement à certaines analyses que j’ai put lire, je pense que s’arrêter à une explication fixe et définitive est typiquement ce qu’il ne faut surtout pas faire (ou alors il faut vraiment s’être endormi pendant la moitié du film et ne pas avoir vu la scène de fin), et je trouve que c’est ce qui donne tout son charme à ce film. I think my mouth was hanging slightly open a few times from the brilliance on display. Dit comme ça ce n’est pas très inspirant, mais la prise de tête que représente le film en vaut largement le détour, il fait partit des meilleurs films que j’ai pu voir, à condition de se laisser un peu (beaucoup) « porter » (quitte à le revoir une autre fois dans l’optique de mieux comprendre certaines choses). Some are astonished at the film's brilliant staging and fx and think there is a deeper meaning in it, but they don't know what it's about. I was totally captivated from start to finish. True fugue states are rare, but Matthew’s case seems authentic, and …

I could go on and on about the things I loved about this film but there's nothing right now that I would recommend seeing more to a person of any age, sex or taste in cinema. As long as he doesn't choose, anything is possible.

Pour faire simple, au long du film, il nous est expliquer certaines théories, basées sur le big bang. Though a lot of it is well written and directed and, quite often, funny or poignant, the individual scenes rarely become part of a larger whole. | Toutes ces histoires sont « plus ou moins » racontées par le protagoniste, âgé de 118 ans (qui est le dernier humain « mortel » sur terre, le reste de l’espèce humaine étant devenu « immortel »). | Bravo!

See what other movies have received the top rating recently. S’appuyant sur la théorie des cordes, le film suggère l’idée d’un Big Crunch (en gros, c’est l’inverse d’un Big Bang)… Ce qui veut dire qu’il y a eut un Big Bang, une expansion de l’univers, et enfin, une sorte de retour en arrière (et on parle bien d’un rembobinage).

Three love stories, three very different existences conditioned by apparently meaningless decisions. happened. Throughout the film, I was constantly surprised and amazed.

After more than two hours of tedious storytelling with a lot of repetitions, and alternative solutions of the life-story told, I have no idea what that important message is.

« Je pense donc que le film a voulu « tout simplement » montré l’effet du Big Crunch. Mr. Nobody is slick, with a great story, great acting, great directing, and excellent writing. Satie ! )

I think I understand it. Van Dormael has crafted a saga that, even at two-plus hours, is endlessly, enormously watchable. In some of these realms, writer-director Jaco Van Dormael’s film is a fancifully high-concept weepie that, at its best, occasionally recalls the sweeping and heart-wrenching melodrama of Somewhere in Time and The Fountain.

I'm sure some will find it confusing, but that's part of the point: Mr. Nobody's memories seem confused and appearances might be deceiving.

At least Wearable Arts don't pretend to be clothes. But if you're a fan of weird Science Fiction and/or Terry Gilliam, you should feel right at home. Ni moi.

Each scenes are not played sequentially and different scenarios are made throughout the movie.. This is a French film in that nothing happens for 2.5 hours but it makes you think.

It wasn't just the story - the set, colors, music, camera, scene pacing - all came together beautifully to convey the deep philosophical and artistic vision of the director. Metacritic Reviews. How could they be so blind ?



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