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In the beginning of the manga and the film Nausicaä’s gains his trust and loyalty through her connection with living things and he accepts and accompanies her on her various destinations. Nausicaä's father. Although he is the younger of the two, he appears much older than his brother because he still inhabits his original body, kept alive by painful life extension treatments. [4] Drazen describes this as a "feminine duality". The Master, an engineered life-form who has lived for over a thousand years, cures Nausicaä of her radiation poisoning and reveals to her the plan of the previous civilization: to purify the Earth of toxins using the genetically-engineered Sea of Corruption, then use the old sciences and creatures contained within the Garden to rebuild the world. Appears as an illustrated character only in recollections of other characters and is mentioned retrospectively in dialogue. Voice cast: Iemasa Kayumi (Japanese), Chris Sarandon (English, 2005). The What, Why & Wow of Japanese Animation,, The Art of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: Watercolor Impressions,ä_of_the_Valley_of_the_Wind_characters&oldid=978775193#Ohmu, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 21:25. Voice cast: Ichirō Nagai (Japanese), Edward James Olmos (English, 2005). His primary role is piloting the Valley's gunship in support of Nausicaä's mission. Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Ketcha (ケチャ, kecha) Dies shortly after being rescued by Nausicaä from a wrecked Torumekian airship on which she was imprisoned. An explorer and the greatest swordsman in the Periphery. The sergeant-at-arms and King Jihl's chief retainer. Niga (voice) (uncredited), Lastelle's Mother ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) While most of the giant insects in the Sea of Corruption are driven by basic instinct, the Ohmu exhibit a greater level of intelligence. [3] Susan J. Napier and Patrick Drazen note a parallel between the character of Kushana, the rival warrior princess, and that of Nausicaä - Napier describes Kushana as Nausicaä's "shadow", noting that Kushana is not shown with any "alleviating, 'feminine' virtues" as Nausicaä is, but that they share the same tactical brilliance. (voice) (uncredited), Gun Theft Victim ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) Asbel (アスベル, asberu) The family name of the dynasty of Dorok kings that ruled before being dethroned in a coup d'état by the first "Holy Emperor". A mysterious entity tasked with preserving the knowledge of the ancient world within an isolated and concealed area referred to as "the Garden", an idyllic place containing plants and animals long extinct in the outside world and samples of literature, music, as well as advanced sciences. Charuka was saved by Nausicaä as he was about to be executed and later worked with Nausicaä and Chikuku to bring the survivors of the Daikaisho to safety. A young wind-rider who attempts to fill Nausicaä's role back in the Valley after she leaves. Namulith (ナムリス, namurisu) Voice cast: Mahito Tsujimura (Japanese), Mark Silverman (English, 2005). Large, flightless birds genetically-engineered as replacements for horses, which are now entirely extinct in the world of Nausicäa. (voice) (as Makoto Terada), Gikkuri / Enter your location to see which (voice) (as Ashley Rose Orr), Woman ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) The series takes place on a post-apocalyptic Earth where environmental disasters threaten the survival of humankind. Characters from the manga were adapted for the screen and new characters were created who appear exclusively in the film. "The Emperor the Younger (皇弟, Kōtei)", Co-regent of the Holy Dorok Empire with Namulith, his elder brother. Master of the Crypt (墓所の主, bosho no nushi) (voice), Tolmekian Soldier Dies using his psychic powers to save Nausicaä from Miralupa, who considers the legends heresy. Kulubaluka (クルバルカ, kurubaruka) Looking for movie tickets? The cloned bodies of the Dorok Holy Emperor and the Master of the Garden are also referred to as Heedra, suggesting the name may in fact be a catch-all term for genetically engineered humanoids. As later proven no conventional weapons work on them and all attempts to destroy them were futile. Father of the two brothers Namulith and Miralupa upon whom he bestowed dual reign of the Dorok Empire. Late in the series of the manga she betrays this trust when she continues travelling towards Shuwa with Ohma, in spite of noticing the detrimental influence Ohma has on Teto's health. Voice cast: Goro Naya (Japanese), Patrick Stewart (English, 2005). He was the disciple and assistant of an elderly holy man. Sees war as pointless, but accepts the responsibilities she has towards her people and their allies, responsibilities that increase as her father's condition deteriorates. Filming & Production (voice) (uncredited), Pejite Peasant Girl ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) (Tepa (テパ, tepa)) Kurotowa (クロトワ, kurotowa) Nausicaä's objective is to bring about a peaceful coexistence among the people of her world, as well as between humanity and nature. Namulith assassinates Miralupa, usurps the authority of the priests and takes the title "Divine Emperor (神聖皇帝, shinseiKōtei)" when he assumes the sole reign of what remains of the Holy Dorok Empire. These abilities are fueled by nuclear energy and contact with them is known to cause radiation poisoning, which suggests that the Seven Days of Fire may have been at least partially a nuclear holocaust. Soon afterwards Ohma starts deteriorating and rotting away until his death, although a reason is never given it is assumed that it Is due to the continued use of his nuclear powers(The fire of heaven). The two are content to stay with the Master of the Garden, away from politics and safe from war. (voice) (uncredited), Queen Salena ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) / Voice cast: Miina Tominaga (Japanese), Emily Bauer (English, 2005). Serving as an Ark for the old mankind which is to re-emerge once the purification is complete. His weapon of choice is a blow gun that he uses to fire sharp darts. After Nausicaä stops the attack, he recognizes her as the "Blue-Clad One", a savior from old legends. Prince of Pejite, forced to journey in exile after Princess Kushana invades Pejite. (voice) (uncredited), Princess Zandra ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) Girl C He is with Nausicaä in spirit many times when she needs his guidance, including at the end when she confronts the Master of the Crypt. Though at first he fears the appearance of the "Blue-Clad One" as the prophesied warrior come to destroy Miralupa and the Dorok Empire, he later sees that Nausicaä is in reality a good person after she helps him attempt to destroy the engineered mold that was threatening to overwhelm the Dorok lands. At first he has the mentality of a child or toddler. The Japanese name, (王蟲 (Ō mu(shi))), consists of the kanji for king and insect or bug. She interrupts her journey to bury him and as a result encounters the Master of the Garden. Fox-squirrels (キツネリス, kitsunerisu) English Voice Cast (1985 New World Pictures Dub) Cam Clarke - Prince Milo; Hal Smith - Axel, Lord Yupa, Narrator; English Voice Cast (2005 Disney Dub) Nausicaä - Alison Lohman; Lord Yupa - Patrick Stewart; Kushana - Uma Thurman; Kurotowa - Chris Sarandon; Asbel - Shia LaBeouf; Mito - Edward James Olmos; Pejite Mayor - Mark Hamill; Gikkuri - Jeff Bennett Namulith captures Kushana, hoping to marry her and thus claim the two empires. The two other princes are shown to be similar to the first, but state that their behavior was an act to convince their father that they were stupid and therefore, not a threat. Old Lady ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) A mated pair of horseclaws, originally belonging to Lord Yupa but given to Nausicäa to aid her on her journeys. Screen Reader Users: To optimize your experience with your screen reading software, please use our website, which has the same tickets as our and websites. when you purchase 3 participating Suave products 9/1-10/31 at Walmart or A Priest and commander of the Dorok armies. Kest (ケスト, kesuto) Also referred to as Master Yupa, or Lord Yupa. In the anime, she is the first to realize Nausicaa to be the "Blue-Clad One" of prophecy; in the manga, the Dorok Mani-tribe Elder is the first one to acknowledge this. Heedra are extremely strong and difficult to kill: they can only be killed by destroying their "core", apparently located in the head just behind the uppermost of their three eyes, or blasting a Heedra into pieces. Ohma (オーマ, Ōma) Hideaki Anno, who worked on the film of Nausicaä, had planned to do a manga side-story centered around Kushana's military exploits, but Miyazaki denied him access, believing that Anno was intending to use her to "play war games.",etc. Throughout most of the story, she is portrayed as a sixteen-year-old girl but there are flashbacks to her earlier childhood. Depository of the ancient society's technologies and science. Used for menial tasks as well as artificial soldiers. (voice) (as Steve Apostolina), Pejite Peasant Girl The sergeant-at-arms and King Jihl's chief retainer. (Mito (ミト, mito)) movie theaters are playing Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind near you. Kai (カイ, kai) and Kui (クイ, kui) (voice), Additional Voices Princess of Torumekia. 1 hr 35 min. Kushana’s aide and a spy for the Emperor, at first. (voice), Lastelle's Mother ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) Ohma dies from the massive damage received while battling the crypt. Throughout most of the story depicted in the manga, authority is divided between the hereditary ruling class and the priesthood. Enormous creatures Miyazaki created by combining insects and arthropods, which exist in a perpetual larval form until their lives end. ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) (voice) (uncredited) Russell Johnson ... Lord Yupa ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) (voice) (uncredited) Daamen J. Krall ... ('Warriors of the Wind' dub) (voice) (uncredited) David … Princess of the Valley of the Wind. Giant God Warriors (巨神兵, Kyoshinhei) Nausicaä rejects its designs for the future of the planet and with the assistance of the Vai Emperor and using Ohma's final powers, destroys it. (voice) (uncredited), Prince Milo ('Warriors of the Wind' dub)


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