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A searing confessional infused with the darkest humor, Permanent Midnight chronicles the opiated abyss of a Hollywood screenwriter and his formidable climb into sobriety. Full Disclosure: I read the BOOK (Permanent Midnight) long before the movie ever went into production.

by ; This certainly has a deserving place in the canon of cautionary heroin literature Junkie Songs They Play On The Radio Wonderland Avenue etc There are many cringe worthy scenes that had me grimacing on the train However I think those are necessary because I cannot imagine anyone reading this and thinking Gee heroin sounds funBeginning his writing career with artistic pretensions Stahl finds himself making 5000 a week writing dialogue for shows like Alf Thirtysomething Moonlighting and Booker stuff he considered schlock and which came about via a marriage of convenience arranged by a British woman producer who wanted to become an American citizen For a while he is able to pull off his dual life ie morning meetup with a scary looking ex con at 500 am in a seedy McDonalds for some dilaudids; ... (Sign in to see more), Jennie Stahl eventually became a free lance writer for GQ, Playboy and other national magazines after exiting showbiz. I just can't bring myself to keep reading this book right now so it's be thrown into my pile of "abandoned" and I hope to come back to it later. Made into a major motion picture starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, Permanent Midnight is revered by critics and an ever-growing cult of devoted readers as one of the most compelling contemporary memoirs. ‧

. Elie Wiesel He currently lives in Los Angeles. Elie Wiesel Stahl sets the prevailing tone with his prologue, in which he not only wakes up in a blood-soaked diaper after having a billiard- size cyst excised from his … It was much more accurate. Read full review, Another to hell and back memoir of drug use ( and TV writing)elevated by the author's heavy use of sarcasm and a sharp self-deprecating wit. Michelle Obama

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HOLOCAUST For eight years, we witnessed the adversity the first family had to face, and now we get to read what it was really like growing up in a working-class family on Chicago’s South Side and ending up at the world’s most famous address. by Jerry Stahl. I hail Jerry as the next William BurroughsI wanted to place a few uotes here but found that I would pretty much be listing most of the novelJerry's book Bad Sex on Speed led me to this memoir He talked of being a junkie too well and was kind of relieved to find out he had been one I held onto this book; dragged it out like the perfect night or last beerJerry was a script writer for the famous 80s tv shows Moonlighting and Alf He did drugs so he could cope with work; a first for me in a memoir dealing with substance abuse I was both fascinated and pitied his struggle Fabulous journey addictive in itself His description of himself his surroundings and emotions caused me to lose a few hours sleep hitting the next chapter Brave raw dirty sexy sexual and desperate Must read, His byline appeared everywhere from LA Style to the Village Voice from Esuire to Hustler He penned scripts for twisted cult classics like Cafe Flesh and Dr Caligari He banged out shows for TV mega hits like Moonlighting Twin Peaks and thirtysomething But even when Jerry Stahl was making five grand a week he was shooting six Careening from his luxury home to LA's hellacious neighborhoods he financed a heroin habit that brought on the soothing hiss of oblivion while it stole his health and smashed his career Until in a private apocalypse straight out of Day of the Locust Jerry Stahl kicked smack and emerged cleanA searing strung out confessional in the lineage of Lenny Bruce William S Burroughs and Hubert Selby Jr PERMANENT MIDNIGHT chronicles one man's slide into the opiated abyss and his claw marked ascent back into the light heralding the return of the Urban Hipster to contemporary literature infused with savage humor and relentless intensity, © 2020 
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This book left me cold a number of times I know exactly why I know what the pain point is I had a father with terminal alcoholism that's what I call it now Like terminal cancer But not Terminal addiction instead And the passages about loving his daughter was when my attitude to the book took a turn Gasoline on embers The persistent problem of an unwillingness to understand or an inability to; empathizing instead with grimaces set jaws gritted teeth the psychological brace position of loved onesThis next comment is going to sound shallow but I was mulling this book over in a shopping centre A monolithic shrine to the new fucking religion that exists in every major region And it is now becoming common for me to have what I term an existential crisis in them but could probably be accurately ... (Sign in to see more), Marti & Jerry Stahl. His father, David … Stahl grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. KIRKUS REVIEW The itinerary of a hack writer's nightmarish journey through junkie hell.

Permanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl, unknown edition, ... Share this book. Early life. Don't have an account? If you want a better version of a business professional / pathological liar / drug user gone straight, check out CLEAN & SOBER.

An engrossing memoir as well as a lively treatise on what extraordinary grace under extraordinary pressure looks like.

Read full review. August 19, 2020 | History. Elie Wiesel I always wanted to read this because Stahl wrote for Moonlighting and that is my all time favorite TV show the way probably only a show you loved when you were 10 can be And it turns out that he worked on multiple shows I was familiar with because of my young age in the late 1980s This is actually a well written memoir but very much about drugs You know shooting heroin on the set of Alf and Moonlighting and everywhere I am not generally horrified by drug use but injecting heroin multiple times a day until your veins collapse is so disgusting Jerry Stahl got over it and is alive now, Jennifer Stahl has nerve, heart, a language of his own and a ghastly, riotous humor.”—Tobias Wolff, author of This Boy's Life, “Permanent Midnight is one of the most harrowing and toughest accounts ever written in this century about what it means to be a junkie in America, making Burroughs look dated and Kerouac appear as the nose-thumbing adolescent he was.”—Booklist. Pinterest. Jerry Stahl was born in Pittsburgh. With her characteristic candor and dry wit, she recounts the story of her fateful meeting with her future husband. Another to hell and back memoir of drug use ( and TV writing)elevated by the author's heavy use of sarcasm and a sharp self-deprecating wit. Once they were officially a couple, her feelings for him turned into a “toppling blast of lust, gratitude, fulfillment, wonder.” But for someone with a “natural resistance to chaos,” being the wife of an ambitious politician was no small feat, and becoming a mother along the way added another layer of complexity. He was the only one of the family to survive what Francois Maurois, in his introduction, calls the "human holocaust" of the persecution of the Jews, which began with the restrictions, the singularization of the yellow star, the enclosure within the ghetto, and went on to the mass deportations to the ovens of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Marion Wiesel ‧


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