phil collins other sides
Single by Phil Collins; from the album Both Sides; B-side "Always" "Rad Dudeski" Released: 18 October 1993 (UK) 4 November 1993 (US) Recorded: 1993: Genre: Pop rock; symphonic rock; Length: 6: 43 (album version) 5:31 (radio edit) Label: Atlantic; Virgin; WEA; Songwriter(s) Phil Collins: Producer(s) Phil Collins: Phil Collins singles chronology "Hero" (1993) "Both Sides of the Story" (1993) "Everyday" (1994) "Both … is THE label that give Fans what they want! A box of b-sides and remixes on cd is what the fans asked from day one. Having this Phil Collins collection be digital release only is a blow to the fans that want to support the artists and record companies through purchasing music on a physical CD with gorgeous artwork, liner notes, and more. They may not be physical, but they do offer exactly the same quality as your beloved CDs. Both Sides was notable for the fact that Collins made it entirely on his own, without usual collaborators producer Hugh Padgham, guitarist Daryl Stuermer, bassist Leland Sklar and the Phenix Horns. I certainly won’t be purchasing a download of what I’m after. I think it worked well, and those complaining are being churlish. That way you should ensure you at least get a CD-quality download rather than mp3. Is there different departments of stupidity within Warners? If I paid for music release I need good quality sound not a substitute what I can find in YouTube. Also, given that Phil made a point of saying how it was interesting to track the development of the studio song when played live, he then gave no detail at all on which concerts and what years the tracks were performed in. 2. I understand why Warner/Rhino/Atlantic decided to not release physical (CD) release of this part of this reissue program. Notice that the bonus tracks from the CDs don’t overlap the new digital albums? I just don’t like the idea to pay money for lossy formats such as mp3. Fantastic blog as always! However I’d expect a modern pop artist to be purely digital. Phil has said he disliked some of them (“I Like The Way”, “It’s Everywhere”) and as these are his songs, I had understood that he didn’t want them to be in the re-issue campain. Not read, not watch TV (only three channels that didn’t start until 4pm). So, it doesn’t make sense at all and there is no reason for digital format only. Phil Collins: "Other Sides" und "Remixed Sides" (31.5.2019) Neue digitale Alben erscheinen Ende Mai. I wonder if it one of those hype things. 2019 Snapchat, Netflix, WhatsApp and whatever is currently hip are all that matter. Buy an album or an individual track. The album achieved commercial success, reaching No. A travesty. Please put that article onto your website, to increase the possibility that Collins and Warner Music executives might read it. Cd3 – instrumental version. “I Like The Way” – first time available other than on vinyl, Remixes There was a school of thought that macca was up to the same thing with ridiculous pricing / disappearing product which miraculously appeared at a slightly lower, but still high price. One has to wonder when the volume levels on those specific tracks are much lower in volume. It’s only 480×480, but drop me an email if you want the images… can’t seem to post them here. This is probably a 2 CD set. All Rights Reserved. “In The Air Tonight” (’88 Remix) As for the two “sets” on offer, only the following songs have never been issued digitally / on CD before: B-sides This completed track features an atmospheric drum machine, keyboard sounds (no piano) and vocals by Collins telling a story about a disaster at sea and families left behind. We agree – releasing something digital only, with no physical options (they should do vinyl AND CD) is ridiculous and heinous. source: Maybe our demographic is less important than we like to imagine in our cosy SDE bubble. Phil Collins, Writer, MainArtist - Phil Collins and Hugh Padgham, Producer - Hugh Padgham assisted by Simon Osborne, Engineer. We know Collins’ has had health issues in recent years (he now walks with a cane) but the decision to not release these on CD is not the kind of physical decline we were expecting. “Sussudio” (Extended Remix) The hodge-podge on the second disk, made even considering them unlikely. Only got The Singles 3CD, but here’s where it ends for me. Surely all this could fit snuggly on a nice 3-CD box set.. do they think it’s too niche and therefore not warranting physical? Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. A very early "demo" of it was released on the official fanclub in 2011. Most of his fans are cd people. Also a bit boggled by the decision considering the era of the music in question. Cd1 – démo I didn’t purchase any of the reissues because there were no extended mixes included. 8 in Australia, and No. Video; Tracklist; Play All Shuffle Queue. Surely digital-only releases are cheaper for them, but a lot of Phil fans would buy the physical edition. Streaming will remain the king for the time being and cd and vinyl niche formats. “If Leaving Me Is Easy” (Demo) After the “The Singles” collection containing album versions instead of single/radio versions, here is a B-sides & Mixes collection available on digital format only. I suddenly felt I had a lot to say."[11]. Greedy record labels. He touches on politics and "the daily cloud of terrorism Britain seems to live under" on "We Wait and We Wonder", as well as a maturing disenchantment with the youth culture on "We're Sons of Our Fathers". 1985 Philip Collins Ltd. under exclusive license to Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. Please direct me to the young people who are interested in a Phil Collins B-side from 1982. Need to see a physical release for me! Then tackle the Genesis catalogue – again. They indeed should have credited the origins of the live tracks, but onward. Play on TIDAL or open in our Desktop app Share. I also cant believe there were no 12″ mixes from hello I must be going ” I don’t care anymore ” is screaming for a 12″ mix. 3. In any case, thank you for doing what you do Paul! Excuse me stereotyping, but, like me, dare I suggest that Phil Collins fans’ are of a ‘certain age’? Where does it say that none of those tracks are remastered,? Two discs for each release (I’m assuming these won’t fit on one), in a slim double jewel case with some informational liners giving the dates of the single releases and we can call it a day. If we can Warner to change their mind, that would be great. I have been an avid music fan and collector since the 5th grade and I am 50 now. Five Star have never been this Furious and it is really upsetting Grandmaster Flash. I would like not to look at it ever again. Which leads me to this thought – the main problem with the reissues is that they should have been complete box sets, rather than simple 2-disc releases. Its B-side varied, as copies of the single included either "Always" or "Rad Dudeski". Their 1977 album, “Rumours”, remains, forty years later, one of the best-selling records of all time and yet the band’s lesser-known early years are no less captivating. This way EVERYONE wins, Phil. Hold tight, folks. The version released on Spotify was actually not the album version, but a rough mix with a different intro and outro. They were released on CD, I bought them…. Unless these are available on CD, they don’t exist. Poor Paul! Marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. I don’t care about the artwork. It is clear to me that these record company executives don’t live in the real world! There's a problem loading this menu right now. I guess the point I am trying (badly) to make is they are chasing the wrong people. I’ll pass on this until Warners do the sensible thing and release it on CD. Albums released with ‘reimagined’ artwork, truly abominable remastered sound quality, live tracks from recent concerts included whilst sought after demos languished, poor quality control on the vinyl issues (4 out of 8 virtually unplayable on first purchase, had to get 4 replacements before Hello IMBG was accepatable), even one album edited down from its original. It is said that the tracks are not even remastered but this is a chance to have them all in one shot ! This is basically Barry’s stance on the Bee Gees catalogue as well. please release as CD and or Vinyl. Kids with their iPhones and their Apple Music ain’t gonna be listening to the remix compilation on their way to school! Just to add a bit of balance, the collection of studio albums (8 I believe) was released as a box set that I saw going for around 8 quid a few months back…the biggest bargain I recall seeing in recent releases. Those are the commoditized parts of these re-release programs. Almost choked on my breakfast while reading the « shit cake » line. I don’t do downloads unless it’s someone whom I must absolutely have EVERYTHING by and downloads are the only way to get the material. The different version of Take me Home is missing. All songs written, performed and produced by Phil Collins. Fans complaining we didn’t get the cutting from the floor are again, being rather churlish, imo. "Both Sides of the Story" is a song performed by Phil Collins and was released in 1993 as the lead single from his fifth album Both Sides, released the same year. The remasters sound fantastic and I’d be thrilled for other artists to offer up as much as Phil has here. I love my Genesis 5.1s, but they are far from demo worthy. So, it’s been mentioned that there’s a shorter “extended version” of Take Me Home from Japan. It’s not what record buying is about. It would not surprise me one iota to find out the physical product is already made and will be revealed once the company relent due to unprecedented fan feedback. They really have messed Phil’s face up. I have been waiting a long time for song of these tracks to be re-issued. Deeply gutted! Somebody high up has decided to chase the youth market but being 40 odd years old just doesn’t get it. 15. They all would want the b-sides and remixes in a single place. I like the product, the booklet, the notes, the lyrics, the writing credits, the player credits, the photos that go into a good package for a new or reissued album. Oh dear. Release on vinyl please or failing that at least on CD. Earlier this year, he re-released his 1990 Serious Hits Live album with much to his hard core fan's delights. If he felt so strongly about his live stuff, then he should have done the reissues as a 3CD affair – CD 1 – the album remastered with b-side songs, CD 2 – remixes OR b-sides & demos given that particular album, CD 3 – live versions. Which was shameful as their original releases on vinyl were works of art. @elliott Buckingham If you ARE intent on going down the path of the dark side – sorry, I meant digital download – then you may want to consider ordering from somewhere like Qobuz rather than Amazon. ‘lumbered with a ‘digital only’ release status’ says it all. Only buys cd’s. Warner/Rhino is losing the Prince catalog, they are releasing a CD/2LP of famous B-sides and his verisons of songs he wrote for other people. 2. It worked for me, and I think it was a good decision. Crazy! All should be released on a physical format with a booklet. But i do appriciate the opportunity to go deeper into albums that i care most about, regardless of format. record companies… Warner Music must release both compilations on CD. Maybe because his CDs are not selling? A marketing ploy to make a few waves rather like Heinz did with the news that they were go to cease making Salad Cream. The album itself was released weeks later only reaching to No. It gives me nightmares. 1996 Philip Collins Ltd. Regarding the “He Missed Again” article it sounds like his neighbour Barry Gibb have been giving some of his “sage” advice lately. ‘Vinyl-only’ albums show disdain to fanbase too. What I don’t understand is why those Japanese CD singles from 1998 go for such crazy high prices (mainly looking at Discogs). “Hang In Long Enough” (Dub 1) Releasing it as digital only makes ‘Nonce-Sense’ like everyone here I still buy physical, hell I actually bought 14 albums this week, old releases and new.


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