pinsk synagogue

There are nearly as many educated people among them as there are among the Jews of Odessa.

By God's grace, I am permanently resident in the town where my dear parents live. Abraham Kunki passed through Pinsk while traveling to collect money for the support of the Jerusalem Talmud Torah (preface to "Aba? ); R. ?ayyim Schönfinkel (ib. RAPPAPORT, GERTRUDE 114-18-7-2 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 5/24/1981 Always your sincere friend, Yalag". In the 5–7 August 1941 massacre, 8,000 Jews were murdered just outside of Pińsk. Updated 19 Dec 2002 by LA. RAPHAEL, SHIRLEY 114-18-4-8 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 11/5/1984 Jewish families ( from Pinsk) in the photo. Prior to WWII he lived in Pinsk, Poland.

KITTOWER, ESTHER 114-18-14-11 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 12/13/1989 In 1412 - for the first time several Jewish families were mentioned in the chronicles of the city of Brest-Litovsk (Brisk, Brest) – a city at the extreme western border of Belarus. EMEN, FANNIE 114-18-3-2 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 1/29/1991 Holocaust. These men attacked the works, damaging the premises, driving off the laborers, and committing many thefts. Denounced by the mitnagdim, who called all Hasidim karlintsy (using the name of karlin for all of them), Asher ben Aaron was arrested by the newly established Russian authorities as a “sect leader” in 1792, yet returned to Karlin after his release from prison. KOLODNY, IRVING 4-13-G-5-14 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 10/9/1972 BERMAN, VIVIAN 53-14-G-3-B PINSKER KARLINER LGE 7/18/1917 However, Russian archival records document that Meer Leyb was born in the shtetl of Lahishyn in 1872 and lived there at age two. He and his children were regarded as boyars, and shared the privileges and duties of that class. Other synagogues and prayer houses of Pinsk were destroyed as well. Early Jewish Settlers. DAVIDSON, SELMA 4-13-G-8-13 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 7/29/1986 After the great fire in Pinsk in 1901 he headed the Rescue Committee, together with his brother Aharon. He inherited a tradition of charitable works from his forefathers". TROSHINSKY, FANNIE 114-18-11-10 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 3/8/1975 Among those members of the community of Pinsk who achieved distinction were the following: R. Elijah, son of R. Moses ("Ḳiryah Ne'emanah," p. 125); R. Moses Goldes, grandson of the author of "Tola'at Ya'aḳob"; R. Kalonymus Kalman Ginzburg (president of the community); R. Jonathan ("Dibre Rab Meshallem"); R. Solomon Bachrach, son of R. Samuel Bachrach ("Pinḳas Tiktin"); R. Ḥayyim of Karlin ("'Ir Wilna," p. 31); R. Solomon, son of R. Asher ("Geburath He-Or"); R. Joseph Janower ("Zeker Yehosef," Warsaw, 1860); R. Samuel, son of Moses Levin ("Ba'al Ḳedoshim," p. 210); R. Asher, son of R. Kalonymus Kalman Ginzburg ("Ḳiryah Ne'emanah," p. 185); R. Gad Asher, son of R. Joshua Rokeaḥ ("Anshe Shem," p. 63); R. Joshua Ezekiel (ib. Rebellion was in the air, and with the other Jewish communities in Lithuania that of Pinsk felt the cruelties of the advancing Cossacks, who killed in great numbers the poorer Jews who were not able to escape.

The Poalei Zion (Labor Zionists) [...] saw it all differently. KOROBOW, CHARLES 114-18-4-13 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 1/30/1976

The economic and commercial significance of Pinsk increased after the construction of two overland routes – Pinsk-Slonim and Pinsk-Volhynia – as well as canals connecting the Pripyat with the Neman and the Western Bug Rivers. As a result of this controversy, the anti-Hasidic leaders of the Pinsk kahal forced Rabbi Levi Yitzhak (the future chief rabbi and head of rabbinic court of Berdichev and the famous Hasidic leader), who served a term as the chief rabbi of Pinsk to leave the town while Karlin turned into one of the headquarters of the rising Karlin-Stolin trend in the Hasidic movement. In spite of the growing competition of the Christian merchants, the Jews must have carried on a considerable import and export trade, as is shown by the custom-house records of Brest-Litovsk. A New Year's greeting card for Rosh Hashana 5687 (September 1926) The two of them together with Grigory Lourié, Shaul Lourié, and the Eliasberg family -- see below -- used to meet in Pinsk, both out of personal friendship and also to discuss the problems of the Zionist movement at that time.

The border control agent told us that we could drive up to Terespol where we could catch a train across the Polish-Belarus border to Brest. At the same time, he would ask each one of them about what had happened in his little world during the previous week. ADUKOFF, MORDUCHI 4-13-G-2-1 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 12/15/1921 LERNER, MOLLIE 114-18-3-9 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 7/11/1967

OSTER, MAX 4-13-G-3-7 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 2/27/1940 Leopold Lourié died in London in 1938, at the age of 79.

KASHE, LEO 53-14-G-1/2-7 PINSKER KARLINER LGE 4/18/1980

EPSTEIN, FRUMAL 4-13-G-2-11 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 7/14/1926 Please find enclosed 75 kopek, the price of 6 copies of your book -- 5 of 'Mishlei Yehudah', and one of 'Olam ke-Minhago, Pt. photographed in Germany in 1945 on their way to Mandatory Palestine. NEIDITCH, HARRY 4-13-G-11-5 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 2/7/1941

HOLZMAN, ALFRED 4-13-G-8-2 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 10/22/1986 The Franciscan and Jesuit monastery complex is an excellent example of Vilnius Baroque style. This contains the complaint of Nahum Pesakhovich against Grigori Grichin, the estate-owner in the district of Pinsk, who had mortgaged to him, to secure a debt of 33 kop groschen and of 5 pails of unfermented mead, six of his men in the village of Poryechye, but had given him only five men. How many spiritual faces of exceptional beauty were immortalised in photos either here or in Waintraub’s nearby photographic studio, which was located where there is now a tiny square – hundreds, thousands… Fate often preserves photos longer than the people shown in them. Except for Berdichev there was no other city in the whole Pale of Settlement with as large a percentage of Jews, though there were cities with a larger total Jewish population. Date 1915 - 1920 Locale Pinsk, [Belarus; Pinsk] Poland. GOLDFARB, ANNA 53-14-G-10-10 PINSKER KARLINER LGE 3/10/1939 Weizmann's letters to and about Georg Halpern show, in particular, that Halpern was one of Weizmann's loyal supporters in the activities of the Democratic Faction, in the project of establishing the Hebrew University, and in the opposition to the Uganda plan for Jewish settlement. For the Jewish community, the most tragic event of that period was the 1919 shooting of 35 Jews: the Polish soldiers accused Jews of the Bolshevik conspiracy and executed them at the wall of the Jesuit college. BURSTEIN, MORRIS 114-18-15-2 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 1/19/1953 Russko-Yevreiski Arkhiv. Their exact movements and residences in and around Pinsk are a mystery that will probably remain unsolved. PALMER, JOSEPH 114-18-12-11 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 4/17/1952 Fifteen families responded to Wolf Levin's call. Then, in 1898, he embarked on the production of large plywood-boards for building and furniture by the same method. In 1966, the last synagogue was shut down. Holocaust Memorial, 1995 4. FINKELSON, BESSIE 4-13-G-2-14 EZRAS ACHIM BNEI PINSK 8/8/1911


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