psychological post mortem
Dr. Kernberg (1992) correctly recognizes that "hatred derives from rage," which is "the core affect of severe psychopathological conditions, particularly severe personality disorders, perversions, and functional psychoses." Certainly, bin Laden saw himself as a messiah, the savior, of his own Muslim people, and perhaps, of humanity. See our. [8] With an ophthalmoscope, changes to the blood in the retina are quickly visible. My own father was "Thor" in my night sea journey terror. Indeed, from everything I've seen, this is exactly--even archetypally-- what Osama seems to have been. Radical Islam and violent terrorism (jihad) against the West and all it symbolizes--including perhaps his wealthy, thoroughly Westernized father--became bin Laden's raison d'etre. Obviously, analyzing or profiling the personality of such a shadowy, enigmatic and elusive figure as Osama bin Laden is a difficult task. He bitterly alleges--with some merit, given his background-- that the world has done him wrong, which gives him the right to do the world wrong. But not everyone becomes completely possessed and grandiosely inflated by it. It’s key to clarify right at the start that this is a learning process for the team or organisation, and not a blame game. If its foreign policy were personified in a person, that person would almost certainly be a narcissistic psychopath motivated almost entirely by greed and self-interest. The stunning terrorist attacks on New York, Washington, Madrid and London by violently hateful militant Muslim extremists have been characterized by many as unprovoked acts of evil. Or was he just another religious cult leader with a major messiah complex? We have a big and distributed team structure and we are delivering an on-premise software that makes the delivery different from cloud practices. My own father was "Thor" in my night sea journey terror. A new project, called COMET, tries to bring these two approaches together. As a forensic psychologist, I never automatically assume that someone accused of having committed criminal acts suffers from some mental disorder. Psychoanalyst Michael Stone (1991) notes that Hitler's father brutally beat both him and his brother daily with a whip, suggesting that Hitler's evil deeds (and his notorious "anger attacks") were, at least in part, a consequence of this horrific abuse: a hateful--and, ironically, hypersadistic--displaced expression of repressed rage regarding his relationship with his sadistic father. In Jungian terms, Osama bin Laden may have demonstrated a classic case of inflation: a pathological over-identification with the Messiah archetype, the universally innate image of an embodied savior, prophet or chosen one. Adolf Hitler, another messianic cult leader, also viewed himself this way, as did the entire German nation, following him blindly into a catastrophic World War with millions of casualties. Focusing on improvement and resilience. [2], The definition of legal death, and its formal documentation in a death certificate, vary according to the jurisdiction. But, in some cases, post-mortem diagnosis is required. What made someone like renegade Saudi millionaire-turned-international terrorist and would-be-exterminator of Western civilization Osama bin Laden tick? Good read. His billionaire father died in an airplane crash when Osama was 12, leaving a vast fortune to his numerous offspring. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. The gases from bacterial decay begin to escape, causing a strong odor. InfoQ is covering this event with Q&As, summaries, and articles. This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and analyze traffic. Complexes can behave like relatively autonomous "splinter personalities," powerfully influencing consciousness, cognition, affect and behavior. A round-up of last week’s content on InfoQ sent out every Tuesday. Obviously, analyzing or profiling the personality of such a shadowy, enigmatic and elusive figure as Osama bin Laden is a difficult task.'s got a hold on me and I need your help. There is disorder in the world. Saunders: Engineers always want to do the right thing. It's an empire whose acts and philosophies have vast consequences throughout the world. Immelman did, however, mention Dr. Millon's syndrome of "puritanical compulsiveness." This composite character complex combines the narcissist's arrogant sense of self-worth, exploitative indifference to the welfare of others, and grandiose expectation of special recognition with the antisocial personality's self-aggrandizement, deficient social conscience, and disregard for the rights of others.". From what I've seen in taped interviews over the years, Manson appears to be at once narcissistically grandiose, intermittently psychotic, and profoundly antisocial. Having failed to do so constructively or creatively through his music or otherwise, Manson (and later, Koresh) eventually succeeded in finding the fame they desperately desired destructively via their evil deeds. Messianic religious sects are not unlike the "hippie" cult or "Family" that unquestioningly served and worshipped Charles Manson, obediently butchering the pregnant Sharon Tate and eight others at his bidding in the summer of 1969. Persecutory paranoia can accompany such dangerous states of mind, and is typically the source of supposed defensive violence by cults toward demonized non-believers or outsiders.


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