rise of the holy roman empire

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Charlemagne’s advisors suggested that no men could question the authority of the pope, and Charlemagne agreed.

Legend says that Charlemagne never would have entered the church where Leo crowned him had he known that Leo was going to give him such a crown and title. As the centuries passed, the Holy Roman Emperors found themselves granting more and more land, titles, and rights to nobility all over the continent. If found in a library, don't waste your time. In short, the Holy Roman Empire and the position of Holy Roman Emperor were as much theoretical as practical. Ruling families often arranged marriages between their children, creating political and economic unions that, in theory, would be beneficial for both families.

Well, probably the most significant part of European history. I purchased this volume back in 2006 with high hopes that, finally, someone had produced a thorough one volume history of the Empire to trump Friedrich Heer's effort. When Charles, who was old and tired, abdicated, he gave his brother Ferdinand the empire and he gave Spain to his son Philip. After putting down a brief civil war among the rebellious duchies, Otto defeated the Magyars at the Battle of Lechfeld in 955, thus ending the Hungarian invasions of Western Europe. I have no problem with an author bringing their opinions to a work - in fact, you want to hear them - but here opinions are presented as facts with nothing but loud bluster to back them up. It had no real geographic boundaries, no official census records for its population. The last such emperor was Berengar I of Italy, who died in 924. However, the line between political and secular issues frequently blurred or disappeared altogether. To resolve this conflict, the Byzantine princess Theophanu married Otto’s son, Otto II, in April 972. A few decade earlier, around 900, autonomous stem duchies (Franconia, Bavaria, Swabia, Saxony, and Lotharingia) reemerged in East Francia. Answer: The term Revived Roman Empire (which is not used in Scripture) refers to a powerful government predicted in biblical prophecy. Just don't buy this book. Either way, the first, since the fall of Rome in 476 was back in action.

After the dissolution of the Carolingian Dynasty and the breakup of the empire into conflicting territories, Otto I became king of Francia and worked to unify all the German tribes into a single kingdom and greatly expand his powers.

Following the example of Charlemagne’s coronation as “Emperor of the Romans” in 800, Otto was crowned emperor in 962 by Pope John XII in Rome, thus intertwining the affairs of the German kingdom with those of Italy and the papacy.

He did. Nature of the empire The precise term Sacrum Romanum Imperium dates only from 1254, though the term Holy Empire reaches back to 1157, and the term Roman Empire was used from 1034 to denote the lands under Conrad II ’s rule.


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