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But the film itself never glorifies the youth rebellion, treating it as a dangerous phenomenon that threatens the well-being of our protagonist and any other red-blooded American. MGM didn’t just want to use the controversy surrounding the book to bring in viewers, they wanted to tap into the sounds that teenagers were bopping to on the weekends and blasting from their car radios - rock and roll. ( Log Out /  New York Times 21 March, 1955, Dawsom, Jim & Ian Whitcomb Rock Around the Clock San Francisco: Backbeat, 2005. Change ), The Official Blog of Musc108: The History of Rock and Roll, “Oh Daddio!” How Blackboard Jungle Changed Rock & Roll,, Jarvon Carson on Why He Should Really Just Go By “Ludicrous”, John Mayer Is “Still Unsteady” On Continuum, SIPPIN’: A Collection of Brief Stores About Sizzurp, The Mathematicians: Or How I Learned how to Stop Worrying and Love Algebra Again, The Miserable Fridays: A Lesson in Dieting, Why Christmas Music is Better Than You Think. ( Log Out /  | Rock around the clock "Blackboard Jungle" marked a turn around in films coming from Hollywood. Entertaining Historical Images From The Groovy Era. The lead is not a wild up-n’-comer like James Dean but Glenn Ford, a 39-year old actor best-known for his comedies with Rita Hayworth. But what the delinquent students did show was how to act Rock & Roll. “Rock Around the Clock” is the only Rock song used in Blackboard Jungle. “Rock Around the Clock” is the only Rock song used in Blackboard Jungle. On his first day on the job, he hospitalizes a student trying to molest a fellow teacher. Blackboard Jungle provides its audience with only a taste, not a starter course in the sound of Rock & Roll. Have fun, and give me your feedback ! Like its predecessors in the genre, the film features all manner of rebellious teens but Blackboard Jungle sets itself apart by addressing the racial injustice of the time. Blackboard Jungle follows similar threads as other teen focused movies at the time. The group’s saxophone player, Joey Ambrose, says that the record’s producer had no idea what kind of hit he had on his hands during the recording session: Pretty much everyone involved with Blackboard Jungle has taken credit for the film’s use of rock and roll and the cultural significance of the film but it’s most likely that the use of “Rock Around the Clock” was inspired by Glenn Ford’s son Peter who was only seven years old at the time of the film’s release. Blackboard Jungle: The Film That Ushered Rock N Roll Into The Mainstream Blackboard Jungle reflected teenage life like no movie before. Peter Ford, son and biographer of Glenn Ford explained the film’s reach to the Calgary Herald: Before production got under way for the film, MGM was at least partially aware of the turmoil that the film would create. Square society didn’t like hearing about the realities of teen life especially when it involved desegregation and violence. Apparently young people were so energized by this new uptempo sound that they couldn’t help themselves for responding physically. While the song did make the American Cashbox music charts (contrary to popular opinion that it was a flop), it was considered a commercial disappointment. When MGM released Blackboard Jungle, reviewers thought it was just another “teenage crimewave” movie, a genre in which tough high school students learned lessons at the hands of their elders, but it was much more important than any b-movie. The book was in the middle of being banned in libraries across the country. Saturday Morning TV Shows Back In The 70s (Video). And it leaves one wondering wildly whether such out-of-hand horrors can be.” And the film was a sensation, earning four Oscar nominations, a Congressional inquiry, an “X” rating in the UK and $8 million dollars worldwide by 1957. We Are In Complete Awe Of These Magical Photos From The... Retro Photos That Bring Us Back To The Good Old Days! In fact Sidney Poitier, one of the classroom leaders, harmonizes the spiritual “Go Down, Moses” with his vocal quartet mid-way through the film. The director was Richard Brooks, the film, Blackboard Jungle and the song, “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets. But it did catch the ear of Richard Brooks, a young writer/director working at MGM.


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