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Actually they come in handy when using Trends reports in web analytics. For that, we like using the Holt-Winters method to do exponential smoothing. As the Climate Normals are an average of three decades, this warmed the new Climate Normals by approximately 0.5°F. You’re right, this post really doesn’t address true “smoothing” in the way you’ve described it. It is slightly more complicated when data are monthly of quarterly; there isn’t a mid-slot at month 6.5 or quarter 2.5. Buh? Procedures are put in place to deal with missing and suspect data values. Apart from the above data, there are various other special observation data is also available . Some stations do not have sufficient data over the 1981–2010 period to be included in the Climate Normals, and this is the primary reason a station may not be included. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 30, 1259–1265, doi:10.1175/JTECH-D-12-00195.1. Climate Normals: An Overview. These inhomogeneities are accounted for to the extent possible by quality control and the standardization of monthly temperature values. Sorry, i can be a math moron myself. Rolling Fields (Image credit: Nintendo) Insert quote here. Just one month ago I also didn’t know about the functionality of the rolling averages. But I’m writing this anyway, partly because this is analytics 101. The average across all Mondays, all Tuesdays etc. Differences between the reported 1971–2000 Climate Normals and the 1981–2010 Climate Normals may be due to station moves, changes in methodology, changes in instrumentation, etc., that are not reflective of real changes in the underlying climate signal. Durre, I., M. F. Squires, R. S. Vose, A. Arguez, S. Applequist, and X. Yin, 2012: Computational Procedures for the 1981-2010 Normals: Precipitation, Snowfall, and Snow Depth. Climate Normals are computed for as many stations operated by the National Weather Service (NWS) as reasonably possible. Each of the 30 monthly values was in turn derived from averaging the daily observations of minimum temperature for the station. In fact, when the widespread practice of computing Climate Normals commenced in the 1930s, the generally accepted notion of the climate was that underlying long-term averages of climate time series were constant. A 7 period moving/rolling window of 7 data points can be used to “smooth” out regular daily fluctuations, such as low sales mid-week and high sales Fri and Sat. Thanks for taking the time to share it! ), the WMO recommends a decadal update, in part to incorporate newer weather stations. Arguez, A., and S. Applequist, 2013: A Harmonic Approach for Calculating Daily Temperature Normals Constrained by Homogenized Monthly Temperature Normals. A 7 period moving/rolling window of 7 data points can be used to “smooth” out regular daily fluctuations, such as low sales mid-week and high sales Fri and Sat. PDF. Yes. I’m just taking the average of the last 7 rows, all the way down the column. to get seasonal indexes for each day. If you work in marketing, you need to know it. A number of documents are available that provide information about the new Climate Normals and explain in technical terms how they were computed. Please see the References section below. And trust me, I stop at ‘simple’. These include regulation of power companies, energy load forecasting, crop selection and planting times, construction planning, building design, and many others. Climate Normals: Monthly Precipitation, Snowfall, and Snow Depth. As the 2000s were warmer than the 1970s, this has had a warming influence on the Climate Normals. While NCEI utilizes 65°F as the base temperature for the standard calculation of heating and cooling degree days, the Climate Normals products include alternative computations of heating and cooling degree days for various base temperatures. Several changes and additions have been incorporated into the 1981–2010 Climate Normals.


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