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They have shorter range than slingers but their arrows are more effective against armored targets. The sling is an ancient weapon; age has not made it less deadly. Obviously the main disadvantage of a chariot is the serious lack of maneuverability, and an inability to move over terrain that is not as smooth as the deserts which the Egyptians call home. Factions Units Shogun 2: Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai Napoleon: Total War Factions Units Empire: Total War This works against most armies except heavy spears and pikes as well as HA. It is best to use them as flanking units, since they are not very resistant to hits. Celtic mercenaries employed by Ptolemaic Pharaohs. But things are not always harmonious; with Greek units garrisoned and veterans settling throughout the territory, the privileges of Greek citizens have led to frequent and bloody uprisings by the indigenous people. Egypt has a longer tradition of archers than perhaps any other faction in the game, and even if arrows no longer have the effect they used to, Pharaoh's Bowmen are still a formidable force to be reckoned with. Even the humblest peasant can be trained to carry a pike into battle. So I should be using an army somewhat similar to that of Greek states seeing as I am a successor kingdom, in using pikemen as the main battle line? We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The only exception are Egyptian Archers, which don't have a Greek equivalent and deal some pretty decent damage since they're one of the few bow units in the game. They are not armoured and thus almost useless in hand-to-hand combat. The intermingling of Greek and Egyptian fighting styles provides the Ptolemaic Pharaohs with a military that is both advanced and balanced, yet still honours the role of the champion commander. These chariots had their own drivers, so that the archers (who were armored, incidentally) could concentrate on the obviously far more important business of killing. Privacy Statement | Disclaimer | Forum Code of Conduct | Legal Information, Buy Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion from, Buy Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion from, Buy Rome: Total War - Alexander from They also have shieldwall to stop cav charges and the bonus damage of javs against cav makes repeated charges on them costly. Fire pots, hurled onto enemy decks, are a terrible threat to wooden ships. This is your strongest enemy in the region and it was him that you'll be competing for influence in neighboring provinces. To fight in the Pharaoh's elite is an honourable calling. Territoriality, I'd choke up Petra and Jerusalem with pike garrison stacks (pike on city defense is unstoppable) and expand west and south, taking all of Aethiopia and Libya. War elephants units are used to trampling enemy heavy infantry. Egypt is in an extremely convenient starting position. Get Libya first and fortfy Cyrene. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Only the very best may serve in the guards to protect the king. Egypt Units Units.

Camels, when paired with spears, are a deadly combination indeed. This perhaps puts them at a disadvantage against other cavalry, since they have less range at close quarters. Please Read. These powerful beasts plough through enemy lines with terrifying force. HA's hate infantry to get within infantry range, but they let precursor javelins hit 'em like 95% of the time, which will bring the death to them. Total War: Rome II Game Guide by Egypt (Imperator Augustus) 51. But again, consider who you are fighting against. ... Add 2-4 flank defence units with to suround the enemy once they are locked with the spears. Alexander's Legacy: -20% resistance to foreign occupation 2. Thorax swords are quite usefull for falnk attacks. They constantly harass the enemy while staying out of range. Lacks heavy infantry, particularly in the late period. These speedy, light cavalrymen can do good service in harrying the enemy. Yeah I like the Chariots/Elephants. Conquer the province where jerusalem is at and make it your military powerhouse.

Total War: Rome II gives you around 14 factions to play with, but in reality only a specific few factions are really getting the attention. From the south it borders only with Aethiopia, which is an easy target due to the lack of allies. ... Normal's Rome II_Units Icons. Depends who you fight tbh. In total you should end up with 10 melee infantery units, leaving you enough space for a general, 4 archers, 4 cav and 1 siege unit/extra elephant. Descendents of Mohammed's daughter Fatima, the Fatimid rulers of Egypt are Shiite Muslims, but Sunnis, Jews and Christians still hold offices and government positions. However, as a recently established dynasty on foreign soil, the native Egyptians will take some convincing as to the value of their new rulers…. The king's own skirmishers are a force to be reckoned with.

Your standard pikemen are pretty great. Egypt's position on the Mediterranean Sea also requires a substantial navy to protect its colonial and trade interests. Each victory variant available for Egypt requires long overseas journeys. With deck-mounted artillery pieces, these ships can rain down destruction on the enemy. This includes all 13 Sebidee roster expansions as well as my linothorax mod, auxilliary mod and mercenary improvement mod. One class of units can never be trained: general’s bodyguard units. The fearsome crocodile god protects both Pharaoh and his children…. Making great use of spear and pike, their forces are further diversified with skilled swordsmen, scythed chariots, and more exotic units such as African war elephants. Like most other low-grade infantry, they should be used primarily for defensive purposes, and certainly not committed to a battle against superior enemy foot like Roman legionnaires or Carthaginian Sacred Band infantry.


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