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The filter loads the document as a binary stream, removes the formatting information, and sends the text from the document to the word-breaker component. For example, the following table, which shows Fragment 1, depicts the contents of the full-text index created on the Title column of the Document table. A type column is a table column in which you store the file extension (.doc, .pdf, .xls, and so forth) of the document in each row. Associates a full-text stoplist with the index. View full catalog record. Instead of constructing a B-tree structure based on a value stored in a particular row, the Full-Text Engine builds an inverted, stacked, compressed index structure based on individual tokens from the text being indexed. For example, searching for "Aluminum" or "aluminum" returns the same results. As can be seen from Fragment 2, full-text queries need to query each fragment internally and discard older entries.

Creating a full-text index on a column whose data type is varbinary, varbinary(max), image, or xml requires that you specify a type column. These components and their relationships are summarized in the following illustration. For example, for the English locale words such as "a", "and", "is", and "the" are considered stopwords.

For information about the possible solutions and consequences of using the neutral (0x0) language resource, see Choose a Language When Creating a Full-Text Index. The following table summarizes the result of their interaction. When Romola, the virtuous daughter of a blind scholar, marries Tito Melema, a charismatic young Greek, she is bound to a man whose escalating betrayals threaten to destroy all that she holds dear. This language is the default language used at query time if language_term is not specified as part of a full-text predicate against the column. The owner of the STOPLIST can grant this permission. It runs the following full-text search components, which are responsible for accessing, filtering, and word breaking data from tables, as well as for word breaking and stemming the query input. Get this Book. Share via Facebook Share via Twitter Share via reddit Share via Tumblr Share via VK Share via Pinterest The installed thesaurus files are essentially empty, but you can edit them to define synonyms for a specific language or business scenario. When specified as a hexadecimal value, language_term is 0x followed by the hex value of the LCID. The full-text search then pulls the converted data from the word lists, processes the data to remove stopwords, and persists the word lists for a batch into one or more inverted indexes.


The results are either returned to the client at this point, or they are further processed before being returned to the client. Each full-text index indexes one or more columns from the table, and each column can use a specific language.

No population of the index occurs until an ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX...START POPULATION statement is issued. The size of a full-text index is limited only by the available memory resources of the computer on which the instance of SQL Server is running.

Additional processing may be performed to remove stopwords, and to normalize tokens before they are stored in the full-text index or an index fragment. However, first you should understand the possible consequences of using the neutral (0x0) language resource. Inversion occurs because the keywords are mapped to the document IDs. Beginning in SQL Server 2008, the full-text indexes are integrated with the Database Engine, instead of residing in the file system as in previous versions of SQL Server. A full-text query returns any documents that contain at least one match (also known as a hit).

Only one full-text index is allowed per table. MANUAL The Keyword column contains a representation of a single token extracted at indexing time. For more information, see Configure and Manage Thesaurus Files for Full-Text Search. Later, at an off-peak time, the index is populated: Create and Manage Full-Text Indexes The query result is matched against the full-text index. A stopword is a word that does not help the search and is ignored by full-text queries. Search HathiTrust. This results in improved query performance since only the master index needs to be queried rather than a number of index fragments, and better scoring statistics may be used for relevance ranking. In the following example, which shows Fragment 2, the fragment contains newer data about DocId 3 compared to Fragment 1.


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