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(The lineage and several pictures of the Duchess cows can found by clicking this link.) Shorthorns were in America almost from the beginning of the country. Although Shorthorns came first, midwesterners in 1870 discovered ‘natural hornless’ cattle occurred from time to time in horned herds. The associations merged in 1923 and all registrations were then included in the same herd book. These results have been confirmed in unbiased, feeding tests throughout the country.

The Story of the Milking Shorthorn in the U.S. By: Otis L. Fisher, Self Published   1993               (Occasionally for sale on the internet.). An interesting side note is she weighed 2128 pounds just before she calved on June 1923, just prior to when she started her world record run. The Shorthorn breed of cattle, which we know today, has evolved over the last two centuries from Teeswater and Durham cattle found originally in the North East of England. The American Junior Shorthorn Association was established at the first National Shorthorn Youth Conference held in Louisville, Kentucky. The Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society (Head Office)The Old Dairy and Ten StallLamport Manor, Old Road, LamportNorthamptonshire NN6 9HF, UK, T: 01604 698060E:, The Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society (Registrations)Society Pavilion, Avenue MStoneleigh Park, KenilworthWarwickshire CV8 2RG, UK, T: 02477 103406 (Answer phone only)E:, Registered office: Chapelshade House, 78-84 Bell Street, Dundee DD1 1RQCompany number SC019414 | Scottish charity number SC010218 | Patron: Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. Over time, these different lines diverged, and by the second half of the 20th century, two separate breeds had developed – the Beef Shorthorn, and the Milking Shorthorn. Outstanding history of the development of Milking Shorthorns in the USA primarily from 1900-1990’s. The decision by AMSS to start their “Native Shorthorn” program was undoubtedly the seminal event in the preservation of Heritage Shorthorns. History of Dairy Shorthorn Cattle By: George T. Burrows, Published in 1950 by Vinton & Company Limited London.

The availability of A2A2 genetics in certain lines, in conjunction with high milk solids/butterfat levels, makes them an excellent fit for those producers interested in the specialty milk and cheese markets. Shorthorns/Polled Shorthorns are very adaptable to the changing needs of the beef cattle industry. These early importations, often referred to as 'Durhams', became favorites of the pioneer, furnishing meat, milk and power. The Whitebred Shorthorns (often referred to as the White Shorthorn) exact history is not known, but what is known is that it originated in Northwest England and Southwest Scotland and aroused interest in the Border counties of the UK over 100 years ago when the breed was referred to as the Cumberland White. Over a period of time, AMSS chose several different ways of enhancing milk production in Milking Shorthorns to compete with Holsteins which all revolved around the introduction of non-purebred lines.

These sister cows became the foundation for the Clay cow family of Milking Shorthorns, developed at Glenside Farm, Granville Center, Pennsylvania.

Many current Heritage Shorthorn breeders listed in the HSS membership directory have cows or Heritage Shorthorn bloodlines that can be utilized as Heritage Milking Shorthorns. (Click link to see pedigrees.) The Shorthorn breed originated on the Northeastern coast of England in the counties of Northcumberland, Durham, York and Lincoln.

Suffice it to say that the American Milking Shorthorn Society became a separate entity in 1949. Normally if milk production exceeds the needs of the calf, udder pressure builds, and milk production decreases to reach a stable level that only meets the needs of the calf. When first brought to Virginia, the breed had attained the name Durham. Since there are several books (Reference Section) providing a detailed narrative on the Shorthorn breed only the most salient points of Shorthorn history are presented here. As with all cattle breeds the formation of the Shorthorn breed began with the desire to produce an improved animal with both the genotype and phenotype that would work in a specific farming situation or area often called a landrace. • New Regional Show System Announced, • New District Structure for the election of ASA Delegates Copyright © 1995-2015 Oklahoma State University Board of Regents. Cruickshank's cattle were thicker, blockier, and meatier.

Fortunately Heritage (formerly referred to as “Native”) Milking Shorthorns have not gone down this dead end trail.

One of the oldest recognized breeds in the world, Shorthorn cattle originated in Northeastern England in the Valley of the Tees River. Milking Shorthorn Journals, prior to 1945. Heritage Shorthorns distinguish themselves because they have never been a part of these programs and have maintained their genetic purity. The large framed cattle that inhabited this fertile valley became known as Teeswater cattle. All funds generated by HSS memberships are dedicated to publicizing Heritage Shorthorns and forging new markets that can help bring success to breeders of these cattle.

Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science. The breed has long been known for their maternal traits, milking ability and calving ease and now the breed is excelling in growth and carcass traits as well. It was a combination of these bloodlines which led to the birth of the bull Comet bred by Charles Colling in 1804 and later sold at the Ketton sale in 1810 for 1,000gns.

In the fiscal year 1993-94, the American Shorthorn Association recorded 21,010 cattle in the breed registry. This program has strengthened the American Shorthorn influence by increasing numbers and providing additional germ plasm through the use of related and non-related breeds. The American Shorthorn Association relocates to the Livestock Exchange Building, Omaha, Nebraska, The present day American Shorthorn Association office is purchased at 8288 Hascall Street, Omaha, Nebraska. Many Shorthorn breeders would say the benefit has been minimal at best. They stabilized and standardized many of the characteristics we see in Heritage Shorthorns today. The Old Dairy and Ten Stall, Lamport Manor, Old Road. Since their inception, Shorthorns were a dual purpose milk and meat breed. The earliest knowledge of the forerunners to the breed is word of mouth, that for two hundred years before 1780, there were short horned cattle on the Yorkshire estates of the Dukes and Earls of Northumberland.

The large framed cattle that inhabited this fertile valley became known as Teeswater cattle.

The first real development of the breed occurred in the valley of the Tees River about 1600. The Shorthorn originated in the north-eastern part of England in the 1700s (where they were originally known as ‘Durhams’), having evolved from a race of superior short-horned cattle known to have existed in the area since the 16th century. In 1822, the first Herd Book record was established by Shorthorn breeders and was called the Coates Herd Book. HSS was formed to stimulate the preservation, production, and promotion of Heritage Shorthorns. Characteristics: The Milking Shorthorn is a red; red and white; or white and roan color. Both ASA and AMSS have evolved from there but ASA is still mostly Beef Shorthorns and AMSS is still mostly Milking Shorthorns. The first was the “Grade-Up” program introduced in 1945 that brought other cows of proper color (red, white, red/white, and roan) into the Milking Shorthorn fold. Yesterday's Genetics for Tomorrow's Shorthorns. These early animals fit neatly in the time period to meet demand and needs during the early development of the beef cattle industry. Two other important English Shorthorn breeders played a substantial role in advancing the quality and promotion of the Shorthorn breed:  Thomas Bates and the Booth family (Thomas Booth and his sons Richard and John). In Ireland the majority of Shorthorns are used for their suckler/beef capabilities, whereas in the UK the milking qualities of the breed have been developed. Currently, “confusion rules the day" when trying to sort out what constitutes a Modern Milking Shorthorn. In 1822 Mr George Coates published the first Herd Book containing 710 bulls and 850 cows and Coates’ Herd Book became the first pedigree herd book for cattle in the world. There are many excellent pictures. In the early days of the global coronavirus pandemic, many Americans faced an unsettling reality: empty grocery store shelves. old. They valued this breed for meat and milk and found Shorthorns a willing power for the wagon and plow as well.

Since their inception, Shorthorns were a dual purpose milk and meat breed. Retrospectively it is hard to understand how this ever happened but it certainly demonstrates how Show Judges and Show Cattle can influence the cattle industry. • ASA Office moved to Kansas City, 7607 NW Prairie View Rd | Kansas City, MO 64151 | p. 816.599.7777 | f. 816.599.7782 | Hours: M-Th: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and F: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. North American International Livestock Expo. One of the first official demonstrations of the production ability of Milking Shorthorns was made at the World's Exposition in Chicago in 1893 where two of the leading cows of the test were Kitty Clay 3rd and Kitty Clay 4th, the latter standing third in net profit over all breeds.


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