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Clementine can either call out for help, after which Kenny will shoot Rebecca dead or Clementine will shoot Rebecca herself. As the group encounter Arvo's group, Rebecca passes out while holding her baby and dies, turning into a walker. Succumbed to blood loss from childbirth, exhaustion, and/or hypothermia. After being captured by Carver, Sarita often takes care of Rebecca when she starts to become ill. Rebecca returns the favour by consoling Sarita when she cries regarding Kenny's brutal beating. Later on, Bonnie and Rebecca watch after and assist each other while walking past the herd undetected. Carver listens to her, as she, Clementine, and Alvin walk down the stairs, confronting the man. outside, Clementine, and Kenny see Carver coax her, and Alvin out from their hiding place. Heroes & Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. This list shows the victims Rebecca has killed: Rebecca is married to Alvin, and her husband seems to be more kind-hearted and compassionate than her. When Clementine returns to the cabin after being attacked by walkers with Nick, she finds both Rebecca and Carlos worryingly discussing about where she has been, and that Luke and Alvin were sent out to search for them. When the group was running away they accidentally left Reggie behind, whom fell upon trying to do so with the others. Rebecca and Luke have a strong enough relationship that Rebecca followed Luke in escaping from Howe's Hardware., Exhaustion, Blood Loss and/or Hypothermia, Rebecca was introduced in a teaser clip posted on Vine by, Luke is in thumbnail for "All That Remains". Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Rebecca is seen, trapped with the other survivors in Carver's van during the beginning of the episode. When Carver held the group hostage Rebecca wanted to find Luke and Kenny to possibly save everybody including Alvin. They both leave the cabin alone to Clementine and Sarah. Later, she is put down by Clementine or Kenny after reanimation. If Clementine does not hide when Rebecca's voice can be heard when in the bathroom, Sarah calls for Rebecca and asks what she is looking for. At this point, Clementine notices that Rebecca has reanimated, still holding her baby. When Sarah runs to her dad after Carver hits him, Rebecca yells for her to come back, showing concern for her safety. Later on, Mike and Rebecca watch after and assist each other while walking past the herd undetected. When conflict arises between the group and Carver's, Rebecca is always shown looking after Sarah, further proving that they are close friends. By the next couple of days, the group head towards a small town, with Rebecca visibly getting weaker. Bonnie is seen really mournful when she thinks Rebecca's baby died during the birth, but then she is happy to see how that wasn't true. As Mike tells them to quiet down, Rebecca mentions that she doesn't know the voice. When the chaos has died down, the group gathers around Rebecca and mourns her death. Bonnie joins Carver to capture Rebecca's group, which causes hostility between the two, though Bonnie later states to Clementine that she didn't mean them any harm. Should Alvin die, Rebecca is clearly devastated by his demise and is crying again showing how much she loves him. Rebecca and Sarah are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. When the group is recaptured and sent back to Howe's, they are greeted by Reggie. Luke states that nobody was at fault and that she had lost too much blood. Occupation If you chose to find Kenny, and Luke: Rebecca would wait inside, as Clementine finds Kenny. If Clementine does nothing, Bonnie will call out for help and Kenny will shoot Rebecca. As Clementine approaches Rebecca, she talks about Alvin and not remembering the last time she told him that she loved him. Unknown Rebecca and Jane have become acquaintances when the former is captured and sent to the pen by Carver. Pete is understanding of Rebecca's behavior, explaining to Clementine that she's got a lot on her mind, bringing a baby into an apocalyptic world. Clementine is the first to notice that Rebecca has succumbed to hypothermia and is visibly shocked and saddened. After witnessing Carver's brutal actions, Bonnie joins and helps Rebecca and the others escape, to which Rebecca appreciates her for. After arriving at Howe's, their relationship becomes even more hostile. If you chose to surrender: Rebecca would yell out to Carver, telling him to stop. Jane then joins the two, and gives advice on how to escape the herd, and she will help them to reach the forest on the other side of the herd. Ethnicity If Clementine doesn't shot Rebecca or asks for help, Bonnie will turn around and will be horrified to see Rebecca as a walker. Rebecca is one of the four confirmed pregnant women in the video game with the others being: Rebecca is the only one to have a confirmed successful childbirth. This incident hardened Rebecca's standpoint to other survivor's plights. Rebecca tells Kenny to kill Carver and then she stays and watches Kenny brutally murder him. Rebecca later spends time with Clementine before eating dinner with the cabin survivors, asking her opinions about bringing the baby into the world they are in now, and revealing to Clementine that the baby is not Alvin's, she also would said that, despite her fears, she feels a little less lonely, because no matter what she would meet someone new, clearly referring to her unborn baby. When they return, they find Rebecca in an even greater pain and that she may give birth at any minute. After being captured, Rebecca comforts Sarah, who cries when Carlos and Kenny's argument becomes intense. Gender Rebecca states how she is scared and that she lost sight of everyone. Rebecca can be seen arguing with Alvin through a cabin window after Clementine escapes from the shed, before attending a meeting in the kitchen. Image Gallery. Right before Kenny kills Carver, he will turn to Rebecca saying "Don't act like you didn't love every second of it", implying Rebecca's relationship with Carver was not entirely consent. Rebecca's corpse can be seen when Clementine tries to save the baby during the firefight. This article is a disambiguation page for Rebecca.The following is a list of links to pages that might share the same title. Rebecca first appears in this episode outside of Howe's Hardware, stumbling across Clementine while the group are still attempting to flee the walker herd. She is then either killed by Clementine or Kenny, which alerts Arvo's group and the episode ends with several gunshots. Throughout the journey Rebecca grows more and more strained as a result of her pregnancy. Moments later, Rebecca's water breaks and they help her to the observation deck. Their relationship seems to have improved when Kenny kills Carver for imprisoning the group and the death of Rebecca's husband, Alvin. Rebecca later on would be seen speaking with Carlos, Alvin and Clementine about whether or not Carver is still tracking them. Rebecca later on would be seen speaking with Carlos, Alvin and Clementine about whether or not Carver is still tracking them. Once there, Rebecca rests whilst Clementine and Jane walk out into the forest. She doesn't believe Clementine's claims of her bite being from a dog, or that she has no idea who Carver is. Their relationship seems to have mended following the group's stay at Parker's Run. Luke frequently looks after Rebecca as she physically grows weaker and often worries about her safety. If Clementine reveals she knows about the baby's unknown paternity, Rebecca will become very hostile and say she knew Clementine would be a problem. As Clementine approaches Rebecca, she talks about Alvin and not remembering the last time she told him that she loved him. Alvin - Former Husband (Deceased)Alvin Jr. - SonWilliam Carver - Ex-Lover (Deceased) This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless whether you surrender or try to find help: Rebecca along with the others would be brought by Carver, back to their 'home'. Even after the veracity of Clementine's claims is proven, Rebecca remains antagonistic, implying that the young girl won't be welcome for much longer. One day, her group encountered an infected survivor and decided to take her in. While discussing their plans to escape, the two constantly disagree with other, with Kenny saying that Rebecca is hard to deal with and Rebecca stating that Kenny isn't a peach either.


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