tiberius coin

Tiberius, AE tessera. Tiberius, AE20 of Laodikeia ad Lycum, Phrygia. Jugate heads of Tiberius and Livia / Tetrastyle temple, shield between columns. Tiberius, AE27 of Caesaraugusta, Spain. Bare head right / TEBEΡIOY, hippopotamus right, LE in ex. Veiled female head right (of Livia?) RPC 427; SNG Cop. 3.58 g. TIBEΡIOΣ, laureate head right / ΣI-ΔH, Athena walking left, holding spear over shoulder and shield at her back, pomegranate in left field, serpent moving right at her far side. TI CAES AVG P M TR P XXXV, laureate head of Tiberius right / DRVSVS CAES TI AVG F COS II. TI CAESAR AVGVSTI F AVGVSTVS, laureate head right / MVN AVGVSTA BILBILIS G POM. Tiberius, AE15 of Apollonoshieron, Lydia. 28-29 AD. 5.5gr. Magistrate Gaius Julius Kallikles. Imprint and Terms of sale MA-Shops GmbH 24.84mm, 10.88 gr. Verkrustungen, sonst VF Tiberius SevillaAugustus Dupondius Gedenkprägung Augustus/Livia RR! 4.44 g. Magistrates Alexander and Ant.. Helios standing left atop Mount Argaeus, holding globe and sceptre. Laureate head right; c/m: star above capricorn right within incuse oval / MYCOMAKEΔONΩN, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre. Two piloi in left field, each with a star above.

Nero Claudius Drusus, Vater Des Claudius (38-9 BC), Antonia, Mutter des Claudius (39 BC-36 AD), Agrippina, Wife of Germanicus (15 BC-33 AD), Nero and Drusus Caesares, sons of Germanicus (31-33), Agrippina Junior, wife Claudius I (16-59), Anonymous issues. Belfort Tiberius group 1, 1; Cohen 3; Buttrey 14, 1. Your email address will not be published. Believer in Open-Source Software, Blockchain Technology & a Free and Fair Internet for all. Tiberius understands that some potential investors are discouraged by the fees since these are uncommon in traditional ICOs. 11.49 g. Fabius Africanus, proconsul. RPC 2451; SNG von Aulock 3000; Sear Greek 272. Tiberius AE23 of Pella in Macedon. ΣEBAΣTH ΣYNKΛHTOY ΣMYΡNAIΩN IEΡONYMOY, confronted heads of Senate, right, and Livia, left / ΣEBAΣTOΣ TIBEΡIOΣ EΠI ΠETΡONIOY, tetrastyle temple, togate statue of Tiberius within. TI CAESAR AVGVST F IMPERAT V, bare head left / ROM ET AVG, front elevation of the Altar of Lugdunum. / ΔAΡΔANEΩN, statue of Athena, holding shield, standing facing on a base. TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS AVGVSTI F, laureate head left / C CARRI AQVIL L FVNI VET F II VIR around large CCA. Anokhin 319. L Caec Aquinus and M Cel Palud, duovirs. QUALITY! 22-30 F AUGUSTUS, POSTUM UNTER TIBERIUS, Denarius Tiberius "Tribute Penny" AR Denarius "Livia, Double Line" RIC 30 Scarce Near EF. Busts of Rhoemetalces II, diademed, and his queen, right / Bare head of Tiberius right. Bronze 1657 Schöne oliv-grüne Patina.


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