voyage in a sentence

His published works include: Etudes geologiques sur les Iles de Tenerife et de Fogo (1848); Voyage geologique aux Antilles et aux Iles de TeneAife et de Fogo (1848-1859); Recherches sur les principaux phenomz nes de meteorologie et de physique generale aux Antilles (1849); Sur les variations periodiques de la temperature (1866), and Coup d'cell historique sur la geologie (1878). See Coudreau's Voyage au Tocantins-Araguaya (Paris, 1897). Whiteway (London, Hakluyt Society, 1902), which contains a bibliography; Futuh elHabacha, a contemporary Arab chronicle of the wars of Mahommed Gran, translated into French by Antoine d'Abbadie and P. Paulitschke (Paris,1898); A Voyage to Abyssinia by Father Jerome Lobo, from the French [by] (London, 1735); Record of the Expedition to Abyssinia, 3 vols., an official history of the war of 1868, by Major T. We possess several poems written by Donne during this expedition, and during the Islands Voyage of 1597, in which he accompanied Essex to the Azores. The journal of his voyage to South America was published in Paris in 1751.

The old arguments of Aristotle and the old measurements of Ptolemy were used by Toscanelli and Columbus in urging a westward voyage to India; and mainly on this account did the Revival of crossing of the Atlantic rank higher in the history of geography.

Hecker took the opportunity of a voyage from Hamburg to La Plata, and in 1904 and 1905 of voyages in the Indian and Pacific Oceans to determine the local attraction over the ocean by comparing the atmospheric pressure measured by means of a mercurial barometer and a boiling-point thermometer, and obtained results similar to Scott Hansen's. Other Utopias are the "Voyage en Salente" in Fenelon's Telemaque (1699); Etienne Cabet's Voyage en Icarie (1840); Bulwer Lytton's The Coming Race (1871); Samuel Butler's Erewhon (1872) and Erewhon Revisited (1901); Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward (1888); William Morris's News from Nowhere (1890); H. Jakob Wallenberg (1746-1778) described a voyage he took to the East Indies and China under the very odd title of Min son pei galejan (" My Son at the Galleys "), a work full of humour and originality. On his outward voyage Cabral was driven by stress of weather to the coast of Brazil. : In his most famous stage work, he took a ruefully affectionate voyage around his father. Tasman sailed from Batavia in 1642, and on the 24th of November sighted high land in 42° 30' S., which was named van Diemen's Land, and after landing there proceeded to the discovery of the western coast of New Zealand; at first called Staten Land, and supposed to be connected with the Antarctic continent from which this voyage proved New Holland to be separated. Nordenskjuld,, Voyage of the Vega (1881) and Vega Exped. On the voyage both became advocates of baptism by immersion, and being thus cut off from Congregationalism, they began independent work.

Greater depths These preliminary trips of scientific marine investigation were than those usually sounded by a hand-line may possibly not have followed by the greatest purely scientific expedition ever underbeen beyond the reach of the earlier navigators, for Strabo taken, the voyage of H.M.S. The whole voyage has been crazy. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow.

The latter expedition (Voyage of the " Beagle ") was accompanied by Charles Darwin, then a young man. Jerome (1825); Recueil de fadaises compose sur la montagne a l'usage des habitants de la plaine (1826); Voyage dans la vallee des originaux (1828); Tableau de la vie rurale, ou l'agriculture enseignee d'une maniere dramatique (1829). He had lighted on some fragments of the Vendidad Sade, and formed the project of a voyage to India to discover the works of Zoroaster. See Azel Ames, The May-Flower and Her Log (Boston, 1901); Blanche McManus, The Voyage of the Mayflower (New York, 1897); The General Society of Mayflower: Meetings, Officers and Members, arranged in State Societies, Ancestors and their Descendants (New York, 1901). Two of the images are also represented in a plate. Example sentences with the word voyage.

A very old tradition suggests that the idea of such an earthly paradise was a reminiscence of some unrecorded voyage to Madeira and the Canaries, which are sometimes named Fortunatae Insulae by medieval map-makers. By 1642 they had spread to South Island, for there Abel Jansen Tasman found them when, in the course of his circuitous voyage from Java in the "Heemskirk," he chanced upon the archipelago, coasted along much of its western side, though without venturing to land, and gave it the name it still bears. The voyage had fallen short of Hudson's expectations, but it served many purposes perhaps as important to the world. In 1912, the Titanic sank on her maiden, 26. On his return to England he published an account of his voyage, which resulted in his being sent out in the " Roebuck " in 1699 to prosecute his discoveries further. Weddell, A Voyage towards the South Pole and to Tierra del Fuego (London, 1825); Charles Darwin, Journal of Researches, &c., during the Voyage of the " Beagle " round the World (London, 1845); W. At the back of the city are three stone-topped hills, Silla, Pan and Tabla, reputed to be those referred to by Columbus in his journal of his first voyage. Sir Francis Chichester was the first person to make a single-handed, 28. Examples of voyage of discovery in a sentence, how to use it.

They are daring sailors, and in small canvas boats of their own building voyage to Nightingale and Inaccessible islands. (a) Healthy are those free from plague throughout the voyage; (2) suspected, those in which plague has occurred, but no fresh case within twelve days; (3) infected, those in which plague has occurred within twelve days. Kotzebue made a second voyage, accompanied by scientists, in 1823-1826. Gomez' second voyage, resulting in another "discovery" of the Cape Verde Islands, was probably in 1462, after the death of Prince Henry; it is likely that among the infante's last occupations were the necessary measures for the equipment and despatch of this venture, as well as of Pedro de Sintra's important expedition of 1461. The discovery of the Bermudas resulted from the shipwreck of Juan Bermudez, a Spaniard (whose name they now bear), when on a voyage from Spain to Cuba with a cargo of hogs, early in the 16th century. Lady Franklin kept a journal during the, 7. excitement, they opened fire on a fleet of British trawlers voyage on the Dogger Bank, and several fishermen were killed. He wrote about his many voyages into the South Seas. In 1895 Peary found native iron at Cape York; since John Ross's voyage in 1818 it has been known to exist there, and from it the Eskimo got iron for their weapons. He was then appointed to the command of the frigate "La Boudeuse" and the transport "L'Etoile," and set sail in December 1766 on a voyage of discovery round the world. San Salvador, however, claims historical precedence as the landfall of Columbus on his memorable voyage. Journey into the casual ambience of the. Bougainville's account of the voyage (Paris, 1771) is written with simplicity and some humour. The raid on Cadiz under Essex and Raleigh in 1596 was attended with better results, but the Islands voyage to the Azores in 1597 was a very partial success. On the. The belief in the short and direct westward passage from Europe to the East Indies was thus shaken, but it was still held that some passage was to be found, and in1519-1521Fernao de Magalhaes (Magellan) made the famous voyage in which he discovered the strait which bears his name. The voyage of Lord Anson to the Pacific in 1740-1744 was of a predatory character, and he lost more than half his men from scurvy; while it is not pleasant to reflect that at the very time when the French and Spaniards were measuring an arc of the meridian at Quito, the British under Anson were pillaging along the coast of the Pacific and burning the town of Payta. In reply to the very natural question why the Moravians began their work in England, the answer given by history is that John Wesley, on his voyage to Georgia (1735) met some Moravian emigrants; that on his return he met Peter Boehler, who was on his way to North Carolina; that through Boehler's influence both John and Charles Wesley were "converted" (1738). sailed on his first voyage to the west. In the season of 1740 he continued his voyage to beyond the Kolyma, wintering at Nizhni Kolymsk. blind guide in this voyage, and the polar map of 1611 by Pontanus illustrates well what he attempted, and the valuable results both negative and positive which he reached.

Sir Francis Chichester was the first person to make a single-handed, 8. How to use voyage in a sentence. When a ship shall have entered or shall have been detained in any port or place under the circumstances, or for the purposes of the repairs, mentioned in Rule X., the wages payable to the master, officers and crew, together with the cost of maintenance of the same, during the extra period of detention in such port or place until the ship shall or should have been made ready to proceed upon her voyage, shall be admitted as G.A. While the vessels were being prepared for the voyage to Toulon all the hostages in the castles were liberated save four; but on the 24th of June Nelson arrived with his fleet, and on hearing of the capitulation he refused to g p recognize it save in so far as it concerned the French. 4 Hommaire de Hell, Voyage Perse, p. lxii. Four different sources have been suggested; the classical myth of the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts for the golden fleece, the scriptural story of Gideon, the staple trade of Flanders in wool, and the fleece of golden hair of Marie de Rambrugge, the duke's mistress. Beyond the fact that they passed Cape Nun there is no trustworthy record of their voyage.


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