we or our nationhood defined
The RSS has long espoused Manusmriti in place of India's secular Constitution. Today they are all part of the widespread pro-Modi business chorus. Golwalkar’s model is based on five factors which he calls “Unities”: According to Golwalkar, a country of residence with an ancient history is required for a people to be a nation. Those who refuse to sing it, or sing it out of tune occasionally are already getting the boot. Betrayal of Sikhs, Others But for India: On the other hand in Hindusthan, Religion is an all-absorbing entity. In 1952, the Vanwasi Kalyan  Ashram to proselytize amongst adivasis. Minorities in neighbouring countries -FAQs. India’s uncomfortable relationship with periods is back in the headlines. Today the Dabhol plant lies abandoned and rusting, having eaten up our millions. The simple truth is that since Independence, the percentage of Christians in India has reduced from 2.6 % to 2.3 % so all accusations of large scale conversions are blatantly false. Welcome to our new website. He is accused of being a key player in the cold blooded false encounter killings of Sohrabuddin, Kauser Bi and Tulsi Prajapati. The “clean chit” for Modi’s closest aide Amit Shah, is more astounding. Golwalker's antipathy to Muslims and British along with a bloated pride of Hindu race is dangerous. […]. Not only was Gandhi the man his mentors murdered, the spinning wheel was the symbol of Gandhi’s challenge not just to the corporate world but to the industrial revolution itself. In this scenario a rags to riches story is the icing on a cake that few will actually taste. Amid protests from the Treasury Benches, some of whom asked Yechury where he was quoting from, he said, “This is from We Or Our Nationhood Defined by … Inefficient cropping patterns have impacted groundwater reserves, that have provided for roughly 84% of the irrigated $, Beyond Doubt II - The Assassins of Gandhi, Calling Smriti Irani's Bluff: Twisted Truths in Parliament, At the Pyre of Caste Hatred: Dalit suicides and the Media. As an author, columnist and dramatist he has been writing against religious bigotry, dehumanization, totalitarianism, persecution of women, Dalits and minorities. Golwalker's antipathy to Muslims and British along with a bloated pride of Hindu race is dangerous. Babri Masjid Renowned historian, Prof Sumit Sarkar analyzed how demolition of mosque at Ayodhya was beginning of street violence of the fascist tradition. Following Modi’s election as Prime Minister, India got a new Attorney General in Mukul Rohatgi, a lawyer who defended and facilitated the original acquittals of Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar, ringleaders of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogroms although investigations of Tytler and Kumar were later reopened. 5 Chief Ministers and 17 of the 23 Cabinet-level senior ministers are current or former RSS members.


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