wendy in blubber

Tracy and Jill stayed best friends. Go and get a drink of water.” Wendy stood up and ran out of the room. Near the end of the book, she becomes best friends with Wendy, but by the end, she is a loner again. myCast is the place for you! It's not fun. "and i dont eat too much.the only thing is that i wished linda narratted it.and you adults, kid ARE that mean.ive been teased since 1st grade.it hurts.a whole lot. The teachers scold the kids occasionally for their antics (Miss Rothbelle even makes them stay after school and. As this is a kid's book, it turns it around and shows you what it's like when Jill suddenly becomes the victim. Kids can be cruel. What Are You Reading? She is best friends with Tracy Wu, and becomes friends with Wendy and Caroline, but the friendship ends abruptly when she dares to challenge Wendy's authority. The teacher and parents in this book did act a little naive, but I got Judy Blume's point. 5. Real life is like this book! Irwin — Jill's classmate. And no author better portrayed the mentality behind bullying better than Judy Blume did in "Blubber." Sweet Book Summary: Over 35 years after it was first written, Judy Blume’s Blubber still delivers a relevant view of bullying, from the perspective of fifth grader, Jill Brenner. Jill comments (the book is in a first-person narrative) on how the friendships in the class have changed completely in the classroom but how Tracy is a friend she can always count on having. Story added by spookydynasti on August 18, 2019, Role added by spookydynasti on August 18, 2019. Jill and her friend Tracy play a prank on their grouch of a neighbor, Mr. Machinist, on Halloween, stuffing raw rotten eggs into his mailbox, but are later identified from a photo taken by Mr. Machinist and are made to rake the leaves in his backyard as punishment. Mrs. Minish said, “Wendy, you are excused. It is used to craft Blubber Suits and Windbreakers. It can also be fed to a caged Bird to obtain a fresh Egg, or used as Fuel. She and her family own a lot of animals. Jill wanted to think about Halloween. (short for "Baby Brenner").
I'm in the sixth grade and guess what? When Linda Fischer gives a report on whales to Jill Brenner's fifth grade class, Jill's classmate Wendy begins calling Linda by the cruel nickname of Blubber.

It is the phrase Wendy and her friends made Blubber say everytime she got a drink, ate lunch and got on or off the bus. She is shown to be average, and she is one of the many people in the class who bullies Linda. Tracy Wu — Jill's next-door neighbor and best friend. He works as a tax accountant for a living. She is best friends with Caroline for most of the book but near the end of the book becomes best friends with Linda. Linda gives an oral class report about whales and is hence nicknamed "Blubber" by her peers. He can read Hebrew perfectly. Blume is very real, and it can be both difficult, and at times too much, like in Forever, but she is a wonderful writer who I think young readers are drawn to because of the reality and how they can relate to them. Jill comes to school the next morning to find that Wendy has made good on her threat and turned the entire class against her, tagging her with the nickname "B.


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