who won the battle of el alamein
Rommel put tank against tank – but his men were hopelessly outnumbered. But the overwhelming number of Allied tanks meant that more arrived to help out and it was these tanks that tipped the balance. On the 27th, one Australian Battalion, the 2/28th, was virtually wiped out when they were surrounded by German tanks and help failed to arrive in time (see Remembering 1942, “Ruin Ridge”). In such flat, open terrain, taking cover usually meant scraping shallow holes out of the sometimes hard and rocky ground. Three major battles occurred around El Alamein between July and November 1942, and were the turning point of the war in North Africa. Churchill grasped the bull by the horns./ he dismissed Auchinleck and replaced him with. The Australians spent the next few days fighting off heavy counterattacks as Rommel redirected much of his forces against them. Rommel’s attack started badly and it seemed as if his Afrika Korps would be wiped out. Between July and November 1942, the Australian 9th Division suffered almost 6,000 casualties. The Battle of El Alamein, fought in the deserts of North Africa, is seen as one of the decisive victories of World War Two.The Battle of El Alamein was primarily fought between two of the outstanding commanders of World War Two, Montgomery, who succeeded the dismissed Auchinleck, and Rommel.The Allied victory at El Alamein lead to the retreat of the Afrika Korps and the German … They were also armed with a six-pound artillery gun which was highly effective up to 1500 metres. As the shells pounded the German lines, the infantry attacked. However, Rommel and the Afrika Korps had also been suffering. However, the Australians had given Montgomery room to manoeuvre. The bombardment started on the night of 23 October, but crumbling the German defences proved more difficult than expected. In fact, Montgomery was waiting for the arrival of something that soldiers in the desert were only allowed to refer to as ‘swallows’. Rommel was a well respected general in the ranks of the Allies. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. By the end of June, Rommel had forced the Allies back deep into Egypt, and the capture of Cairo and the Suez Canal seemed a very real possibility. The psychological blow of losing the Suez and losing in North Africa would have been incalculable – especially as this would have given Germany near enough free access to the oil in the Middle East. The Australian War Memorial was voted the number one landmark in Australia by travellers in the 2016 Trip Advisor awards. The Allies had more than 200,000 men and more than 1000 tanks. Just one non-moving tank could hold up all the tanks that were behind it. Rommel planned to hit the Allies in the south. Having been badly defeated by Axis forces at Gazala in June 1942, the British Eighth Army retreated east into Egypt and assumed a defensive position near El Alamein. The Allied strength, however, soon proved itself as they pushed the Axis forces back over the next few days. The Battle of El Alamein, fought in the deserts of North Africa, is seen as one of the decisive victories of World War Two. However, ‘Monty’ failed to do this. As had happened in July, their gains so worried Rommel that he again diverted his strongest units to stop them. The Axis army of Italy and Germany suffered a decisive defeat by the British Eighth Army. At midday on 4 November, Rommel's last defences caved in and that evening he received orders from Hitler to withdraw. At the start of the real attack, Montgomery sent a message to all the men in the Eighth Army: The start of the Allied attack on Rommel was code-named “Operation Lightfoot”. The Axis forces, on the other hand, were weakening, with their supply lines strangled by Allied air and naval attacks. The Australian 9th Division, led by Lieutenant General Leslie Morshead, played a key role in two of these battles, enhancing its reputation earned defending Tobruk during 1941. Although the price was fearfully high, they had without doubt played a crucial role in ensuring an Allied victory in North Africa. El Alamein was a bottleneck that ensures that, In August 1942, Winston Churchill was desperate for a victory as he believed that morale was being sapped in Britain. A number of these tanks were poor Italian tanks and could not match the new Sherman’s. 75% of the 9th Brigade was lost. The infantry had also not got as far as Montgomery had planned. When Rommel attacked, Montgomery was asleep. A Crusader tank of the Australian 9th Division Cavalry Regiment. 10 am to 5 pm daily (except Christmas Day), Get your ticket to visit: awm.gov.au/visit. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. Churchill, despite his status, faced the prospect of a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons if there was no forthcoming victory anywhere. The victory also persuaded the French to start cooperating in the North African campaign. By November 2nd 1942, Rommel knew that he was beaten. To the north of this apparently unremarkable town was the Mediterranean Sea and to the south was the Qattara Depression. Men of the 2/3rd Australian Pioneer Battalion behind the railway embankment near the Blockhouse. Churchill grasped the bull by the horns./ he dismissed Auchinleck and replaced him with Bernard Montgomery. The main attack in the north was to last – according to Montgomery – just one night. Both now took time over the next few days to reorganise and lick their wounds. Second Battle of El Alamein. He launched ‘Operation Supercharge’. There was a reason for this. World war two drama about the 1942 North Africa battle at El Alamein … We recognise their continuing connection to land, sea and, Mark Johnston and Peter Stanley, Alamein: the Australian story, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 2002. The Panzerarmee had suffered crippling losses and Rommel was forced to order a general withdrawal, or face total annihilation. 123 tanks of the 9th Armoured Brigade attacked the German lines. To cope with Montgomery’s attack, the Germans had 110,000 men and 500 tanks. With Frederick Stafford, George Hilton, Michael Rennie, Marco Guglielmi. The first, Operation Lightfoot, would consist of a powerful artillery bombardment followed by an attack by the infantry divisions of 30th Corps in the north, and 13th Corps in the south. He only had 300 tanks left to the Allies 900+. Montgomery restructured the 8th Army, bringing in new divisions and generals and lifting the army's morale with his bold fighting talk - declaring among other things that he would 'hit Rommel for six out of Africa'. On 25 October, Rommel returned from Germany to take command, after Von Stumme died of a heart attack during battle. When he was woken from his sleep to be told the news, it is said that he replied “excellent, excellent” and went back to sleep again. A diversionary attack in the south was meant to take in 50% of Rommel’s forces. On the night of 23 October 1942, a massive artillery barrage heralded the great Allied offensive. There was heavy fighting and the 8th Army slowly ground its way forward. Our collection contains a wealth of material to help you research and find your connection with the wartime experiences of the brave men and women who served in Australia’s military forces. The infantry units cleared the way for the armoured divisions, and Rommel, his army depleted and his petrol almost finished, decided the battle was lost. Pursued by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, the British constructed an elaborate array of defenses.. Commencing attacks on July 1, …


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