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The Second Wife of Ashoka was Rani Kaurwaki or Karuvaki also known as Charuwaki/Kaurubaki. Rani Kaurwaki was a daughter of a fisherman who stayed in Kalinga (present day Orissa).

Ashoka ruled for an estimated 36 years. 0. She gave Ashoka his first two children—the boy Mahendra, born in about the year 285 BCE, and the girl Sanghamitra, born about three years later.

The Dipavansa and Mahavansa refer to Ashoka’s killing 99 of his brothers, sparing only one, named Vitashoka or Tissa, although there is no clear proof about this incident (many such accounts are saturated with mythological elements). The Ashokavadana recounts Radhagupta’s offering of an old royal elephant to Ashoka for him to ride to the Garden of the Gold Pavilion where King Bindusara would determine his successor. “Ashoka regarded Buddhism as a doctrine that could serve as a cultural foundation for political unity.” Ashoka is now remembered as a philanthropic administrator. He was given military training and responsibility for maintaining order in local provinces. Taranatha’s account states that Acharya Chanakya, Bindusara’s chief advisor, destroyed the nobles and kings of 16 towns and made himself the master of all territory between the eastern and the western seas. Ashoka the Great: Ashoka was the third ruler of the Mauryan dynasty, who conquered almost of all of the subcontinent of India. Ashoka was born to the Mauryan emperor Bindusara and a relatively lower ranked wife of his, Dharmā (or Dhammā). Some historians consider this as an indication of Bindusara’s conquest of the Deccan while others consider it as suppression of a revolt. According to the legends, Ashoka met Karuvaki and fell in love with her when he was living life in exile and had gone incognito. August 1, 2016 In his edicts, he is referred to as Devānāmpriya (Pali Devānaṃpiya or “The Beloved of the Gods”), and Priyadarśin (Pali Piyadasī or “He who regards everyone with affection”). The grandson of the founder of Mauryan Dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya, he had several half-brothers from his father’s other wives. She took great care of him until he recovered. Ashoka later got rid of the legitimate heir to the throne by tricking him into entering a pit filled with live coals. Origin. Editor’s Note: NationalViews is a home for people with views and opinions that caters to the changing India. The Avadana texts mention that his mother was queen Subhadrangī. Ascending the throne, Ashoka expanded his empire over the next eight years, from the present-day boundaries Assam in the East to Balochistan in the West; from the Pamir Knot in Afghanistan in the north to the peninsula of southern India except for present day Tamil Nadu and Kerala which were ruled by the three ancient Tamil kingdoms. Rajdharma means the duty of the rulers, which was intrinsically entwined with the concept of bravery and dharma.

King Ashoka, the third monarch of the Indian Mauryan dynasty, is also considered as one of the most exemplary rulers who ever lived.

The Mahabodhivamsa (a Ceylonese source) calls her Vedisa-Mahadevi and a Sakyani or a Sakyakumari as being the daughter of a clan of the Shakyas who had immigrated to Vedisa nagaram out of fear of Vidudabha menacing their mother country. Your email address will not be published. Ashoka went to Kalinga, where he met a fisherwoman named Kaurwaki.

:205 Though a palace intrigue kept her away from the emperor, this eventually ended, and she bore a son. Now let us discuss the story of Ashoka Samrat with Kaurwaki. The language used for inscription was in one of the Prakrit “common” languages etched in a Brahmi script.

She was his favourite Queen as her’s is the only name on Ashoka’s edicts. She was also the mother of Ashoka's first two children—his son, Mahendra, and daughter, Sanghamitra—both of whom played important roles in the spread of Buddhism to other countries. Kaurwaki Was a Fisherman’s Daughter not a Princess! He accepted Karuvaki as his wife after his conversion to Buddhism and made his queen. Although it was the homeland of his second wife Kaurwaki and the king of Kalinga had sheltered Ashoka before his ascent to the throne, the Mauryan emperor gathered the largest invasion force in Indian history and launched his assault. Ashoka was born as Devanampriya Priyadarshi Samrat Ashoka, in 304 BC, in Pataliputra (close to modern-day Patna), to the second emperor of the Mauryan Dynasty, Bindusara, and Maharani Dharma. This would make her a relative of the Buddha's family or clan, as he also belonged to a clan of the Shakyas. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. It is from her exclamation “I am now without sorrow”, that Ashoka got his name. He built Ashoka’s Hell, an elaborate torture chamber described as a “Paradisal Hell” due to the contrast between its beautiful exterior and the acts carried out within by his appointed executioner, Girikaa.

The Avadana texts mention that his mother was queen Subhadrangi. He did marry Kaurwaki but all those stories of their love before marriage. Your email address will not be published. Vedisa also figures as an important Buddhist site in earlier literature. He was later dedicated to the propagation of Buddhism across Asia, and established monuments marking several significant sites in the life of Gautama Buddha. Did I do it to widen the empire and for prosperity or to destroy the other’s kingdom and splendor? While, historian M.N.

Ashoka met Devi during his first visit in Ujjain and it was love at first sight for him. historian M.N. © 2020 Incredible Bihar, History of Bihar, Hamara Bihar. However, with folklores, movies and TV serial focusing on love story between Ashoka Samrat and Kaurwaki, it is highly debated who was the real love of Emperor Ashoka – Whether it was his first wife Devi or whether it was Kaurwaki, his wife who belonged to Kalinga. The name of Queen Kaurwaki is found on the Asokan edicts. While he urges Ashoka to forgive her as well, Ashoka does not respond with the same forgiveness. If this is a victory, what’s a defeat then? Legend states that during his cremation, his body burned for seven days and nights. The reign of Ashoka Maurya might have disappeared into history as the ages passed by, had he not left behind records of his reign. Devi (full name: Vedisa-Mahadevi Sakyakumari) was, according to the Ceylonese chronicles, the first wife of the third Mauryan emperor Ashoka.

Many of the northwestern territories of the Mauryan Empire (modern-day Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan) became the Indo-Greek Kingdom. She in fact, was a daughter of a merchant of Vidisha. People's Views The extant sources describe these five women in various capacities, with... Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions. Devi was happy and they married. Das states that Kaurwaki was the daughter of a fisherman whom Samrat Ashoka married, there. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Devi_(wife_of_Ashoka)&oldid=941789320, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Articles lacking in-text citations from May 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 February 2020, at 18:10. The coronation happened in 269 BCE, four years after his succession to the throne. This may have been an incident in Bindusara’s times. Find out more about us, and join the worldwide network of changemakers. All Rights Reserved. Kaurwaki was Ashoka’s Second Wife Devi was Ashoka’s first wife and the mother of his first two born – son Mahendra and daughter Sanghamitra. Whether or not he converted to Buddhism is unclear although Buddhist tradition says he did. She is also remembered for the Sanchi Stupa.

In about 260 BCE, Ashoka waged a bitterly destructive war against the state of Kalinga (modern Odisha). Ashoka the Great (r. 268-232 BCE) was the third king of the Mauryan Empire (322-185 BCE) best known for his renunciation of war, development of the concept of dhamma (pious social conduct), and promotion of Buddhism as well as his effective reign of a nearly pan-Indian political entity.At its height, under Ashoka, the Mauryan Empire stretched from modern-day Iran through almost … The Divyāvadāna tells a similar story, but gives the name of the queen as Janapadakalyānī. Is it gallantry or a rout? According to the Ceylonese chronicles, Ashoka's first wife was the daughter of a merchant of Vedisagiri (present day, Vidisha), Devi by name, whom Ashoka had married while he was Viceroy at Ujjain.The Mahabodhivamsa (a Ceylonese source) calls her Vedisa-Mahadevi and a Sakyani or a Sakyakumari as being the daughter of a clan of the Shakyas who had immigrated to Vedisa nagaram …

The lethal war with Kalinga transformed the vengeful Emperor Ashoka to a stable and peaceful emperor and he became a patron of Buddhism. Kalinga was a state that prided itself on its sovereignty and democracy. Ashoka was born to the Muryan emporer Bindusara and a relatively lower ranked wife of his, Dharma. Second Wife – Kaurawaki was a fisherwoman and mother of Ashoka’s second son Tivala, Ashoka credits her with changing his lifestyle and embarking on welfare measures for his citizens in his edicts. Miss Newshand The Avadana texts mention that his mother was queen Subhadrangī.

He did marry Kaurwaki but all those stories of their love before marriage is considered as highly fictional. Professor Charles Drekmeier cautions that the Buddhist legends tend to dramatise the change that Buddhism brought in him, and therefore, exaggerate Ashoka’s past wickedness and his piousness after the conversion. Post the recovery, Ashoka proposed Devi as he could resolve the Ujjain issue without bloodshed. However, with folklores, movies and TV serial focusing on. All rights reserved. The grandson of the founder of the Maurya Dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka promoted the spread of Buddhism. A platform where you express and we publish. He was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya, founder of Mauryan dynasty. According to the Ceylonese chronicles, Ashoka's first wife was the daughter of a merchant of Vedisagiri (present day, Vidisha), Devi by name, whom Ashoka had married while he was Viceroy at Ujjain. According to the prominent Indologist, A. L. Basham, Ashoka’s personal religion became Buddhism, if not before, then certainly after the Kalinga war. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal His fondness for his name’s connection to the Saraca asoca tree, or the “Ashoka tree” is also referenced in the Ashokavadana. Ashoka’s first wife Devi did not belong to any royal family. [2], Devi is described as having caused the construction of the Great Vihara of Vedisagiri, probably the first of the monuments of Sanchi and Bhilsa. Devi and Ashoka shared a close and loving relationship unlike the usual dynastic arrangements. He condemned Tishyaraksha to death, restoring Kunala to the court. Services, King Ashoka & the First Unification of India, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community.


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