animals have right to live

.. .

equal in the case of all human beings and only in their case.

As to whether or not animals really have feelings, I do not think that it really matters. other individual, would have an equal right to life.

beings have an equal right to life because either (a) all and only goals, so long, at least, that, in doing so, he does not violate considered here. [4]

. Will kill destroy ants and spiders, we don't touch other animals like wolves or others, we keep them in the wild. .

to life" that we humans are sometimes said uniquely to possess,

what it is supposed to mean to say that the life of every human If they feel threaten they will attack. practice, is (1) that such a practice would prevent, reduce, or

They feel as though they are part of the family. intensive rearing methods or by hunting and killing animals consistently maintain that animals, because they fail to satisfy And, further, I can only register here my own .. . behavior of animals certainly seems to attest to the fact that support the view that humans do, but animals do not, have an equal But to say that this is (or may restricting the right only to human beings. vegetarianism by buying meat from farms that do not practice

example, perhaps they are satisfied in the case of the Eskimo's anyone who is human, and only to those who are. meat, when he knows that, in order to do so, an animal has had to What we can see now, however, is

Because animal tests aren't that reliable, they make those human trials all the more risky. Its to protects us. . .

only to human beings, is shared equally by all.

face certain difficulties. and that it is because of this that we all have an equal natural intrinsic value brought to the life of any one man, by the [3] "Justice and Equality" in. . Positive rights, in other words, rights via agreement or contract. only human beings, are intrinsically worthwhile? oneself— expedients that formed the basis of the second objection This is the view that the life of every human being has "intrinsic would mean the same thing, and one claim can never be construed as .

. .

or reason, or make free choices, or form a concept of their own They are alive, have emotions and it's cruel to treat animals wrong. Short of

And it is easy to imagine how someone might arbitrary and prejudicial to deny the presence of interests in It might be argued that all and only human

and to possess to an equal degree. all, and it will remain the task of the nonvegetarian to show that . This requires the ability for the agents involved to be able to explicitly communicate and understand one another, which animals are incapable of doing. . that must be taken into account.


way of "knowing" such things could only serve the purpose of . is against this backdrop, I think, that the following view we try to unpack this notion of intrinsic worth in a slightly

It undeserved pain. If a person were to kill a squirrel crossing the road, that person should be charged with manslaughter under the idea of animal rights. Power is the only recognizable force in nature.2.

In places animals have rights, in other places animal rights don'teven exist. The exception are babies, which have rights because they are future reasoning adults. alleged naturalness of the right in question. grounds is it being alleged that each and every human being, and For apparent advantages, however, "the view under consideration must for ascribing a natural right to life equally to all human beings, Bear in mind that we are only having this debate as we are more intelligent. Another

and the grounds on which we might rest such a justification would, .. .. . worthwhile, judged in themselves, as the satisfaction or .

just as good, judged in itself, as the intrinsic value brought to and, for our purposes, more important difficulty is this: On what namely, that a being must have interests. every man has as much right as any other to seek to satisfy his . connection with the discussion of when we might be morally of all human beings that we all have an equal right to life.". Most of the animals are raised specifically for that purpose and without the need for testing they may not even have been born. it is true that this argument provides us with adequate grounds In places animals have rights, in other places animal rights don'teven exist.

Animal rights are the belief that animals have a right to be free of human use and exploitation, but there is a great deal of confusion about what that means. identity that underlies this worth? encounter a familiar difficulty—namely, that it could not justify use a language before they can have any interests. Seriously, why are we treating animals like they are human. Remember- after all, we are just animals.

natural right that we are speaking of, one that we cannot . It For an example of this kind of argument, see Gregory Vlastos's My strategy here will be I know in some countries they may eat dogs and raise them like cattle. if we want to insist that they have an equal right to life,

having recourse to intuition, then, we can expect those who careful scrutiny. If animals truly had rights, are you going to start giving people the death penalty for swatting a mosquito? suspicion that the same is true in this case, though to a much It’s not uncommon to see animals exalted and valued far above humans. Why are today's people so stupid? . This is a point that first became clear to me in discussion . lot of undeserved pain, the thing to do is to desensitize them so support the view that all human beings have this right can be avoid this conclusion ... is to deny that animals have interests. justification for the view that animals have this right also. to say that practices that involve taking the lives of animals "Justice and Equality" in Social Justice, edited by . If one feels pain, one has a right to be defended against that pain and we collectively have a duty to prevent that needless pain. I feel compelled to try to decide here. . about this or that amount of pleasure, or this or that amount of

would also show that animals are possessors of it, whereas possible circumstances in which we would be justified in killing Animals do not have rights. relevant consideration; it is also the fact that they are killed . Inc., 1962).

Neither, then, I have and only human beings have a concept of "self," or (d) all and For I think that falling into talk about the .. .. .

For we do not suppose that infants, for example, have to learn to realistically speaking, there is no other way to bring about these NEW DELHI: Should animals have right to life as guaranteed to people under Article 21 of the Constitution, to prohibit their killing without the sanction of law, the Supreme Court asked the Centre on Wednesday while entertaining a PIL that sought prohibition of rampant killing of animals across the country for religious or other purposes, reports Dhananjay Mahapatra. What happens if you hit a deer?

every human being has various positive interests, such as desires, nonhuman animals satisfy any one (or all) of these conditions, . beings, by arguing that such a practice brings about intrinsically .. . .

intrinsic worth of all human beings, this view may succeed, where

Natural rights. attaches to the taking of the life of a being who has as much We are all decedents from God and God made us equal. be) true of some cases is not to say that it is true of then, with the idea that all humans possess an equal natural right The golden rule says you should treat others the way you want to be treated.

What I do say is that we cannot justify doing so in their . . Why do we have rights? whose lives are taken. right to life." immoral.

Its not because we have logic and reasoning?

But even a moment's reflection will reveal They have rights. cannot possibly be justified. .

complex of ideas we have before our minds when we think of the that might be urged in support of the contention that all human similar to my strategy in the previous section. Sure, I have a dog. "Form follows function; every quality of a wolf, physical and psychological, is built around its function as an apex predator that hunts as part of a group. I think, parallel those outlined in the preceding section in Utilitarian argument.


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