key elements that should be included in the learning programme from caps document
This is a simple point – if we don’t know what it is that students are meant to be learning, then we cannot be confident that we will plan to meet those learning needs. Speak clearly and concisely. Leaders analyse student data and identified priority areas aligned to the SSP and AIP as part of a whole-school audit and preparation for documentation of the curriculum plan. Creating common assessment tools to enable teacher moderation. Use the board or a document camera as you model what you’re teaching. subjects the time allocation, a content overview and a programme of assessment. Using the FISO improvement cycle, the guide presents a series of guiding questions and key actions to support planning for the whole school, for a curriculum area or year level, and for units and lessons. 279 0 obj <> endobj Teachers cooperate informally to develop the curriculum based on the year level and curriculum area, using the Victorian Curriculum and senior secondary curriculum. 0000020350 00000 n Evolving Teachers drafting the school’s curriculum plan integrate learning areas and capabilities, pedagogy and assessment into a sequential program of learning. Emerging Teachers drafting the school’s curriculum plan identify curriculum, pedagogy and assessment as separate aspects. 0000032974 00000 n Teacher teams use student achievement data to effectively monitor and review the curriculum plan, teaching and learning, and assessment strategies. Students have opportunities to reflect on and direct their learning, offering insights into the curriculum, teaching and assessment practices. 0000051510 00000 n The Continuum for Leaders establish collaborative curriculum planning processes that includes students to produce a school-wide sequential curriculum plan. 0000023282 00000 n Teachers individually use formative and summative assessment based on the Victorian Curriculum. Do teachers have clarity about the learning intention of each class/unit and is this conveyed clearly to all students? Students and their learning needs are at the centre of effective curriculum planning and assessment. Students investigate the meaning and implications of data to inform the monitoring and review of the curriculum plan. Teachers developing the school’s assessment plan analyse and use summative assessment and reporting. 0000005093 00000 n A whole-school guide to curriculum planning is available to support teachers, instructional leaders and school leaders to plan and implement the curriculum at every layer of the school. You should always invite the learner to discuss their needs and goals with you rather than imposing your requirements on the learner. Data literacy, including the ability to understand, interpret and analyse a range of data, including NAPLAN data, other externally sourced data sets, including VCAA OnDemand assessment tools, and qualitative data. d�|�+J�Xƅ������. To what extent are students achieving targeted growth? This tool is a guide and may not be accurate. Data from assessment tools provide valuable diagnostic information to inform program planning and resource allocation. 0000032904 00000 n Leaders schedule opportunities for teachers engaged in developing the school’s curriculum plan to work together in curriculum area teams on stages of learning. Developing/modifying student learning plans based on assessment results. Embedding Teachers developing the school’s curriculum plan are informed by a comprehensive analysis of student achievement data across the whole school, within learning areas and year levels, as well as for student cohorts and individual students. 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This allows teachers to embed relevant formative and summative assessment strategies into classroom practice. 279 44 The five basic elements of cooperative learning are: Positive interdependence; Individual and group accountability ; Interpersonal and small group skills; Face-to-face promotive interaction; Group processing . 0000021920 00000 n Evidence- Curriculum planning and assessment . %PDF-1.4 %���� Curriculum planning and assessment case studies. Leaders ensure that the PDP process privileges the development and documentation of the teaching and learning program to be implemented in classes. Teachers use student feedback to reflect on lesson content, structure and student engagement. 0000007245 00000 n 322 0 obj <>stream 0000093857 00000 n Use the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards to design programs and monitor student progression, Develop expertise in diagnosis and setting goals, Use student assessment data and other feedback - including feedback from students, parents/carers, other teachers and school leaders - to evaluate student progress and the impact of their teaching, Regularly monitor and adjust learning programs based on the analysis of performance data and other information sources, Moderate assessments of students' learning to ensure they are based on consistent professional judgements and evaluate the impact on student learning, Develop expertise in facilitating peer evaluation and self-evaluation among students, Use evidence-based professional learning programs that support high performance and increase data literacy and understanding of how to measure the impact of teaching programs and effective professional learning programs, Ensure time and funding is available for regular teacher collaboration.


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