the wasp factory themes

Even if the book is very grisly, Banks is also able to add a dark and light humor to the disturbing narrative. Eric had been a brilliant medical student who went insane after witnessing a horrible incident occurring to a hospitalized child with profound birth defects—its skull was basically missing. [3], A 1997 poll of over 25,000 readers of The Independent listed The Wasp Factory as one of the top 100 books of the 20th century. Otherwise, Frank has almost no contact with the outside world. //UT, I’m glad you liked my review! Som sagt förut så älskar jag att läsa dina recensioner. He always insists on cooking and makes all of Frank's meals.

The story is told from the perspective of 16-year-old Frank Cauldhame. It is interesting to read what his goal was when he wrote “The Wasp Factory”: “…it was suppose to be a pro-feminist, anti-military work, satirizing religion and commenting on the way we’re shaped by our surroundings and upbringings and usual skewed information we’re presented with by those in power”. Frank lives with his father on a small island in rural Scotland, and he has not seen his mother in many years. I mentioned that their would be spoilers in the post, perhaps it wasn’t clear enough. Women because they are weak and stupid and live in the shadows of men and are nothing compared to them”. The Factory is in the house's loft, which Frank's father cannot access because of a leg injury. Frank's father explains that it was Frank who was born a female; the hormones had been fed to him by his father since the dog attack in an experiment to see whether Frank would transition from female to male.

When I did a search, I found this image; I believe it´s him as younger and also in a perhaps awkward pose? Frank's father taught him to hate women but ironically he turned out to be a woman. Angus seems to be somewhat concerned and protective of Frank. Frank bathes in male chauvinism, seeing women as the stereotypically “weaker sex”. Thank you so much for reblogging! Frank has many secrets of his own. Banks decided to try a more mainstream novel in the hopes that it would be more readily accepted, and wrote about a psychopathic teenager living on a remote Scottish island. ( Log Out /  The Wasp Factory is written from a first person perspective, told by 16-year-old Francis Cauldhame ("Frank"), describing his childhood and all that remains of it. This is mirrored exactly in the human component of the society. Here Banks is particularly and especially focusing on the lies of parents lying to their children and those under their care. He assumes that his findings mean that his father is actually female. Ian Banks […], […]… […]. He routinely kills and mutilates small animals and uses them in his bizarre rituals. But this has gone a long way to helping me understand what Banks was going for, so thank you for that. . Another Science Fiction portrayal of a world where humans and conscience machines live side by side is the movie “I.A – artificial intelligence”. I think the fore was suppose to show how misguided Franks superstion was, and also make it seem as if Frank was a unreliable narrator (like did he really kill three people when he was a kid or not). ), Hello! The Wasp Factory is the first novel by Scottish writer Iain Banks, published in 1984. It is not large enough for the wasp to fly so in an effort to get out, he walks down one of the corridors seeking a way out. Frank longs to know what is inside. Banks points out that believing fanatically in the magical, the irrational, the unjustified and the illogical, without the application of thought, human reason and moral concern, can be that which is most dangerous for us and our societies. One is its critique of human superstition. Frank later in the novel continues his ruthless bashing of the female gender by saying: “Women, I know from watching hundreds – maybe thousands- of films and television programs, cannot withstand really major things happening to them; they get raped, or their loved ones die ,and they go to pieces, go crazy and commit suicide or just pine away until they die ”. When “The Wasp Factory” was re-published on its 25th anniversary in 2009, it came out with an edition that featured a new preface by Iain Banks. Det recommenderar jag.
The Wasp Factory study guide contains a biography of Iain Banks, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

He has a study that he keeps locked and has cautioned Frank against entering—although Frank tries the door every time his father leaves.
Sorry! What is the secret behind that door? However, the humans are the oppressors in that world. [4], In 2013, the Australian producer and composer Ben Frost directed an opera adaptation of the Iain Banks novel, in which all characters are represented by three female singers.[5]. The book was initially greeted with a mixture of acclaim and criticism, due to its gruesome depiction of violence. He confronts his father who finally admits that the genitals in the jar are made of plastic. But good thing you still want to read the book!


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